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Merkur 700 Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

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Product Description

This razor is adjustable to all skin types. It has a dial on it with 6 settings to adjust to a mans face contour and type of beard. Skin changes and the razor will too. - For the Connoisseur! Uses any standard double edge blade. Brushed Chrome.

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  1. The best razor I've used I won't ever need to buy another

    Posted by Jonathan McNeil on 22nd May 2013

    I have super sensitive skin and sadly a thick beard but this razor on its lower settings didn't irritate me at all. It has a nice weight and yes the handle can be a little slippery but if you have large hands like I do its not a problem. I usually have to do 3 passes to get a good shave and sometimes still have stubble and can't do anymore by that time my skin is irritated but with this I did two passes first downward pass on setting #2 on my second pass dropped it down to #1 and went against the grain it gave me a baby smooth shave with no razor burn, bumps, or any type of irritation.

  2. Try others...but use this one!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Apr 2013

    Don't go around trying to save money by purchasing some other cheaper razor. This one is great, not pricey, and shaves like no other. Uses any good quality double edge blade. Highlt recommend it!

  3. The Best Shave -- For Wiry-Bearded Guys

    Posted by Guff on 2nd Oct 2012

    The Merkur Futur let me shave every day for the first time in 33 years of shaving. Nothing worked before I tried the Futur.

    It is HEAVY -- indicating solid German construction. It holds heat well, making it warm and comfortable as it glides across my face.

    It adjusts from 0 (for light beards) to 6 (for barbed wire beards, like mine).

    My ONLY knock on the Futur is that it is not really brushed chrome. Instead, it has a coating of some kind, and it has worn off where the Futur contacts my face. This is a cosmetic problem only; it does not affect the function of the razor at all. For the Futur's premium price, I'd have preferred actual brushed chrome or stainless steel, neither of which would wear off.

    Notice, however, that I still gave it a 5-star rating, despite the cosmetic flaw. It's that good, and I'd buy it again.

  4. Wow...must be close to the best.

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2012

    My first razor from Lee's was the Merkur 34C razor. I found it to be almost perfect to shave with and in conjunction with the Feather Blades just about unbeatable for a close shave. I've been deciding on a second razor for some time now and finally decided on the Merkur Futur 700 adjustable. Well, after taking it out of the box and noticed how much heavier it is than the 34C, I said to myself, "Well, let's try it with a Feather blade first." I read either on this site or another general site that you should start out an adjustable on a low setting then work your way up. I started this razor on the number 2 setting over a week ago and was extremely pleased at the way it shaved. What I didn't notice until I looked in the mirror was how close it shaved me. I thought the 34C was a good shave. Well, on the #2 setting, the Futur shaved me closer and I thought was possible. I can't imagine how close it will be on a #3 or higher.
    If you're considering an adjustable safety razor, consider this one. Yes, it's heavy but it's also an excellent razor to shave with.

  5. Against my own will

    Posted by Eric on 4th Apr 2012

    Its a beautiful piece..but its orientation is at fault. You cannot go against the grain with this razor because the double edge razor will bend(due to that small bit where the blade shows on top....theres another area farther under it where it does not compress the blade, so the top functions mainly as a cover(something it can bend around), my goodfella gave a much more consistent and less bumpy shave despite setting. if it bended the blade more it might be able to pull off the no-tooth-bumper style safety they got, but they lack that bend, and they lack the material under the blade to keep the exposed edge from bending when it meets hair...10 FOR DESIGN! I freaking love the way its made, but a screwtop safety razor really excels where this blade does not.

  6. Black Man Approved Razor!

    Posted by Duane W. on 22nd Dec 2011

    I have tried everything; disposable, magic shave, straight razor, and now the safety razor. This razor plus Black Opal shaving gel made the difference. I have now been using it for about 10 years and shaving takes about 3 minutes and I don't have to worry about bumping up.

    I have a family of barber and a straight razor and hot shaving cream is not an option at home for me.

  7. Look no further...

    Posted by vegasvics on 22nd Dec 2011

    The other dozen or so razors in my collection are going to have a hard time getting into the rotation now that I have added this beauty. This heavy, well-built razor plows through my beard like no other. BBS shave in 2-3 passes with no irritation. Sensational

  8. Wow!!!

    Posted by Mick on 15th Jul 2011

    I haven't used a safety razor since high school and that wasn't a pleasant experience but after getting this beauty in the mail this morning and just shaving a two day beard I'm greatly appreciative for the fast service and reviews that made my mind up to buy one. I don't think I've ever had a shave this close! You have a customer for life and look forward to trying other products in the future.

  9. The way to go

    Posted by David on 22nd May 2010

    What makes this razor great is the fact that the head holds heat for a while so you can run it under hot water for a few seconds and get that soothing heat as you shave! Have had one for 12 years and has save me a ton of money on those Mach 5000 blades my buddies buy.

  10. One of the best adjustables around

    Posted by Matt on 16th Mar 2009

    Not much to say other than, if you are looking for an adjustable, get a Futur.

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