3 Blade Razors vs 5 Blade Razors – Which is Best?

There are many different styles of cartridge razor out there. You can find them from anywhere from 2 blades up to a maximum of seven blades now (I saw this in a cartridge razor recently and was pretty surprised). However, the most popular amount of blades to have in a razor still remain the same – the 3-blade and the 5-blade razor still rule supreme.

However, for those who haven’t used either of these types of razor, it can prove a little difficult to know which one of them to choose. So, when you’re trying to decide between them, what are the key differences between a 3-blade and a 5-blade razor? Well, let’s have a look at some of the differences now.

3 Blade Razors vs 5 Blade Razors

If you’re trying to decide between the two, then generally a 5-blade razor is advised for most people, especially those who have thicker hair that many benefit from a multi blade approach. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin, then a 3-blade razor can be the better option.

Multi-blade razors have become increasingly popular in more recent years. Logically it makes sense – the more blades that you have, the easier it’ll be to shave down the hair on your face and body. Though the truth is that although this is often the case for some people, there are those that still like to go with fewer blades.

You only have to look at the dramatic increase in people using safety razors nowadays to see this is true. The low cost of safety razor blades is only one reason why they’ve become this popular, but most people still prefer to use a cartridge razor instead.

There are more options out there for people looking for a 5 blade razor, especially with the majority of shave clubs out there promoting their 5 or even 6 blade razors more than anything else. The main reason for this is that they can charge more for 5 blade cartridges than they can for 3 blade cartridges. However, some people do think that 5 blade cartridges provide a better shave.

5 Blade Razors


The main benefit of using a 5 blade razor over using a 3 blade razor is that you’re probably going to reduce your shaving time. Think about it – if you have 5 blades gliding over your skin instead of just 3, it makes sense that you’re going to cut more hair out, doesn’t it? A 5 blade razor will allow you to cut more hair quicker than you can with a 3 blade razor.

According to shaving brands like Gillette, they actually do more than just this – the increased amount of blades is said to minimize the chance you have of cutting yourself as well. However, the majority of people have never cut themselves with a 3-blade razor, either.

For most people, when combined with the right shaving cream and shaving technique, a 5-blade razor will be just fine. If you want a quick way to shave your facial hair, then it’s probably worth looking at getting yourself a five-blade razor.

Best 5-blade Razor: If you’re looking for the best 5-blade razor that’s out there, then I’d advise that you check out the Wilkinson's Sword Hydro 5. It’s one of the most popular razors in the world, and refill cartridges for it are cheaper than that of Gillette. You could also check out Lee’s Guide to Shave Clubs, which are mainly 5-blade razors.

3 Blade Razor


The main reason why I’d opt for a 3 blade razor over a 5 blade razor is that with 5 blades, you may end up shaving your hair quicker than if you used 3 blades But, you’re also much more prone to irritation.

The more blades that you use, the more likely it is that you’re going to irritate your skin. Think about it – you’re grazing blades of stainless steel against your skin. This is actually the reason many people opt to use a safety razor, which only has one blade.

Anyway, most people seem to be able to tolerate using a 3-blade razor against their skin. But 5 or6 blade razors can increase the chance you’re going to get irritated skin. This means more razor bumps, ingrown hairs and red rashes.

Now, this definitely isn’t the case for everyone, and many people seem to be able to use a 5 blade razor without having any problems. But if you do have particularly sensitive skin, then a 3 blade razor is a better option. If you’re shaving somewhere sensitive (like your scalp, or down there), then I’d definitely advise that you use a 3-blade razor instead of a 5-blade razor.

Best 3-blade razor: If you’re looking for a 3-blade razor to use, then you definitely need to check out the . It’s one of Gillette’s most popular razors, and it provides a much more sensitive shave than many 5-blade razors out there.


Like many things within the shaving realm, much of the decision between how many bladed you use in your razor will come down to preference. For those with thick and coarse hair, then often a 5-blade razor appeals more, because this offers the ability to cut through thick hair quickly and easily. However for those with sensitive skin, then a 3-blade razor will likely appeal more to you, as you’re less likely to deal with any itchy side effects.


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  1. I have always used 5 blade cartridges since starting, find they give a much closer shave and seems done in no time. No problems as I can see or feel.


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