Best Electric Razors this year [2021]

If you’re looking to get a clean shave without having to use a proper razor, then an electric razor can be the next best thing. And if you find the right electric razor, then it can also take the place of your beard trimmer too – by simply adding a guide comb onto the head, you should be able to give yourself a short beard.

There are quite a few different models of electric razor out there to be considered, and they all have their benefits. Much of the decision will be down to what you’re really looking for, and what kind of facial hair you’re going to sport. So, let’s look at some of the best options and see whether they’re suitable for your needs.

Best Electric Razors

Philips Oneblade – Best Electric Razor Overall

Style: Oneblade | Shave time from a full charge: 60 minutes | Features: Close shave, waterproof |

The Philips Oneblade has had quite a lot of press about it the last few years, and it’s said to be the solution to those who want a clean shave without using a manual razor. I actually use this product on a regular basis, so I can definitely give an honest opinion of it.

There isn’t another electric razor out at the moment that is quite like this one. Whilst I wouldn’t advise going for the Pro options which are double the price (for essentially a better battery life and a adjustable comb), the standard Oneblade provides fantastic value for money. It shaves down to stubble with very minimal irritation, and you can use the attachment combs to give yourself a short beard if you wish to.

Oh, and if you’re worried about the razor heads being very expensive, then don’t worry about this too much. Whilst they do cost a lot, one head can last you months before even having to think about buying any more of them. They stay in pretty good shape, both through wet and dry use. It has a fairly good battery life, and it’s completely waterproof too. So, it can be used as a body groomer pretty comfortably as well.

All in all, the Philips Oneblade is perfect for people who want to shave down to very light stubble, less than a day’s growth of facial hair. It doesn’t give you a completely clean shaven face, but it’s definitely the next best thing.

Braun Series 9 – Best Foil Shaver

Style: Foil | Shave time from a full charge: 60 minutes | Features: Wet and Dry, with Trimmer |

Some people prefer to use a foil razor, and if you’re comfortable using one, then I’d advise that you check out the Braun Series 9. There are a ton of Braun’s made in this model, but the series 9 is the newest – and the best.

The Braun Series 9 has one main selling point – that it’s the most efficient shaver out there. This means that if you’re trying to shave as quick as you possibly can, then this model might be for you. Only have a few minutes to get your face done? Then you won’t have time to be playing around with a normal razor, and the series 9 can help.

It has 5 different elements for shaving to provide you with the best shave, and it cuts very close to the skin. These 5 different parts of the shaver itself mean that there’s ultimately less pressure on the skin, which means a lot less chance of razor burn – it has a Titanium trimmer in the middle section that helps a lot with this.

The only real downside about this model is that it’s pretty expensive. For those looking for something a little bit cheaper, then you could consider looking at the Braun Series 6, or even the Braun Series 5, which are both awesome options too.

Philips Series 3000 Multigroom – Best Budget Electric Razor

Style: Trimmer | Shave time from a full charge: 60 minutes | Features: Wet and Dry, with Trimmer |

I don’t exactly how long ago the Philips series 3000 was released, but it’s been around for absolutely ages. For those looking for a very cheap electric razor that also doubled up as a nose trimmer, this is a must have. There’s a 3000 series that’s a beard trimmer, but this multigroom version is perfect for those want to pay as little as possible.

What’s good about this multi-groomer? Well, it comes with enough attachments that it will allow you to style your beard to either very short, or short-medium length. The blades are actually of a decent enough quality, and you won’t need to worry about changing them for a while – just make sure that you keep them clean and oiled up. You can get a full hour of use out of this trimmer from one charge, which is amazing really when you consider it’s price.

The only drawback of this model is that it’s not going to get your facial hair to a really short length – it’s more of a trimmer than a shaver or a razor. So if you’re looking for the stubble look, then this might not be the best choice.

So, if budget is a concern for you and you’d like the cheapest option available, then I’d advise that you check out the Philips series 3000.

Philips Series 5000 – Best Rotary Razor

Style: Rotary | Shave time from a full charge: 50 minutes | Features: Wet and Dry, with Trimmer |

It seems a little biased that there’s so many models of Philips razor on here, but to be honest, there’s not much competition out there nowadays. Aside from Braun, brands like Remington have been slowly going downhill for a while (just my opinion!), so playing it safe with Philips is a good idea.

Opting for a good wet and dry shaver gives really gives you the best of both world, as you can easily use it for just a few minutes to tidy your face up. Or, you can take a shower with it, and take your time to really get a smooth stubble appearance.

So why do I like this model? Well, it definitely helps to reduce any sort of irritation, as the blade system is specifically designed not to be too rough. You’ll get more than 50 minutes of use after an hour of charging it, which is pretty impressive. It’s also a good choice if you want a razor that can conform to your jawline, and get the same length cut all over.

This model also features a small trimmer attachment, which is perfect if you’re looking to style your sideburns yourself, or your mustache.

Common Questions about Electric Razors

Will using electric shavers help to reduce razor burn?

Many people find that todays modern razors use too many blades, and can cause razor burn, bumps and frustrating ingrown hairs. One of the best ways for you to avoid this is by using an electric shaver instead, which should be less irritating on your skin.

Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor?

Of course, this will likely come down to your preference, and the majority of options out there nowadays are either waterproof, or at least water resistant. For those who are in a rush, of course a dry shave is going to be preferable. But typically, a wet shave with a bit more care is going to give you better results.

Which is better, a foil or rotary shaver?

If you’re trying to decide between the two, then much of this will depend on your preference. As a rule of thumb however, rotary tends to be the better choice for guys who have thicker hair, and with not so sensitive skin. The opposite is the case for foil shavers, which are suited to those who are willing to take more time to shave, and suffer from irritated skin a lot. Personally, I tend to find that a good foil shaver is also a good choice for those who want a short beard, as they often come with attachments for this.

Do electric shavers get dull?

Like any other sort of razor blade, eventually your electric razor will end up getting dull. This really depends on the individual razor – it can take anywhere from a few months to more than a year for this to happen. It also typically correlates with the expensive of the replacement heads, too.

How do you sanitize an electric shaver?

You can definitely sanitize an electric razor, and all different manufacturers will have a different method for their model. You will typically find using a disinfectant spray combined with some warm water as the best method for sanitizing an electric shaver

Do you need shaving cream for an electric shaver?

No, you won’t need to use any shaving cream or gel with an electric shaver, though some people prefer it as it can actually allow you to cut closer to the skin. It can be a good ideal to use some sort of preshave oil beforehand, which should result in a better shave, but this is probably the only thing you’ll need to use.


Overall, the best electric razor for you will really depend on the facial hair that you sport. If you want as close to a clean shave as possible, then I’d advise that you opt for the Oneblade, which will leave you with very light stubble. If you’re looking to maintain a beard, then I’d advise you to go for something like the Braun Series 9, or the Philips 3000 – they have the ability to give you a nice beard but also a neatly shaved neck, too.

Electric shavers are a pretty good alternative to wet shaving, and they can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend looking in the bathroom mirror. Plus with the right trimmer attachments, they can allow you to maintain a neatly cut beard too.


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