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Tabula Rasa

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Product Description

Tabula Rasa is a smooth shaving product with mango butter and argan oil, especially formulated for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies who don't want to compromise on quality and density of the lather. Imported from Germany, it's widely considered to be one of the best shaving creams on the market today. Learn more about shaving's best-kept secret.

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Product Reviews

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  1. It's All About The Shave, Stupid.......

    Posted by David on 27th Jan 2014

    At first, I objected to the price and the fact that it is whipped and feels so light, so basically it seems like there's not a lot of bang for the buck, a luxury shave for those parade car days. BUT, you just gotta shave with this stuff man. It is SOOOO slick, dense foam, great cushion and glide, non-drying, and those fragrances. THOSE FRAGRANCES!!! Cardamom, I mean who would'a thought? What an aroma. Dark Lavender, a slightly sinister (in a good way, more dark, velvety and heavy) take on lavender, REAL Patchouli, it just goes on and on. And the Shave you ask? The Shave? I'm glad you asked that. Smooth as glass, softer than a baby's bottom. Just amazing stuff. And if you follow the suggestions, you will get great mileage from a jar. So, expensive? If you have to ask, you don't need it and you won't understand. Once you try it, you'll wonder why you ever asked....

  2. Olibanum

    Posted by Wolfram on 25th Dec 2013

    Honestly, I don't shave that often, but when I do would be hard-pressed to use anything other than Tabula Rasa. There is nothing better that I've found than this stuff.

    Got the Olibanum scent for Yule this year and quite frankly I love it. First shave I've had in 6 months, and I'm smooth faced, left with good feeling skin, and my Fiance' says I smell good too. :) No bad there. I will definitely buy again.

    Thanks for a great product!

  3. Patchouli arouses your senses.

    Posted by Doc on 30th Nov 2013

    Like so many others I was intrigued by the good press this cream has received, so, following the directions on Shaving101, I tried the Patchouli, my favorite scent. After a couple of missteps I got the mixture right, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. The lingering odor appeals to my wife, also a Patchouli fan, and the shaving is very smooth, although the cream has a tendency to dry out if you take too long, in my experience. Next I think I'll try the Olibanum; as an old altarboy, I can't resist church incense.

  4. Outstanding Shaving Soap

    Posted by Bob on 8th Nov 2013

    Although I have purchased a variety of Tabula Rasa soaps, I have using and finishing up my Vetiver/Tangerine jar. What great stuff! Easy to lather and a joy to use. The scent is very mild, but pronounced and pleasant.

  5. can i rate this better that 5?

    Posted by uncle jack on 27th Oct 2013

    Tabula Rasa recommended by Lee is terrific. I cannot imagine shaving without my Vetiver & Tangerine Tabula Rasa. I cannot wait to try other scents too.

  6. Olibanum

    Posted by Joe from LI on 23rd Oct 2013

    Tried olibanum on a whim. At first I couldn’t place the scent, something uncommon, yet very familiar. By the second shave it came to me: incense. Specifically, church incense. Not the dorm room, hippie inspired kind, but the real stuff, frankincense. I was immediately taken back to mandatory early morning high church chapel services and Sunday church services with family, all enveloped in a cloud of aromatic smoke. The scent doesn’t dissipate quickly however, and stays with me for about an hour after shaving. Not that that is so bad since it’s a strong, masculine scent and not overly “perfume-y.”
    As for Tabula Rasa itself, it’s one of the best creams I’ve used. Smooth consistency and a good, rich lather that lubricates and comforts. Stays on the face without sliding off or drying out. Easily lathers with the load/hydrate technique, but start slow using the least amount of water you can to develop a full lather. The less you use, the richer the lather. And it is rich.

  7. Cardamom ROCKS!

    Posted by A' Z on 22nd Oct 2013

    I am loving this cream!

    Nothing lets me shave like it. It is true, the lathering is tricky at first, but you get the hang of it pretty fast, and you are rewarded with protective lather that leaves your face feeling like you just left a spa.

    And the cardamom smell rocks! To me, much better than the Vetiver / Tangarine. It also reminds me of my mother's coffee. She used to flavor it with cardamom, and this cream is as delicious as the real thing.

    One of the best buys I have ever done. I hope Lee will continue to stock different flavors, and even request some more exotic ones, because we are loving it!

  8. Cardamom!

    Posted by Boudreaux from NOLA on 22nd Aug 2013

    I just tried out the Cardamom scent. It filled my bathroom with the scent of exotic places. I loved it. If you love TR, then try this scent.

  9. A Smooth shave -Cardamom scent

    Posted by MarkfromfNYC on 2nd May 2013

    I just purchased the Cardamom scented version after using the unscented version for a while. The Cardamom is a nice addition to the TR line. The smell is very nice, but not overpowering.

    This stuff falls somewhere between a soap and a cream. I use my finger to take about an almond size piece out of the container and put it in my dirty bird scuttle. With minimal water on my brush I work it into a lather and add a few drops of water, if it seems to dry.

    TR provides excellent protection. Giving me a cushioned base that lets my razor glide over my skin. It allows me to get close, without nicking myself, or even feeling that "start/stop" sensation I sometimes get when other soaps dry out on my face.

  10. Outstanding but Unorthodox

    Posted by Tim in San Diego on 23rd Sep 2012

    Using my Simpsons "chubby" 2 and the hand lathering technique in Lee's product description, I got loads of slick cushiony lather. I got a DFS in 2 passes with a Feather all stainless and Feather blade--no burn or cuts, and that's w/o the use of any pre-shave products. This cream would be good for daily use or travel. I like the vetiver/tangerine scent. The vetiver is center stage while the tangerine adds a fresh, clean note without any lollipop citrus smells. It's worth the price, and I would recommend this cream to any dedicated wet shaver.

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