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Feather Double Edge Razor

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Product Description

This razor sports some serious double-edged affordability. It's light weight, yet sturdy design offer a clean smooth shave. The handle is slightly longer then average, enabling users to have that 'feather touch shave.' Black polymer handle with metal silo head, includes 2 Feather razor blades.




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  1. Good, very good

    Posted by Andreas on 21st Jun 2015

    I just shaved myself using this razor using the supplied blades for the very first time. It was smooth and painless. Very nice indeed. Never tried any other DE razor and I don't think I will soon, either.

  2. I give it 5 Stars because I'm not allowed to give it 10!

    Posted by Driver on 6th Feb 2013

    I have several vintage 1960's Gillet tech shavers, including the "butterfly" TTO, and they are my personal favorites for a BBS shave. I own Merkurs, etc.. but they don't compare to the old shavers.
    This one from Feather is my new every-day shaver!
    I recommend to anyone trying-out wet-shaving for the first time, especially with DE blades.

  3. Excellent and very easy.

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Sep 2012

    It works really well on tough stubble with a sharp blade. It exposes the blade just enough, but nicely even all around. Plus it's got some little plastic stubs that protect the four blade corners to prevent you from nicking yourself on a corner. The box is a nice touch good for storage or travel. It comes with a couple of very high quality blades, and it is easy to control and nice to grip. I will put my sharpest blades in this, and shave against the grain on the final pass. Problem is, it tempts me to purchase the Feather All Stainless and then use expensive blades... when I can use my still nice and weighty Edwin Jagger closed comb razor with some cheaper but smoother Personna reds or whatever. But this Feather popular does make a BBS shave very easy. I can't compare it to other "mild" TTO razors for quality, but I have no complaints. It seems to be yet another dependable Japanese engineered product.

  4. Good Choice-But Make Sure The Head Is Closed Completely

    Posted by Mike on 1st Jul 2012

    I bought this razor because I wanted a TTO (twist to open) razor in my collection. I selected Feather over other TTO razors because of the product reviews.
    I like the Feather, and am seriously considering making it my travel razor because of the plastic case it comes in. My only issue is the TTO dial on the handle: make sure you twist the dial fully until it stops; if you don't, the blade gap will be unnaturally wide, and you could injure yourself by accident. Once you work through that, you should be ok.

  5. Great

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2012

    Plastic, but of good quality. Holds the blade straight and secure.

    This razor needs a sharp blade to deliver a close shave. (Feather, Derby...) Proper angle for this razor is 20-25 degrees, and absolutely no pressure. Do not let the light weight of this razor fool you, with a sharp blade and a low angle it delivers.

  6. A good honest worker

    Posted by Rev. Alan Perry on 20th Feb 2012

    This is a very good razor for the money, the head works well holds the blade firmly in place. The razor is not as aggresive as my slant blade, I feel that this is a plus. I like the length of the handle. The weight of the razor is on the light side.
    I rated this product at a four star because of the material it is made of.
    Bottom line this razor is good value for money with quality blades I am sure you will get a painless clean shave. I recomend Feather blades, I have found them to be the best in any razor, your razor is only as good as the blade.

  7. I trust it enough to shave my head with it.

    Posted by Irv B from Bmore on 4th Oct 2011

    I was tired...like so many others...of spending $4 each for razor cartridges that looked like a Venetian blind and shaved about as well as one. Returned to DE shaving and after a brief learning curve (one shave) I was wet shaving like i had never left. Like riding a bike I guess; you never really forget. The Feather is a nicely made and very forgiving bit of hardware and mild enough that I trust it to shave my precious noggin. Those of you brave enough to use it on your cranium be aware...go SLOWLY and use a good shaving soap and your dome will be chrome safely and comfortably. And it's a fine shave on your face too.

  8. Excellent re-introduction to DE shaving!

    Posted by Mumon on 8th Dec 2010

    As of today (see above) this razor is out of stock - these things must be flying off the shelves, or at least I hope so.

    As with any DE razor proper lubrication before, DURING and after shaving is key.

    This WORKS.

    I had never actually known how to use a DE razor before I recently did some research, despite the fact
    that I had used one some 35(!) years ago, and remember bad shaves at the time.

    I wanted a razor "matched" to Feather blades, because, despite the hype surrounding the legendary sharpness of the blades, that's what I wanted sight unseen - any good cook (or, I suppose surgeon) knows the value of super-sharp blades, and these blades ARE at least as sharp as the stuff you used to dissect animals in biology class.

    I got what I desired. In fact, I'm so enthusiastic about this - and being liberated from Gillette and Schick - that I have written to the company with the hope of investing in it. This product shaves in places I simply cannot reach with a multi-blade razor, and those "edging blades" on the newer Schick and Gilltte models don't cut it. Literally.

    I'm now eager to try their all- stainless version.

    Simply put, if you're not shaving with something in at least this class, you've not experienced a shave.

  9. My first Double Edge Razor.

    Posted by Shannon on 11th Sep 2010

    I am very pleased with this razor it shaves closer than anything I have ever used, The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I have not tried any other double edged razors.

    If You are wanting to try a DE get this one it is cheap enough, yet very well made I have not cut myself yet which was my main concern. The blades that come with it are very good thin blades I bought an extra 10 when i ordered i now will regain my money by not paying $20.00 for a pack of disposable blades. Never Going Back.

  10. My first DE razor

    Posted by Michael G. on 26th May 2010

    Very satisfied with this Feather shaver. Comfortable to wield, clean, attractive design, and the mechanism is smooth. Changing blades is a breeze, and it rinses clean like a cartridge never can. Considering the price, it becomes a better deal than most razors out there, even the Weishi.

    Four stars!

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