The 4 Best Safety Razor for Beginners in 2022

For those searching for the best safety razor out there, then you’re in luck. I’ve also been on the same mission, trying many different safety razors over the years. Although it is generally quite subjective which safety razor you will find “best”, there are definitely a few that stand out from the rest.

What really makes a good safety razor, though? Well, it has to be the right size for you. If you’re not sure where to start with a safety razor, then these are some of the best beginners options out there. There are also one or two more advanced safety razors here too, for those looking for a sharper shave.

Best Safety Razor for Beginners

Merkur 34C

Handle Length: 75mm | Handle Diameter: 11mm | Blades Included: No | Ideal for: Premium quality | Weight: 78g | More detailed look: Merkur 34C review

I don’t think that anyone who’s used this safety razor would argue against its position on this list. It’s one of the bestselling safety razors of the last few decades, and it’s one of Merkur’s most popular models. Merkur are well known within the shaving industry for their range of high quality safety razors, and the 34C is right at the top of their available products.

If you’re completely new to using a safety razor, then I’d advise that you check this model out. It is quite forgiving, and perfect for beginners who are a little worried they might cut themselves by accident. And for those who suffer from sensitive skin, then I think it balances just the right amount of aggression in it’s design to provide enough sharpness for a close shave, but not so much you have to worry about cutting yourself every second.

So whilst it has a heavy duty design, but actually gives you quite a mild shave. It has a simple two piece design that’s ideal for those using their first safety razor, as it’s considered to be the standard setup now. It’s chrome plated too, which is just a sign of its quality, and the handle allows you to get a firm grip on it whilst you’re stroking it across your skin.

The only downside of this double edge safety razor is that it’s pretty expensive, and you might not want to invest this much in a safety razor you aren’t 100% sure about. So, if you’re sure you want to start using a safety razor, it’s a great choice. If you’re unsure and you just want to test the waters, then maybe something cheaper would be more suitable.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Edwin Jagger Kelvin

Handle Length: 74mm | Handle Diameter: 12.53mm | Blades Included: Yes | Ideal for: Average quality | Weight: 60g

Another safety razor that’s very similar in length to the Merkur 34C is the Edwin Jagger Kelvin. Although there isn’t too much difference between them, the Kelvin is quite a bit cheaper than the 34C. This isn’t unusual, as although there are benefits of going for a Merkur razor, they’re known for having a premium price tag.

As well as being a cheaper option, it’s less aggressive and even more forgiving than the Merkur model. This means that it’s the perfect choice for newbies who are just starting out shaving, as you’re even less likely to cut yourself or have any issues with it. It’s very well designed with chrome plating, and it’s head (the EJ DE89), is used on many other Edwin Jagger razors too.

The razor itself is just under 60 grams in weight, so it isn’t too heavy for a safety razor either. It has a nice grip which allow you to hold it easily, and you won’t need to apply much pressure at all when using the EJ Kelvin. The razor uses the same knurled handle that most other Edwin Jagger safety razors use. Although it’s quite cheap, it comes in very nice packaging, so it could prove to make the perfect gift too.

MÜHLE R89 Safety Razor

Handle Length: 95 mm | Handle Diameter: 14mm | Blades Included: No | Ideal for:  Premium quality | Weight: 64g

Another one of the biggest brands within the shaving industry is Muhle. They are known for thei high quality safety razors, and my favourite out of all their models is the R89. It is very similar to the R41 model, however the R41 is better suited to those with thick hair, and more experienced shavers. This model is suited to those who are going to shave on a daily or every other day basis, as opposed to letting their stubble grow out.

So, what is there to like about this model? Well, it has everything you could need in a safety razor. It has a beautiful chrome finish, and it’s design makes it very easy to clean, with no blade exposureas the head of this model is quite long. It has a longer handle than both the Merkur and the EJ, which will suit some people more. This safety razor has been one of the best sellers for the past decade and more, and it’s stood the test of time.

I do think that some beginners would benefit from using this model, although I have labelled it as intermediate as it is sharper than the EJ Kelvin, for example. Overall, it is a solid option if you’re looking to get back to traditional wet shaving, though bear in mind that it does provide an aggressive shave.

Weishi Long Handle Butterfly Safety Razor

Handle Length: 110mm | Handle Diameter: 13mm | Blades Included: No | Ideal for:  Average quality | Weight: 72g

Another razor that has been around for a long while is the Weishi Long Handle. It’s proven to be an extremely popular model, and it’s quite budget friendly too. It is another relatively mild shave, most suited to beginners and those that haven’t shaved with a safety razor before.

The main difference that you’ll notice between this model and the rest is that it uses a long handle as opposed to a short handle. It’s just a few centimetres longer, but this can make a lot of difference when you’re shaving. Choosing between a short handle and a long handle razor is your decision, and it really comes down to personal preference in what you feel more comfortable using.

Even though the Weishi is longer than the other razors I’ve listed, it isn’t proportionally more heavy, meaning for it’s length it’s actually quite a light razor. It has a nice finish, and it uses the same butterfly design that many other safety razors do. Overall, if you want a cheap long handled safety razor, it would be a greta choice.

Common Questions about Safety Razors

Are safety razors better than cartridge razors?

Safety razors are better than cartridges for a few reasons. Primarily, they can provide a closer shave than a cartridge razor. They are also far less irritating on the skin, and you’re less likely to get razor burn if you know how to use a safety razor properly. They’re also much cheaper in the long term than cartridge razors, and they minimal packaging used makes them more environmentally friendly, too.

Do safety razors prevent ingrown hairs?

Another one of the main reasons why people opt to go with a safety razor is that they can help to prevent things like razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are a common problem with shaving, and they can be caused by running too many blades over the skin. For example, most major shaving brands nowadays are promoting 5 or 6 blade razors, which can be too much for sensitive skin. So, passing over with only one blade can be a way to help this.

Why are they called safety razors?

Whilst in modern day terms safety razors are considered to be less safe than cartridge razors, this hasn’t always been the case. back in the 1800s, the decision was between using a safety razor or a straight razor, which is much more menacing (anyone who’s seen Sweeney Todd can attest to this). So in comparison, safety razors were actually very safe.

Short vs Long Handle Safety Razors

You’ll notice that safety razors generally either have a short handle, or a long handle. Many wonder if one is better than the other, and whether one is better for beginners than others. Honestly, it really comes down to preference if you’re trying to work out which of these options to choose. If you want more control and a lighter touch with your razor, then short may be better.


All in all, there are a few different options out there that you can choose from when looking for a new safety razor. If you want to play it safe, then opt for a well known brand like Merkur or Edwin Jagger. But if you’re just looking to get started, then it might be better to get a cheaper safety razor to find out whether it’s the right method of shaving for you.

If so, then you can look at brands like Weishi, who provide an excellent first choice for the beginner who hasn’t tried wet shaving with a double edge razor before.

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