2 Blade Razor Vs. 5 Blade Razor: Which Is Worth Your Money? 

Selecting between a 2-blade razor vs. 5-blade razor is never an easy task. So, don’t miss out on the helpful article below for further information. 

Not only women but men also come up with numerous problems related to their skin.

Indeed, sensitive skin due to inappropriate shaving is one of the common examples. Therefore, it is not recommended to underestimate the importance of taking care of the skin for shaving. 

Accordingly, selecting an appropriate razor plays a vital role in this situation. However, it’s never easy to pick the right one among a wide range of options on the market, especially when selecting multiple blade razors.

Generally, the comparison of 2-blade razor vs 5-blade razor concerns many shaving enthusiasts.

Hence, this article will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of these two multiple blades and a detailed comparison for your better preference. So let’s explore right now! 

Smooth shaving experience
Smooth shaving experience

Overview Of 2-Blade & 5-Blade Razor

When it comes to multiple blade razors, you might consider whether the more blades a razor has, the more efficient it shaves. But, of course, this leads to the curiosity and comparison between 2-blade and 5-blade razors. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Accordingly, it is essential to have the fundamental knowledge of these two kinds of razors, which finally simplifies your task of weighing up between them later. 

2-blade Razor

Innovated from a single blade razor, the 2-blade razor or known as twin razor, comprises 2 blades, as the name suggests.

Moreover, the advent of 2-blade razors has revolutionized and created a benchmark in the shaving industry. 

blade razor
What a 2-blade razor looks like

Like other multiple blade razors, its sole and common purpose is to approach and cut the hair closer.

Indeed, the first blade generally pulls up and cuts the top of the hair, and then the other continuously shaves at closer skin level. 

5-blade Razor 

One of the contenders among multiple blade razor types, 5-blade razor is noteworthy to consider.

It undoubtedly features 5 blades with the hysteresis principle for an efficient shave. In detail, its process happens like the 2-blade razor, leaving less time for the hair to withdraw until the 5th blade cuts it further down. 

5-blade razor
A close-up shot of a 5-blade razor

2 Blade And 5 Blade Razor: What Are The Main Differences?

After acquiring fundamental knowledge regarding these two popular multiple blade razors, it’s time to delve into specific aspects to differentiate them.

Below are 4 remarkable points to support you in the process of finalizing your ultimate choice. 

Performance of Shaving 

Honestly, the number of blades is not the sole criteria to clarify the shaving performance. In other words, it might come from different features such as design, materials, and so on.

However, aside from all these elements, the 5-blade razor often provides an ultra closer and more efficient shave compared to 2 blades one. 

Generally, the major reason why more blades matter, the 5-blade razor, in this case, comes from the hysteresis effect (the lingering effect falls behind the initiative effect or cause).

On the other hand, the subsequent blades approach and cut the hair gradually from the 1st to the last blades without skipping much hair, even in one shave. 

In addition, these blades are featured according to progressive geometry, allowing you to cut more hair in one pass. As a result, the shaving time is speeded up thanks to the 5-blade razor.

The extra blades deliver the cleaner facial hair shave, even with an angular face. 

Performance of Shaving 
The more blades, the faster and more efficient you shave

In addition, the successive as well as back and forth process delivers a closer shave. Cut the hair as a backup from the first to the last blade to ensure no hair is missed. 

In contrast, the 2-blade razor might not cut much hair but still provide an ultra-close shave. In this situation, it depends on your skills to maneuver the razor for better shaving performance according to your demand. 

Skin Problems 

Apart from shaving direction or pushing effort while cutting facial hair, a closer shave might be one of the attributes of some common skin issues, such as razor burns or bumps. In other words, the hair cut below the skin results in ingrown hair and then skin irritation. 

Accordingly, the 5-blade razor tends to make your skin prone to friction or irritation.

While shaving, the razor probably removes the foreskin on the facial surface. The more blades affect the skin, and the more intensive impact is on the skin. This leads to razor burns or skin irritation. 

What’s more, each time you shave with multiple blades like that, the skin is sketched one more time, and even worse. As a result, the more blades, the more likely it is to injure the skin, especially the sensitive skin

Conversely, the fewer blades equal less force during the shave, which means that using the 2-blade razor reduces the nicks or other inflicted skin problems.

In detail, the 2-blade razor provides an efficient shave without creating much blade friction to avoid skin rash. Especially if you have sensitive skin, the 2- blade razor unquestionably comes into handy. 


If you are a shaving enthusiast, you probably consider the maneuverability of the razor. Usually, the single-blade razor is straightforward since the simple design with one blade to handle at diverse angles. 

However, you might find it hard to control the multiple blade razor on sure edges. In this case, the 5-blade razor is often more challenging to maneuver than the 2-blade one due to larger and more complex pivoting heads.

Shaving according to your customized angles
Shaving according to your customized angles

Cost Efficiency and Life Span  

Aside from the functional features, the cost of these 2 multiple blade razors is another concern.

Typically, the original price of a 5-blade razor tends to be more expensive due to the efficient shaving and longer life span compared to 2-blade one.

In addition, buying replaced blades still costs you more or requires you to change frequently for better performance.  

Regarding the 2-blade razor, it is the same situation but might not cost you as much as the 5-blade razor. 

Which Is Better: 2 Blade Vs 5 Blade Razor? 

It is always debatable to choose which one is better, between 2-blade and 5-blade razors, due to numerous considerable features and aspects.

But, overall, there are two significant points that you shouldn’t miss out on, including your current skin status and shaving skills. 

  • First and foremost, the 2-blade razor might be suitable for one with sensitive skin who doesn’t want to put much force or pressure after getting a shave. 
  • Besides, suppose that you have trouble using a 5-blade razor in terms of skin irritation and change to the 2-blade razor without further resolvable issues. This indicates that you better pick another razor type or change another blade.
  • Moreover, if you are a newbie to using multiple blade razors, then a 2-blade razor is an ideal option to pick due to its easier maneuverability. Otherwise, select the 5-blade razor for an ultra-close and efficient shave. 


How often should I change my 5 blade razor? 

Generally, the lifespan of a 5-blade razor depends on the number of shaves instead of the usual time-bound. The simple principle is that the razor’s cutting edge gradually becomes duller after each trimming, affecting the effectiveness of close shaving. 

Therefore, replacing the new razor after 5-10 shaves is advisable to ensure the ideal performance. Indeed, the exact time also follows the sharpness of the blade razor, the thickness of your facial hair, or simply your personal preferences.

How do I keep my multiple-blade razor last longer? 

One of the simple steps to keep your blade last longer is to clean the head under warm water during and after getting a shave. This removes all remaining facial hair and even dead skin or other debris to avoid blunting fastly.

Clean your razor head during and after shaving
Clean your razor head during and after shaving

After that, you may use a soft cloth to wipe out the entire razor and leave it in a dry and clean area for later usage. 

To be extra careful, before drying with a towel, dip the blade in alcohol to remove excess water and bacteria. After drying, some baby oil can be applied to the blade as a thin coat to prevent rust.

However, please keep in mind that you cannot use the razor forever despite thorough maintenance. Therefore, be generous with your skin to replace the new razor for a better shave and avoid related skin irritation.  

In addition, you might check out this Youtube video for better reference!

Should I use a 2-blade razor or a 5-blade razor to shave my bald head?

As far as we know, you should use a 5-blade razor, and preferably a razor made for sensitive skin.

Using a 5-blade razor will make your quick, close shave and avoid the multi-path stroke that easily leads to injury. 


Understanding the multiple blade razor is no longer rocket science as popular belief after reading this article.

Hopefully, you gain considerable helpful knowledge and information to solidify your choice between a 2-blade razor vs 5-blade razor.

Indeed, the right choice should derive from not only the function of the razor but also your skin understanding. Otherwise, you might face an unsmooth or annoying shaving experience. 

Besides, if you have any questions or concerns about this topic, feel free to drop a comment below to discuss. Also, don’t hesitate to send this article to your friends and relatives, provided that you find it helpful. 

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