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Muhle R89 Safety Razor

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Product Description

The Muhle R89 razor is truly a precision made, elegant razor.  This razor features a beautiful chrome finish and standard, closed comb, cutting head that shaves amazingly close without being too aggressive.  The R89 is perfectly balanced and a perfect choice for shavers that demand the best quality.  Razor comes packaged with 1 Derby double edge razor blade included.  Uses any standard double edge blade. 

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Product Reviews

  1. Best Razor for Everyday Use

    Posted by Chris on 29th Mar 2014

    Simply stated, the Muhle R89 is first-rate! This is my “go to” everyday razor; it’s perfect for me. I have to shave everyday because of my job, and even if it wasn’t for work, I’d need to shave due to the “5 o’clock shadow” issue. With that said, I need a razor that is not too aggressive because, honestly, shaving is tough on the ole mug on a daily basis. The other razors I’ve used are the Merkur 34C and Merkur Progress (with just about every blade out there). I like the Merkurs fine, but the 34C is a little too aggressive for everyday use for me, and I emphasize “for me”; and the Progress, while good, just isn’t on par with this Muhle, especially in the area of quality control. My Muhle R89 seats the blade perfectly, and I mean perfectly - no issues with asymmetry or blade gap differences. I also think that the overall weight and balance of the Muhle is ideal; very easy to use. And the glide aspect of this razor is top notch; it’s simple to find the correct angle and get a nice smooth shave. For me, I cannot think of a better razor for everyday use, or for a person’s first DE razor.

  2. One of the best shaves I've ever had.

    Posted by Joe Vella on 18th Dec 2012

    This Muhle R89 was the 1st time I had ever used a DE Safety Razor. Using the Derby DE Blade it came with and a Brushless OTC Shaving Gel, I must say it may have been one of the closest, most comfortable shaves ever. The weight of the razor itself (for me) will take a little getting used to but the weight was all it needed. I had to apply almost no pressure at all to my skin. If I had any complaint at all it would be to have the Knurling on the handle go a little deeper so as to get a better grip on the handle. Other than that, as a 1st time user I am very pleased with this Razor.

  3. Mühle R89

    Posted by Roland on 24th Jan 2012

    Best beginners razpr, also loved by experienced wet shavers. With the EJ line the best prize/quality ratio. Very mild & smooth. Very good plating, easy on the eyes... THIS IS A GREAT RAZOR!!

  4. First Razor

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2011

    This is my first safety razor. From all the info online talking about needing a lot of practice to get a good shave, I wasn't expecting a lot from my first go. But I was really surprised how well I did. Can't wait to use it again tomorrow.

    FYI: Lee's customer service is great.

  5. Thee perfect razor

    Posted by Jeremy on 18th Jun 2011

    I bought this cuz it had good reviews but man does it shave smooth. Im a beginnier at this frist time saftey razor user no cuts no nics great balance i thru my mach 3 and schick titanium away will never go back. Been shaving for 17yrs now and this gave the best shave ever. AND NO RAZOR BURN!!!!!!! Thanks lee for the great price :)

  6. Best Shave Ever

    Posted by Bob C. on 3rd Dec 2010

    I have a number or razors due to my sensitive skin and fairly tough beard. I had settled on the Merkur Vision Adjustable, although at times I would use a straight or the Feather Artist Club Straight or a Merkur 34c.

    For me, the Muhle 89R is fantastic. It is not nearly so aggressive on my skin as the 34c, yet shaves me as close as I wish without irritation. I plan to experiment with blades, but on my skin, there is little room for improvement over the stock Derby. I don't care much for Merkur blades (too much pulling) and Feathers can irritate my face, although they are sharp.

    If you are thinking of getting this razor, do yourself a favor and do it. Lee gives very good advice. My Vision is soon to be history. The 89R blows it away for me.

  7. A Quality Shave

    Posted by E Patton on 7th Oct 2010

    My First DE razor. I find the Muhle to be a quality shave well worth the price. It is built like a tank and shaves wonderfully.

  8. Smooth shave with classic look

    Posted by Pete on 5th Apr 2010

    This if my first safety razor so I have nothing to compare it too except modern day multi-blade disposables. It shaves as good if not better than a multi-blade with less irritation. Since blades are so cheap I'm able to replace them as frequently as I like. The handle while nice looking is too smooth for my liking. The knurl to be rougher for a more secure grip. The handle could also be heavier and longer, but that's subjective complaint. In addition, care must be used when replacing the blade. This applies to all 3 piece razors. Otherwise its a very handsome razor.

  9. Changed my shaving experience

    Posted by Sean on 7th Feb 2010

    Have tried all different types of razors (disposable, cartridge, and electric) always looking for the best shave for sensitive skin. After getting straight razor shaves at my barber, I decided to step up my shaving experience at home and could not be happier. This razor has nice balance to it, is not too aggressive for a first time safety razor user, and the craftsmanship is second to none. I picked up the technique quickly and shaving is a pure joy. This razor is going to be with me for awhile.

  10. Best quality in this price range or higher...

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2010

    I bought this razor from Lee's a few weeks ago. It has the same head as the other new Muhle and Edwin Jagger razors costing as much as $195.00 . Fit and finish and overall quality are best in class. If you want a better or more expensive non-adjustable razor, you're basically buying a fancier handle (and the R-89 chrome handle is awesome). Customer service at Lee's was second to none and shipping was fast. I'm still going through the DE blade sampler pack, and so far this razor shaves extremely close and comfortably with all the blades. I'll be be buying more Muhle products from Lee's (R-41 open comb and maybe a Muhle brush) soon.

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