The 10 Best Electric Shaver For Teenage Girl in 2022

Are you at the beginning of puberty, seeing a lot of hair growth on your body? Don’t panic! The best electric shaver for teenage girls is here to rescue you!

This product can help you trim off all unwanted hair on multiple body areas, including the face, armpits, legs, and even down there.

Below are our top picks of the ten best electric razors on the market. Each product comes with specific modern functions to help you get rid of hair without hurting you.

Please read our reviews to see all features of every single model and get yourself the most suitable one!

Our Top Picks

Product Best For Head type Cord type Power source Shaving Type Battery life Performance ratings
Philips Satinshave Electric Shaver BRL140/51 Overall Foil Cordless Lithium-ion Dry and wet 1 hour 5/5
Krovena Electric Shaver Long battery life Foil Cordless AA Dry and wet 15 days 4.8/5
Philips Satinshave Electric Shaver Hp6306/50  Portability Foil Cordless AA Dry and wet A few days 4.7/5
Remington WDF4821US Electric Shaver Easy control Foil Cordless Lithium-ion Dry and wet 30 minutes 4.5/5
Conair Ladies All-in-One Full body gromming Foil Cordless Built-in Dry and wet 2 hours 4.7/5
Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor Budget Foil Cordless AAA Dry and wet 30 hours 4.8/5
VG VOGCREST Electric Razor Versatility Foil Cordless AAA Dry 60 minutes 4.4/5
Wahl Pure Electric Trimer 9865-100 Efficiency Rotary/Foil Cordless AAA Dry 1 hour 4.4/5
Meeteasy Electric Leg Shaver Clean shave Rotary Cordless Lithium-ion Wet and dry 2 hours 4.3/5
Panasonic ES-EL7A-P Women Shaver Convenience in use Foil Cordless Lithium-ion Wet and dry 30 minutes 4.5/5

The 10 Best Electric Shavers For Teenage Girl Reviews

#1: Philips Satinshave Electric Shaver BRL140/51 – Best Product Overall


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: Lithium-ion batteries
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 2.36 x 4.72 x 7.28 inches
  • Weight: 7.58 ounces


The Philips Satinshave BRL140/51 deserves the very first position on the list.

It comes with a floating foil that glides seamlessly along the contours of your face, your legs, your bikini areas, and your armpits to offer close contact. With this design, the shaver will help you make clean and even cuts.

The rounded pearl-tip trimmers are designed in both the front and the back of the foil to prevent skin cuts so it prevents sensitive skin of a teenage girl from irritation.

The manufacturers have even installed a soft glide cap covering the back trimmer on the razor head. This equipment will keep a distance between the blade and the curvy areas on your body. Thanks to it, you can slide the shaver smoothly without hurting the skin.

You will need to lubricate the blade with oil to make it function smoothly. Unfortunately, the manufacturers don’t tell you which oil you should use or give any oil in the package.


  • 1 hour of cordless use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Ergonomic S-shaped handle for comfortable grip
  • Trimming comb for customizable hair length


  • Instructions not telling how to take the blade apart 
  • No oil coming along in the package


Philips Satinshave BRL140/51 comes with modern features that offer a clean shave and protect sensitive skin from irritation. The product is suitable for all types of teenage girls who want to get rid of pubic hair on their armpits, legs, face, and bikini areas.

#2: Krovena Electric Shaver – Best For Long Battery Life


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: AA batteries
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 2.93 x 6.89 x 4.93 inches
  • Weight: 10.23 ounces


The Krovena Electric Shaver is definitely the best electric shaver for teenage girls with a cordless design.

Believe it or not, the battery of this device can last for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, allowing a portable operation over a long period!

Although the shaver runs on a battery, the entire body is waterproof. You can dry shave if your hair is thin. Otherwise, feel free to soften and cut the hair while showering. The battery life will never be affected.

What we don’t like about this model is the placement of the power switch. The button is located in an inconvenient area. Sometimes you may shut off the device accidentally while working.


  • Built-in LED lights showing clearly the hair
  • Washable shaver head for multiple reuses
  • Low noise during operation
  • Three high-speed blades for quick cutting


  • Inconveniently located power switch
  • Leaving apparent stubble 
  • Not offering clean shave


The Krovena Electric Shaver features an efficient wireless operation along with a long-lasting battery. It is suitable for any teenage girl who needs freedom while cutting her hair.

#3: Philips Satinshave Electric Shaver Hp6306/50 – Best For Portability


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: AA batteries
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 3.66 x 7.53 inches
  • Weight: 7.68 ounces


The shaver has a compact, ergonomic size of 2.4 x 3.66 x 7.53 inches, which is easy to store and carry around.

You don’t need to charge the battery or plug the machine into an electrical socket. The battery requires only 2 AA batteries (included in the package) to run. 

“Small but strong” are the three best words we use to describe this machine. Despite the compact style, this device still offers all the essential features, such as hypoallergenic foil, waterproof construction, the protective cap for safe shaving, no matter if you use the razor in dry or wet conditions.

In case you want to customize the hair length, this Philips Hp6306/50 may not serve you well. The product comes with no depth attachment. You have no permission to adjust the distance between the blade and your hair.


  • The hypoallergenic single foil preventing razor burn
  • Travel cap included
  • Safe shaving system protecting your beautiful skin
  • Quiet operation 


  • No depth attachments.
  • No changeable blade


Philips Hp6306/50 is the best deal for a female teenager who studies and lives far from home. The compact size, lightweight, and ergonomic handle make the device highly portable for travel.

#4: Remington WDF4821US Electric Shaver – Best For Easy Control


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: Lithium-ion batteries
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


We give our compliment to the 3-blade system of this Remington WDF4821US. The three floating blades will offer smooth and clean cuts without hurting your sensitive skin. 

Are you having problems with hair length in your bikini areas? Just install the trimmer head guard to the shaver.

This equipment will shorten the amount of blade that contacts your hair. As a result, you can easily control the suitable hair length in your sensitive body part.

Like all above models, this Remington WDF4821US appears with a wet/dry design. You can choose between dry shaving and wet shaving, any method that suits your thick teenage hair.

The minus of this shaver is the battery life which works only 30 minutes even it’s fully charged. Although the time is enough for personal shaving, it’s still shorter compared to the others


  • Floating heads removing the thickest hair of a teenager
  • Hypoallergenic foil protects the skin for a comfortable shave
  • Washable blade for reuses
  • Trimmer head for hair length control


  • Low operation time
  • The foil head does not last long


With the help of this Remington WDF4821US, you will have ease in controlling hair length in your bikini areas. The guard and hypoallergenic foil allow you to customize the hair length, as well as protect your skin.

#5: Conair Ladies All-in-One – Best For Full Body Grooming


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: rechargeable battery
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: ‎3.6 x 7.2 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


The Conair Ladies All-in-One is quite flexible as it supports full body grooming. The curse shave combines with multiple attachments to offer the closest and the most comfortable shave from your head to toe.

You can consider using cream/gel or not. This equipment works well with both conditions. The razor blade is sharp and does not cause skin irritation. It works well with both wet and dry skins.

We like that this product comes with a handy charging stand. After completing shaving, you can put your razor on this piece of equipment to keep it secured without breaking down the foil.

The product supports cordless shaving for 2 hours. This is more than enough to completely shave a full body. In case you want more time, plug the shaver into the power source. This shaver works well while being charged.

Araceli (15 years old) has given a positive review about this Conair electric razor: “I love the sharpness of the blade. It offers a fine job for trimming out thick hairs on my body with high precision”.

Things may be bad after shaving, as it is difficult to clean the shaver. The blade seems to get jammed up with the hair easily. We advise you to wash the blade under strong waterflow to get rid of the stuck hair.


  • Long charging cord
  • For wet and dry skin
  • Many attachments
  • Curve style
  • Compact style


  • Difficult to clean the blade
  • Take long time to recharge


The Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111 is our best recommendation for busy teenagers who don’t have much time for shaving. The 3 intensity levels offer quick hair shaving within 9 minutes (or less). Also, the IPL technology prevents hair regrowth for up to 3 months. 

#6: Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor – Best For Budget


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: AAA
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 0.63 x 7.95 inches
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


As a teenager, you may not be able to make a lot of money yet, so we have this Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle –  the best affordable electric shaver. 

Despite its economic price, the product has a cordless design that allows portable shaving. Also, the waterproof construction makes the shaver ideal for both dry and wet shaving.

While we don’t expect hypoallergenic foil from an affordable shaver, amazingly, this shaver comes with a shea butter serum. This serum will help moisturize your skin and reduce inflammation.

On the downside, the vibration noise of this waterproof shaver is quite loud. Better use the shaver when nobody is around you, or else it may make other people misunderstand that you are using a vibrator.


  • Adjustable comb with 4 settings for a customized trim length 
  • An anti-nick stack of five blades
  • Easy cleaning by rinsing the blade underwater
  • Portable operation
  • Affordable option


  • Not rechargeable batteries
  • Loud vibration noise


The Schick Hydro Silk Trimmer seems to be the most friendly electric shaver for teenage girls, all thanks to the affordable price. But regardless of the low price, the shaver still offers high-quality features for smooth, clean, and safe shaving.

#7: VG VOGCREST Electric Razor – Best For Versatility


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: AAA
  • Shaving type: Dry
  • Dimensions: 6.97 x 3.46 x 1.42 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces


Does hair grow on your face and in many areas of your body? This VG VOGCREST Electric Razor machine has a portable and cordless operation allowing us to easily move the shaver to any part of your body effortlessly.

The manufacturers give 2 types of shaver heads that work for different purposes. The facial shaving head allows the blade to slide smoothly on the curve of your face.

On the other hand, the body shaving head allows the blade to cut hair cleanly in tricky areas, such as armpits, neck, arms, and bikini areas.

Crystal Lily (13 years old) has been impressed by the versatility of this VG shaver: “So versatile! From arm and leg hair to even those stubborn coarse chin hairs, this has me covered. Leaves me feeling nice and smooth.”

Keep in mind that this VG blade razor for girls is not waterproof. You are not allowed to do wet shaving using this model.


  • Gentle and hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Sensitive skin protection
  • Convenience charging via USB


  • Only dry shaving (not wet and dry)
  • Not waterproof


No matter which body part you want to shave, the VG VOGCREST will support all of them. The cordless operation and 2 head types will help you clean many areas, including armpits, arms, legs, face, neck, and so on.

#8: Wahl Pure Electric Trimmer 9865-100 – Best For Efficiency


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Rotary/Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: AAA
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 6 x 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces


The Wahl Pure 9865-100 comes with 3 interchangeable heads for efficient shaving.

While eyebrow detailing and rotary facial shaver heads focus on cleaning the hair on your face, the trimmer head will support removing hair on body areas, such as arms, legs, and bikini areas.

As mentioned, the rotary head allows the blade to follow the contour of the face and body better.

You can slide the shaver smoothly and closely on your body surface. No matter how thick your hair is, every cut will be clean and even.

We appreciate the efficiency of the battery. It can last up to 1 hour while not plugged into the power source. This period is more than enough for a complete painless shave of your entire body.

Please notice that the blade is very sharp. You need to use a guard to protect your soft skin. Also, don’t press the shaver too hard, or else it may hurt you.


  • Cordless design for convenient shaving
  • Compact design
  • 5-position length guide for bulk reduction
  • Outlining and trimming with the precision trimming head
  • Cleaning facial hair
  • Removing peach fuzz, trim & shape eyebrows


  • Very sharp (use with guard recommended)
  • Not waterproof
  • Only dry shaving


This Wahl Pure Electric Trimmer 9865-100 is super-efficient. It is suitable for any teenage girl who has thick hair. The sharp blade, along with a rotary head, will follow all the lines and curves on your face and your body to remove hair quickly.

#9: Meeteasy Electric Leg Shaver – Best For Clean Shave


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Rotary
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: Lithium Ion
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.98 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.15 ounces


This shaver can work well in both dry and wet conditions to perform clean cuts. We don’t exaggerate, but this razor slides very smoothly on all body surfaces as if the blades are lubricated!

The shaver features interchangeable heads, which can contour smoothly at all curves on your body. There should be no worry about nicks, cuts, or irritations that hurt your skin.

Plus, the manufacturers have plated the powerful blades with high-quality 18K gold, allowing them to remove the thickest hair quickly. 

Emily – a 16-year-old customer, also has the same opinion: “I love that the rotating heads give me a lot more surface area to cut with than what is called a “foil” shaver and that you can also go in any direction with this type.”

As the manufacturers advise, you should not put too much pressure on the shaver. Otherwise, the blade may contact your skin, causing razor burn.


  • Cordless operation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • No discomfort or skin irritations
  • Low noise while running


  • Causing razor burn if hard-pressed
  • Instructions not explain clearly how to remove heads 


We recommend this Meeteasy Electric Leg Shaver to teenage girls who want their skin to be extremely smooth. The 5 waterproof rotary floating heads will follow all contours of your body to offer cleaner and closer shaves.

#10: Panasonic ES-EL7A-P Women Shaver – Best For Convenience In Use


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Head type: Foil
  • Cord type: Cordless
  • Power source: Lithium Ion
  • Shaving type: Dry and wet
  • Dimensions: 1.85 x 2.64 x 6.42 inches
  • Weight: 5.92 ounces


The Panasonic ES-EL7A-P contains an elegant sure-grip handle. The slim design allows you to hold the shaver tightly in your palm.

The best thing about The Panasonic ES-EL7A-P is that you can easily spot the hair in dark areas. The shaver features a built-in LED light to illuminate all surfaces, even under your arms or in the bottoms of your feet. Since finding hair is easy, the hair removal process will also be quicker.

Thanks to the waterproof construction, the machine can be rinsed underwater with no problem. You can also use a cleaning brush (included in the package) to get rid of all hair and gel remaining on the blade.


  • Wet dry shaving and epilation
  • Fast recharging under 1 hour
  • Storage pouch included
  • Double discs and 60 tweezers quickly remove hair
  • Bikini comb supporting cleaning sensitive areas


  • Not working when being charged
  • Loud noise during operation


The Panasonic ES-EL7A-P has all the modern features for convenience in use. No matter if the teenage girl is a beginner or experienced, she can use this machine to trim puberty hair on her body effortlessly.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Product

Teenage Girl Hair And Skin

The very first hair on a girl’s skin is very long and fluffy. Therefore,  you should not do a regular trimming method (using a knife shaver or disposable razor), as the hair may get clogged in the blade.

Also, the skin of teenage girls is highly sensitive. A knife shaver or disposable razor has a sharp edge that can hurt the skin. Worse, the open wound on the skin will lead to a serious infection.

In the case of teenage girls, an electric razor might help. The device has a powerful blade that offers a clean and smooth shave. There is also a guard that prevents contact between the blade and the sensitive skin.

Types Of Shaver 

Wet Or Dry

Electric shavers can support wet shaving, dry shaving, or both at once. Depending on your purpose, you will decide the suitable type.

If your hair is soft and thin, you can try using a dry shaver. It performs quick cuts without the need for water.

Otherwise, if your hair is thick and hard to cut off, a wet shaver is our recommendation. You can use the machine while bathing or showering. The water will soften the hair, making it easier to cut.

Foil Or Rotary

Foil electric shavers feature oscillating blades that move quickly back and forth. The blade will be covered in guards to avoid damaging the skin.

Foil heads are also less likely to pull hair. If you have sensitive skin, you may want this head type.

The head of the rotary cutter can rotate in many different directions, thereby hugging the facial contours to offer close shaves. Compared to a foil razor without a floating head, rotary ones are easier to maneuver.

Corded or Cordless

Corded electric shavers need to be plugged into the power source during the operation. So, there is no limitation for cutting time. However, the cord length may limit your working space.

In contrast, cordless shavers give you the freedom to move around the workspace. These devices run on batteries that will last for a certain time, then will be needed to plug the machine into the electrical socket to charge the battery.

The corded shaver is the better option if you do a lot of shavings every day. It is good if you can buy a corded machine that has a long wire.

For teenager girls, a wireless razor for shaving a few hours per day will be the ultimate option. Make sure that you ask the seller about the battery life and rechargeability.


You surely don’t want your shaver to stop working after a short period of time, right? Then it is important to look for maintenance.

Clogging is the most common issue every electric shaver has. The cut hair falling into the blade can cause the problem. If you don’t take the hair out of the blade, the clogging issue will lead to another serious problem, which is motor burn.

When buying, you need to determine whether it is easy to clean the blade or not. Some models have vent holes where you can blow in to push the hair out.

On the other hand, several shavers are waterproof. You can easily rinse the blade underwater to get rid of the hair.


Needless to say, it is always better to opt for a benginner-friendly product for your teenager girl. She should be able to utilize it without struggle for the first time. 

Maintenance and Warranty

An easy to maintenance shaver would be the ultimate option for teenagers regarding time-saving and effort. The highly recommedne choice for such item would be a waterproof one. 

If you are not savvy with the inner working of electric devices, you should pay extra attention to this subject. During the warranty period, you may receive free parts, free repair services, or even a replacement.

This period may vary from six months to several years. Of course, the longer the duration is, the better.


How Bad Is Teenage Girl Hair? And Why Should You Shave It? 

The pubic hair of a teenager goes quickly. Every time the hair grows, it becomes thicker and darker. The hair may make the teenagers shy and embarrassed.

If you are in this situation, you can shave to get rid of the hair. Your body will look smooth and clean again.

When Should A Girl Begin To Shave?

A girl can start shaving right after she turns into a teenager. Different girls have a different time to begin puberty. Overall, a girl’s body will change when she is 13 – 18 years old.

As hair grows on your body, you can start using a shaver immediately.

Do Electric Shavers Make The Hair Thicker Or The Skin Darker?

There is no evidence showing that electric shavers cause hair to grow thicker or darker. Thickness, density, and color of your hair change naturally. 

The difference is very clear when you just hit puberty. In the first period, hair grows quickly and thickly. 

Can Electric Shavers Be Sharpened?

Yes for a rotary one, and NO for a foil one. All blades and foils have specific designs. If you make changes to these pieces of equipment, they may be unable to work properly.

In case the metal materials of the shavers wear out, you can detach and replace them with new ones. The manufacturers always sell extra components separately. 

Can Electric Shavers Cut You?

As mentioned, most electric shavers come with guards. They keep a safe distance between the razor blade and your skin. 

However, if you put too much pressure when shaving, the blade may still contact your skin and give minor scratches, which causes razor burn irritation.

Therefore, please be gentle when shaving!

Should I Use Shaving Cream Or Gel To Shave My Underarms, Legs, And Bikini Area?

Our answer is yes. You should apply cream or gel on your hair to make your skin soft and silky. As a result, the electric shaver can make a smoother cut.

How Often Should I Replace The Foil And Dull Blade Of An Electric Shaver?

After 1 – 2 years, the foils and blades of the shaver will wear out. You should replace them to continue the good performance.

The above time is our recommendation if your hair is normal or you don’t shave a lot every day.

If you use the machine at high density or your hair is thick, the materials of the shaver will wear out quicker. Therefore, the time for replacements may decrease. You should change the equipment after 6 – 12 months.


We have reviewed the top 10 products on the market. Which is the best electric shaver for teenage girl, in your opinion?

Every model has its own pros and cons. Make sure that you read every review carefully to pick out the suitable shaver for your needs.

Compared to regular shavers, electric shavers are a lot more efficient. They will help puberty girls get rid of all hair quickly, without getting irritation.

If you have questions, please get in touch with us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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