Top 5 Best Sandalwood Shaving Soap And Cream (2022 Updated Reviews)

If you are looking for a scent reminiscent of masculinity when shaving, sandalwood is the way to go. Check out the detailed review on the best sandalwood shaving soap and cream right away!

Using a shaving soap or cream is a must for wet shaving. Not only does it moisturize and soften the skin, but it also helps lubricate the blades and enables them to cut through stubble easily. 

And the biggest bonus? These products are usually available in multiple fragrances, giving you a variety of options to suit your preferences, one of which is sandalwood scent.

Today, let’s check out the detailed review and buying guide below if you need a recommendation on the best sandalwood shaving soap and cream!

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Top 5 Best Sandalwood Shaving Soap And Cream

Taylor Of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap – Best Overall

Let’s kick off the list today with a household name in the shaving industry – Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Founded all the way back in 1854, the company has been known for its top-quality sandalwood shaving soap.

Compared to others, the iconic sandalwood scent in this item is not too overwhelming. It only lingers slightly on the skin and does not come off as aggressive for anyone who happens to inhale. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

And the best part? Taylor Of Old Bond Street lathers amazingly well. Just a few drops of water and boom, the soap creates a frothy white mass that sure covers your entire beard. While the bubbles may spill over the edge of the bowl if you overdo, it should not be a concerning problem regarding the utility of the soap.

However, you should note that this shaving soap is not designed for dry skin. It leaves the shaving area dehydrated afterward, which means an extra step of moisturizing is needed.


  • Packed in a reusable bowl.
  • Sufficient Sandalwood scent.


  • Dries up the skin after usage.

Proraso Shaving Cream With Sandalwood Oil – Best For Convenience Use

If you ever get tired of getting your hands dirty while trying to take some shaving cream out of the jar, then this shaving cream from Proraso will be your best choice! 

Made from naturally extracted shea butter and sandalwood oil, Proraso is stored in a tube, making it easier for you to load the exact amount of cream needed. No more worries about using more cream than needed!

As for the application, Prosaro is famous for its smooth, emollient-rich texture. Besides being able to work up a lather within seconds, the product is particularly suitable for men with curly or coarse beards. All it takes is a dime-size load of cream, and voila, you should notice the hair getting silky and less thick within seconds.

And the best part? A tube of 200gr Prosaro shaving cream costs no more than $10. Compared to more expensive sandalwood shaving creams, Prosaro provides an economical alternative with the same quality!

That being said, some people are not satisfied with the intense sandalwood scent that Prosaro gives off. If you work in a closed office with poor ventilation, consider using half the amount recommended to spare a less sharp smell. 


  • Convenient using thanks to it’s design
  • Best for thick hair.
  • Affordable.


  • Strong sandalwood scent.

WSP Rustic Shaving Soap Sandalwood – Best For Vegan Users

Next up on the list of the best sandalwood shaving soap and cream today, let’s see what WSP has to offer. The manufacturers pride themselves on producing a vegan skincare item, which only uses natural ingredients and stays away from dyes and preservatives. If you enjoy an artisan-made, ethical product, WSP will not let you down.

Like most traditional shaving soap, WSP comes in a tin can for quick loading and simple storage. Using a concentrated formula, WSP ensures this substance can last for months even when the customers shave daily. 

When agitated in water, the soap turns creamy immediately, acting as a coat to protect the skin from the blade’s pressure. For people with sensitive skin, WSP lessens the irritations and reduces the chance of nicks and cuts. Isn’t it impressive?

And do not forget about the alluring sandalwood scent. Not only does WSP contain authentic Indonesian sandalwood extracts, but it also comes with wooden essential oils to heighten the sensual spice.

Still, all these benefits do not come without a price. WSP is on the costly side, which significantly lowers its appeal towards the average customer.


  • Artisan-made, vegan ingredients.
  • Creamy lather to prepare sensitive skin for shaving.
  • Attractive sandalwood scent.


  • No room for lathering inside the can.
  • Flimsy scent that only lasts for a short while.
  • Can cause skin irritations due to its own ingredients. 

Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Shaving Cream – Best For Luxury 

If functionality is not the only factor you look for in an ideal sandalwood shaving cream, why not check out the luxurious item from Truefitt & Hill? With more than 200 years in the industry, this brand name is the epitome of sophistication and opulence. 

The most outstanding characteristic of the shaving cream is its scent, which mimics the cologne style. Apart from the sandalwood base notes, you will also get a glimpse of cedarwood, tonka and several floral essential oils, creating an alluring blend that goes well with any gentleman. 

The aroma can stay up to hours, which can substitute the use of perfumes. Talking about smelling great and still feeling natural around other people!

As for the quality, Truefitt & Hill cream is best known for its glycerin-based texture. When lathering, the cream moisturizes the skin and cushions the hair, allowing the blades to go as close as possible. 

At the same time, the foam prevents the edges from causing bumps and rashes. This means you can enjoy a safe and comfortable close shaving experience.

But then again, Truefitt & Hill is not a product for everyone’s budget. Each container of 0.55 pounds costs $30, which can be too much to afford for frequent shavers.


  • Intoxicating, long-lasting sandalwood scent.
  • Suitable to close shave without cuts and nicks.
  • Deluxe package.


  • Pricey
  • Not for those disliking cologne smell.

Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream – Best Reviews

Art of Shaving sandalwood shaving cream has nearly 4500 reviews on Amazon, making it the most sought-after product on the list. So, what is it that makes this product stand out? 

First off, Art of Shaving cream is clinically and dermatologically tested for sensitivity, making it highly fitting for those with acne-prone skin. It does not include any alcohol or synthetic dyes, so rest assured that your skin will not dry up after using. 

Once applied to the face, this cream helps hydrate the beard and make the skin more pliable, reducing the impact of the cutting blade. When you are done with shaving, simply wash it with fresh water and bam! Welcome to a freshly looking, smooth face!

Moreover, the sandalwood scent is extracted from sustainable sources, which gives off a pleasant, warm smell. The aroma lasts long enough on the skin to distinguish you from the people around, but not too ardent that it causes discomfort. 

If you are not into overwhelming aroma, Art of Shaving should live up to your expectations.

However, there have been complaints about the cream not lathering completely when dissolving. If you want the foam to cover your beard entirely, make sure to double down on the amount of cream and water.


  • No irritation even for sensitive skin.
  • Does not dry up.
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • Nice sandalwood smell. 


  • Not lather completely.


Between shaving soap and cream, which is better?

Generally speaking, working up a lather using cream is much easier than lathering soap, making it a beginner-friendly choice. That is not to mention that shaving cream tends to contain moisturizing elements, keeping your skin soft and hydrated afterward.

On the other hand, agitate shaving soap into water results in a thicker, fluffier, and more cushioning layer between your blades and the skin. If you prefer safety over ease of use, then shaving soap should be your best bet.

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Is shaving soap different from regular soap?

Yes. Regular soap only produces a watery, thin layer of foam, providing little protection for the skin.

Vice versa, shaving soap has a much denser coat that reduces friction and helps shaving less painful. 

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Giving off such a classic and masculine vibe, it should be no wonder why sandalwood remains among the most popular scents for men. Now that you have finished this review on the best sandalwood shaving soap and cream, it is time to get yourself one!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Sandalwood Shaving Soap And Cream (2022 Updated Reviews)

  1. I am new to wet shaving and your article provided answers to some of the questions I had.
    I have migrated to the sandalwood scents as being the most desirable in my olfactory palate. I really did not know which was considered to best or worst. I guess one has to trust the judgement of others, try them all, and make an informed choice based on my experience.
    Recently, I purchased the Proraso shave soap and it’s preformed nicely. My mother-in-law sent me the Piccadilly brand that I really liked. Some of the other brands like Truefitt & Hill are above my paygrade in this economy.

  2. I was using Majestic Pure sandalwood shaving cream with Majestic Pure pre-shave oil and it was the best shave I’ve ever had. I was settled. That was going to be how I shave for the rest of my life. But for weeks Majestic Pure sandalwood shaving cream has been unavailable. (No problem getting the pre-shave oil.) No reason given, so I don’t know if it’s coming back or not. Do you have a suggestion for something that could exactly replace the unavailable majestic pure sandalwood shaving cream? I bought some Taylor of Old Bond Street sandlewood shaving cream but it’s not the same. It, like many shaving creams, is cake-y, not soft and smooth like the Majestic Pure. You have to dig into the Taylor and then add water and all that. You just dipped a finger into the Majestic Pure and put it on. No water, no mixing, just the cream is on your beard over the oil and it works perfectly! Is there another cream like it out there somewhere?

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