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  • Ultimate Beginner's Double Edge Setup

Ultimate Beginner's Double Edge Setup


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Product Description

The Ultimate Setup for a new wetshaver! We've made it easy for you by combining our most popular products. This 5-piece set comes with: 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor (or upgrade to a Merkur 38C HD Barber Pole for only $9); Edwin Jagger Ivory Medium Best Badger (1EJ877) Shaving Brush; Trumper's (GFT) or D.R. Harris (DRH) Shaving Soap or Cream OR Mitchell's Woolfat Shaving Soap in Ceramic Dish! 10 Razor Blades (your choice of Derby, Red Personna, or Crystal); and a stylish Chrome Stand. All sets now come with a FREE Pacific Shaving Nick Stick!

Everything you need to get started at an affordable price!