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Above the Tie Kronos R1 Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

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Product Description

Above the Tie is proud to offer the Kronos R1 Safety Razor, hand crafted from solid 303 stainless steel here in the USA. The razor weighs in at 109g, total length is 3 3/4" while the handle is 3 1/2" long. The Kronos handle weighs 71g providing great balance and prevents that top heavy razor feel.

This tool is wonderfully machined with very tight tolerances. The blade seats precisely in the head with symetrical blade exposure. This razor is easy to master, the shave angle is very intuitive. In addition the razor "sings" like no other. This audible feedback is helpful in maintaining a proper shave angle. The Kronos is a very efficient yet smooth shaver.
The Kronos handle also fits the following razor heads: Weber, Tradere OC, Goodfella, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Gillette Old Type & Tech.  (This razor was originally The Titan)

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Product Reviews

  1. Great razor

    Posted by Mike P on 7th Oct 2014

    Lee suggested I try this razor. After my first shave I called to say I didn't know whether to thank him or be mad (lol). I told him this made my other razors obsolete . Usually after a shave, I start getting some stubble about 5 pm. I shaved for the first time with the razor yesterday and this morning I only had a little stubble. If the third morning is like the second, I would have to say that this is a great razor. As noted, it is heavy, which is not a bad thing. It is solid and I like that it is made in East Tennessee ( good ole USA)
    Thanks Lee

  2. An agressive razor

    Posted by MarkfromNYC on 16th Apr 2013

    I have to agree with the previous poster, this is a heavy razor. It also has a great nonslip handle. I have the "R" for regular plate. And I should point out this combo is very aggressive. I feel that just allowing gravity to do the work,and shaving straight down my face in short strokes, I get a very close, clean shave without going against the grain. I only touch up against the grain in a few spots, right under my nose and near my chin. I have been using it with the Bic blade and want to try it with the Super Titanium blade next.

    Another note, the pegs (posts) for the blade are very short, its easiest to assemble this 3 piece razor upside down. Meaning the top piece sits in your palm, the blade does on, then the "R" plate, followed by the handle. This seems to keep the blade in place best as you close up the razor.

    Finally, this razor fits into the Muhle double edge razor stand, the

  3. A precision instrument

    Posted by StephenH on 1st Apr 2013

    This is a heavy razor. Pretty close in weight (not sure which is heavier) as the Mergress XL Adjustable, but slightly shorter. Its heavier than the IKON Sk9. I tried out the H plate, H for heavy growth of my beard. Meaning two days or more. The razor pretty much shaves by itself, you set the angle and let gravity pull it down. And its does "sing", or at least makes a distinct audible sound as it shaves. You can run this razor, without a blade, with no soap across your face and hear the sound it makes. None of my other razors makes this sound. Anyway, with the H plate, on only a downward pass, I got a really good "work shave", meaning only I could tell, by running my hand across the grain that I could remove more stubble by shaving up.

    I am very impressed with this razor. I am getting ready to try out the other two heads and will post an update soon. Other notes, the cross pattern grip is great, it just doesn't slip. The blade alignment is perfect. So far I have used it with the Gillette Silver Blue, a Posilver and the Bic blades. Right now, using the H plate, I like the Bic best with this razor.

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