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Customer Testimonials

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Lee did it again!!! I bought a safety razor over 6 years ago from Lee and the head broke just recently. I wasn't even angry because that is still longer than I ever owned a cartridge razor. I placed an order for a new razor from Lee last week and asked if I could get buy a replacement head for my old safety razor. Lee got back to me the next day (on a Sunday night) and let me know he does have them for a very reasonable price! He added it to the order and updated my shipping because of the order was delayed because of the blizzard. I love this place!!!! I said it the first time I ordered and it still holds true: I am a life long customer!!!
Jason Ballard

Safety razors and accessories are available for many different prices for the same items. I have always dealt with individuals—not companies. The personal contact is more important than just price.
I ran across Lee of Lee’s Razors on the internet. He is a personable and knowledgeable man to deal with. He is more concerned with a person’s needs over a sale.
He even suggested I hold off on buying another razor based on the two that I use. I bought it anyway. He was right on his suggestion but I really wanted it. Personal attention like this is hard to find. I bought several other items and will buy all of my supplies from him.
The three razors that I have are: Merkur 23c (180), Jagger 89L, Muhle R89 Grande (new one). People who claim that a razor doesn’t shave well are not aware that the blade they are using is the problem—NOT the razor.
For most people, particularly new razor users, need to talk to an individual who is knowledgeable about this subject. I have found that Lee is outstanding. I have used safety razors most of my life, so I know that he is great on this subject.
Ralph Spring

I work in customer service and deliver to a very high standard. Frankly, it takes a lot to impress me. Lee, I am truly blown away. I have found your advice to be both practical and honest. You treat me like I'm your most important customer. Considering I didn't think the missing blades were a big deal, you literally over whelmed me with your generosity. I certainly did not expect you to mail them out in the first place, and so not deserve the seven sample packs that arrived today. Your prices may not always be the most competitive, but I doubt any one treats their customers better. You have earned my business and my loyalty. Consider me impressed! Thank you Lee,

"I made a sizable purchase from Lee recently, including purchasing a Mergress. I cannot exclaim enough of how impressed I am with the products (especially the Mergress). Lee couldn't have been more facilitating during the process of my purchase. In fact, he even took a few hours one weekend to literally discuss with me at length which products may be most suitable for me. In sum, not only was Lee facilitating but he was also very patient and professional with a newcomer to traditional wet shaving. The quality of the products and services I received undoubtedly met (and in many instances exceeded) my expectations. Lee took care of me. He'll do the same for you as well...."
DR Wilson
Birmingham AL

Just wanted to share my feelings regarding Lee's Saftey Razors. I have been a customer for approx. ten years and have always been happy with the products and especially the customer service. Yes I have looked at other providers but always come back to Lee's because of the excellent customer service and fair prices. In a recent transaction Lee's was unable to deliver a particular item so they contacted me and offered me a more expensive item at the same price. Lee's offered no excuses but a resolution-that is customer service. I always direct my friends to Lee's because I know they will be pleased also. Thank you for maintaining such a high level of retailer respect and customer service which some times seems to have been lost with the advent of Internet shopping. You are welcome to share my thoughts with other customers and potential customers as you have earned my respect. And yes I love the new brush and razor.

I love you guys. Really.
Murray UT

Thank you for the quick shipping. I am extremely pleased with my order. Nice to know that there is still a real person behind all the convenience of technology (Internet shopping) I will definitely be using your shop exclusively from now on.
Jim Markel

I have been a Lees customer for almost 10 years and have been totally satisfied with the items I have purchased and the quick and friendly customer service that is Lees standard. If you are a beginner or have been shaving for years you'll be treated with respect and get quick service. I believe that as a Lees Razor customer, you will be very satisfied. I know that I am.
David Howe

I found your site very useful in deciding what to buy as a new safety razor user. Because of your thoroughness, I chose to order from you instead of Amazon. I look forward to ordering from you in the future.

Jonathan V
Rocky Mount, NC

I would like to Thank you for your quick Free shipping. Ordered my gear on Sunday evening and recieved it Wednesday afternoon same week... Incredible!!
Product is also exactly what I wanted at a very fair price.
Thank you... I will be back!
Morrisville, NY

Dear Lee, thanks so much for your help. I called you asking advice about what blades I should be using. I told you how I have "irish" skin and you absolutely nailed the type of blades I should be using. They are the best I have ever had. Your service is beyond what any other company provides.

Thanks again,

I'm enjoying my new products from you already. Thanks for both your advice and speedy attention to my order. I look forward to doing business with you for a long time.

Best regards,
Austin, TX

Dear Lee's,
I just received my Mergress and it is beautiful. Thank you for sending it so quickly and for such a wonderful product. Your services will come highly recommended from me.

Caldwell, ID

I like the new site design, also nice to see new products. I just keep coming back....
Westfield, MA

I am ordering from Lee's because:
* It's a high quality website -- up-to-date, beautiful design, and easy-to-use layout.
* Good prices. While I could find lower elsewhere, the whole experience is worth it.
* There is a beginner's set with a great looking razor, brush, soap, and stand. I could spend days trying to get through articles in order to piece together a good set. Thank you for making that process easy.
* PayPal is accepted; not usually seen and I appreciate it.Thanks again. Take care.

New Franken, WI

I am new to "old school" shaving, and thought this package I put together would be a good start. All the testimonials on your site and the product selection made this a pleasure shop! - and I grew up on Long Island, so its great to do business with you!!

Modesto, CA

Great site and I could do ALL of my shopping in one location.

Sebastian, FL

Dear Lee's Razors,
Thanks and congratulations for the excellent layout and selection on your site, it goes above and beyond our expectations.


I received my order today.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and to tell you what a pleasure it was to deal with your web store.  The razor is just beautiful... more beautiful than pictured on the site store.  The tube of italian shave cream is awesome too.  In addition to the quality of the items, your email notification process relating to my order was outstanding.  I received email notices every step of the way, and as a first time customer, it was important to me and very much appreciated.  And finally, the shipping charges were so reasonable, and I'm stunned at how quickly the order was processed and received.

I am a big internet shopper, and have my own jewelry web store.  As such, I have dealt with all kinds of merchants, and Lee's Razors is a cut above the rest.

Just wanted to let you know that you have gained another customer and free advertising via the ever-powerful word of mouth. God bless, and have a Happy Holiday.

Philadelphia, PA

I placed an order a year ago, and I was completely satisfied with the service, selection, and customer care that your business afforded me. Because of this satisfaction, I again placed another order on December 20th. I received my shipment today, December 24th, at 1330 hours, California time. I am again very pleased with the service, quality, and immediate delivery of my package.
I have not been very impressed with the day to day encounters I have with the employees at the businesses I frequent. They do not take pride in their job and they have very little customer service experience.
Lee's Razors has given me a new hope. I will continue to shop with your business and I thank you for the service you have provided. Merry Christmas. 
Lancaster, CA

Dear Lee's,
I just received my Mergress and it is beautiful. Thank you for sending it so quickly and for such a wonderful product. Your services will come highly recommended from me.

Caldwell, ID