Best Razors for Women

There’s a ton of different options out there for guys to choose from. Sometimes, it feels like women have been abandoned by the shaving world, as there’s nowhere near the same variety for us girls. However, there are some good razors out there for women.

Much of what makes a good razor for you will depend on what exactly it is that you want. Some women need a delicate razor, whilst other’s might need something a bit more aggressive to get their legs as bare and hair-free as possible.

So, let’s look at some of the best razors for women that you can currently purchase, and see which one would suit you the best.

Best Razors for Women

Friction Free Shaving

When it comes to subscription services, there still aren’t enough options out there for women. Though some of them may be used by any gender, the big ones are still mainly targeted at men.

However if you’re based in the UK, then you could consider opting to try out Friction Free Shaving.

Their razor definitely has a strong build quality, and you’ll only need to go over your legs with one pass for a comfortable shave. You can pick up their starter kit to see how you get on with their razor, as they have fairly sharp blades.

Another one of their main selling points is that they’re environmentally friendly, and they have a good recycling program you can take advantage of too. This makes sure that your cartridges don’t just get wasted when you’ve finished shaving.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

So if this is of importance to you, then trying out FFS is probably going to be a wise choice.

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze

Ah, ol’ faithful. Most women have ended up using a Gillette Venus razor on their legs at some point or another, so it’s only fair that they take their rightful place on this list. This particular model are a 3-blade razor, which is great for those with sensitive skin.

This model of razor also has a light amount of shave gel built into the head, which can help add to a smooth shave.

The three blades are specifically designed to contour to the shape of your leg, so you can shave your legs quite quickly with these razors. It also has a curved grip, which has been designed to fit into the palm comfortably.

Another good thing about sticking with Gillette Venus is that all different razor heads will fit with this handle. That means that if you don’t find these heads to be the best for you, you can try a different head with more blades, or even if you just want to switch the scent.

Overall, Gillette Venus is probably something every woman should have as a backup.

Bambaw Women’s Safety Razor

For those looking for something more ethical and helpful for the environment, then a safety razor might prove to be the best choice.

They’re also a good option for women who have particularly sensitive skin. This is because passing just one blade over your leg as opposed to 3 or even 5 is much softer, and you’re much less likely to experience any irritation.

A good safety razor for you to choose is this Bambaw metal option, which has a gorgeous rose gold finish.

Though there isn’t much difference between this model and a men’s safety razor in all honesty, there are some things that do make this model great for women’s shaving.

Aside from being cute, it has a relatively long handle, and it’s very easy for you to insert new blades into the head. It’s essentially the opposite of the disposable razor, as it’s going to last you a good few years.

It doesn’t matter what blades you’re going to use, any of them are compatible with this double-edged safety razor. A safety razor can also help you reduce your shaving costs too, as you’ll only be paying out for blades, which are very cheap nowadays.

So whether you’ve got delicate skin or you’re just looking to avoid using a ton of plastic, this Bawbaw safety razor might be one of the best razors out there for women.

Wilkinson’s Sword Hydro Silk

For those who like to use a 5 blade razor, then you could consider looking at the Wilkinson’s Sword Hydro Silk. The 5 blades make it better for those with coarse, thick hair they need to deal with, and less suitable for those with particularly sensitive skin.

These Hydro Silk razors also have skin guards, which also help to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. On the other hand, it has an ergonomic design handle, which can help you to get into all those tight and uncomfortable angles. The heads even have shea butter in them, which helps to give you a smooth shave.

They should be good to give you smooth legs for a good few days. So, these provide another alternative option to the other razors listed.

Common Questions about Women’s Razors

Why do women’s razors cost more?

For some reason, women’s products always cost more than the male equivalent, and these even extend to razors. Why? Probably because we need them as more of a necessity to stay socially acceptable. It sucks.

Which is better, a 3-blade or 5-blade razor?

If you’re not sure what type of razor you need, then you should likely start with a 5-blade razor and see how you get on.
The more blades they have, the wider surface area they are gonna affect; consequently, you’re less likely to cut yourself. Try a 5-blade razor few times to see how you get on.
If you have issues, switch to a 3-blade. And if you have issues with the 3-blade, then you can consider switching to a safety razor.

Are women’s razors better?

This is an interesting question, because if you’re like me, then you’ve likely used a guy’s razor at least once when you’ve been caught short.
Generally, men’s razors are ergonomically designed for the face, whilst women’s are designed for our legs above everything else.
Some people say that women’s razors actually last longer than men’s because the blades are designed to withstand more shaving, as our legs have a larger surface area.

Is it better to have more or fewer blades on a razor?

This really depends on the person and the sensitivity of their skin, as well as the thickness of their hair.
If you have thick hair and less sensitive skin, then a 5-blade razor will probably be fine for you. But if you have thin hair and sensitive skin, then it may cause problems.
This is when it’s best to use a 3-blade razor instead, or even a safety razor.

Are lady shavers better than razors?

For some women, a lady shaver might be a better option. Why? Well, a lady shaver is electric, so you won’t need to pay out in razor costs. Plus, they can be less irritating to your skin than a razor.
However, typically you won’t be able to cut very close to the skin with a lady shaver, so you’ll likely be left with slight stubble.


Overall, different styles of razors will appeal to different women. There are razors out there for everyone, whether you have thick and coarse hair, or you have super sensitive skin that gets irritated just at the thought of using a razor.

The razors listed here are some of the best options around, but even if you find one style of shaving doesn’t work for you, then don’t give up – there’s a razor out there for everyone.

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