Bakblade vs. Mangroomer – Which Brand is Better?

Bakblade and Mangroomer are both popular personal grooming brands on the market. If you are indecisive between the two, let this Bakblade vs. Mangroomer comparison blog post help you choose which to shop at. 

Continue reading for details on the product offerings, price, shipping, payment options, discounts, warranty, returns, and additional customer aids. 

Bakblade vs. Mangroomer 

Product Offerings 

Both brands offer grooming items, refills, and accessories, though they are not arranged in the same way on their websites. 


Bakblade Body Grooming Co.
Bakblade is a well-liked brand in the body grooming industry

Grooming Items 

There are four kits you can get from Bakblade. They are the Clean kit, the Confidence kit, the Bodbarber kit, and the Elite Plus kit. 

  • The Clean kit: Inclusive of a shaver, exfoliating brush, blade refill pack of six, nose trimmer, wall mount, and travel bag. 
  • The Confidence kit: Inclusive of a shaver, exfoliating brush, whole-body groomer, blade refill pack, wall mount, and travel bag. 
  • The Bodbarber kit: Inclusive of a body groomer, groin groomer, design trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, hair and beard trimmer, micro-foil shaver, guide combs, grooming stand USB charger, cleaning brush, and travel bag. 
  • The Elite Plus kit: Inclusive of a shaver, exfoliating brush, wall mount, and travel bag. 


Bakblade’s blade cartridge refills are sold in packs of 12. Another option is a membership. For a one-time payment of $20 (now discounted to $8.95), you can get refills shipped to your door every 60 days. 


Bakblade sells accessories that accompany and helps complete your shaving experience, including a leather travel bag, precision blades, wipes, shave gels, and nose trimmers. 


Mangroomer logo
Mangroomer is also a popular grooming brand

Grooming Items 

The brand has five lines: the Ultimate Pro, the Professional Plus+, the Lithium Max Plus+, the Do-It-Yourself, and the 2.0 Professional. 

But these are not sold as kits like Bakblade. Instead, they are sold as singles or sets. 

  • The Ultimate Pro kit
    • Singles: Back shaver and self-haircut kit 
    • Sets: Body groomer and trimmer and beard and stubble trimmer
  • The Professional Plus+ kit: Nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers
  • The Lithium Max Plus+ kit: 
    • Singles: Electric back hair shaver
    • Sets: Body groomer and body trimmer. 
  • The Do-It-Yourself: Electric back hair shaver.
  • The 2.0 Professional: Body groomer and body trimmer.


Replacement blades, foils, guide combs, and attachments are available. 


Mangroomer offers wipes, ionic hair dryers, scruffers, replacement power adaptors, and charging cradles. 

So, to recap:

What Mangroomer offers but Bakblade does not: 

  • Replacement foils, guide combs, and attachments 
  • Electric back hair shaver 
  • Ionic hair dryer
  • Scruffers
  • Replacement power adaptors 
  • Charging cradle 

What Bakblade offers but Mangroomer does not: 

  • Exfoliating brush 
  • Groin groomer 
  • Cleaning brush 
  • Shaving gel 
  • Wall mount 
  • Travel bag 

There are also no subscription shipping options available at Mangroomer. 

→ If you prefer getting a kit with multiple items, you should head over to Bakblade. 

Product Features

To get an idea of the product features, we will look at each brand’s best-selling product. For Bakblade, it is the Bakblade 2.0 Plus back shaver, and for Mangroomer, it is the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus back shaver.

The two basic distinctions between the Bakblade 2.0 Plus and Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus lie in the blades and attachments. 

  • Bakblade’s back shaver model is equipped with a sharp, regular razor blade, while Mangroomer has a wider shaving head and a trimming head. It has a foil shaver and cartridge safety razors. 
  • The Bakblade back shaver’s attachment comes as a single-head unit. On the other hand, the Mangroomer back shaver has two head attachments. 

The brand’s contrasts have implications for shaving speed, comfort, and closeness. 


A wider blade width cuts more hair than a narrow blade in the same amount of time. So, if we look at the shaving speed in this regard, the Mangroomer back shaver is speedier.

However, if we consider the duration of the entire shaving procedure, then the Bakblade back shaver is in the win. 

Its single-head unit entails that you do not need to shave your back twice (once with the shaving head and once with the trimming head) to get the same desired results. Without the need to switch between heads, you can save finish shaving quicker. As such, it is safe to say that it takes double the time to shave with a Mangroomer model. 


Both the Bakblade and Mangroomer back shavers are made with users’ comfort in mind. They are easy to grip and handle and are even designed to be adjustable. The Bakblade is just a bit longer, which gives it an advantage over the Mangroomer in enabling users to painlessly reach all parts of their back. 


Traditional razors are better than foil razors at delivering close shaves. Therefore, the Bakblade 2.0 Plus triumphs in this aspect. If the closeness of a shaver does not matter as much as safety to you, however, the Mangroomer is worth considering. 

The Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver The Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver
Blades Traditional razor blade  Foil shaver and cartridge safety razors with a wider blade width
Attachments  Single head unit  A shaving head and a trimming head
Speed  X – For the whole shaving procedure  X – For just shaving by itself 
Comfort X
Closeness  X


To compare prices, let’s look at the products that both brands share. 

  • Wipes: Bakblade takes $9.975 for one pack with 48 sheets, while Mangroomer’s price is $3.99 for 50 sheets.  
  • Refills: Bakblade’s pack of 12-blade cartridges is $30, and Mangroomer’s replacement blades range from $9.99 to $19.99 for one, depending on the type. 

Hence, between the two, Mangroomer is more affordable. 

→ If you are tight on budget, then you might want to go with Mangroomer. 


Shipping rates are calculated upon checkout. It can take 3 to 5 business days for your order to be delivered, depending on the availability of carriers. But Bakblade provides free shipping in 2 days for all orders over $54.

The average shipping time for Mangroomer is 3 to 5 business days. You will be charged a flat rate of $8.95. There may be additional fees depending on your location. 

  • Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico: $19.99 
  • Canada: $19.99 
  • Australia: $24.99 
  • UK: $24.99

For orders over $75, you get exceptional, free shipping. 

→ If spending a lot on shipping is a deal breaker for you, Bakblade is the better choice. 

Payment Options 

You can pay with shopPay or Paypal with both brands. But Mangroomer also has Google Pay as an option. 

→ If you can only pay for your orders with Google Pay, then Mangroomer is a must. But if you have shopPay or Paypal, you can choose between the two brands. 


Both Bakblade and Mangroomer are generous with price promotions. If you sign-up as a member, you can get discount codes. This applies to either brand. But, unlike Baklade, Mangroomer also offers military discounts. 

→ If you qualify for military discounts, it may be more thrifty to shop at Mangroomer. 


All of Mangroomer’s products carry a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects or failures. This is applied on top of the industry-standard 2-year warranty. 

In comparison, Bakblade provides a 60-day money-BAK (pun intended!) guarantee. You can only receive a refund or exchange within 60 days of your purchase.

→ If you want a longer warranty, opt for Mangroomer’s products. 


You can contact Mangroomer’s tech support team through email if you have issues and need a refund. Adversely, if you want a refund from Bakblade, you have to reach out to the seller you bought from. And the cost of the original shipping will still be charged and taken off of your refund. 

→ If you are keener on working out issues directly with the brand, Mangroomer is ideal. 

Additional Customer Aids 

Both Bakblade and Mangroomer provide good customer aid. Either brand has how-to videos that help users with their purchases. 

However, Bakblade takes it one notch higher by writing blog posts on relevant shaving topics for current and prospective buyers. 

→ If you are new to shaving and/or want to stay informed throughout your buying and using journey, then the safer bet is Bakblade.

The Verdict 

Take your groomer
Weigh the two brands carefully before you start shopping

To help you make the final choice here is a summarized chart: 

Bakblade  Mangroomer 
If you prefer buying bundles or kits 
If you like the option of subscribing for refills to be delivered every 6o days
If you do not want to break the bank with shipping 
If your payment option is not limited to Google Pay
If you qualify for and want to avail of military discounts
If you need the peace of mind that comes with a longer warranty 
If you prefer contacting the brand directly about issues like refunds
If you are new to shaving and want read-up help from the brand
If you want to stay informed throughout your buying and using journey


Now armed with the essentials regarding Bakblade vs Mangroomer, you can make your final call with confidence. Which is the better brand for you? Remember, the better one is the one that suits your preferences and needs. Tell us in the comments below! 


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