The 5 Best Single Edge Razor Blades in 2022

Shaving for men is what makeup is for women. Yes! Within the personal care and grooming sphere, shaving holds the topmost position for men around the globe. However, with the latest trends coming in, men tend to fall into two camps.

For one group, shaving with single edge razor blades is the best, fuss-free task whereas the other camp favors the “the more the merrier” approach, wanting to shave with double or multiple edge blades.

We believe that single edge razor blades are better than double edge razor blades since they give a closer shave with almost no cuts, nicks, bumps, and no ingrown hair. Their double edge counterparts increase friction with multi-blades which may give more cuts and irritation of the skin.

As compared to double edge razor blades, single edge razor blades have a stiffer and thicker blade which means that the resulting shave is closer, safer and smoother.

With so many options and varieties of blades available in the shaving market, finding the best single edge razor blades is indeed an overwhelming process. But fret not, we are here to guide you with our top picks to help you choose better.

Our Top and Hot Picks

To make it easy for you to find the best single edge razor blade, we have summarised the key features of the products here:

Product Key Features Ideal for Overall rating
GEM Personna


  • Super comfortable
  • Close shave
  • Comes in a convenient pack
All ages 4.6/5
Derby Professional


  • Coated with tungsten, chrome ceramic, and platinum for extra sharpness
  • Suitable with all razor types
  • Great quantity (100 blades)
  • Value for money
  • People with sensitive skin
  • Professionals
Feather FHS-10


  • Ultra-sharp
  • Silky quality that contours the edges well
  • Fits well with OneBlade Versions
  • Complex facial parts such as upper lips and lower lips
  • Solid and professional shavers
Supply Injectors


  • Easy and simple insertion
  • Extremely safe storage of blades
  • Twice the thickness of a standard razor blade
Beginners 4.5/5
American Line


  • Striking Precision
  • Multipurpose
  • Value for money
  • Great quantity (100 blades in a pack)
All ages 4.4/5

The GEM Personna Single Edge Razor Blade

Average lasting time: 3 shaves per blade.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Coated with top-grade quality stainless steel, these single-edge razor blades are a must-have on your shelves. People swear by its immaculate and powerful sharpness that comes into play when the smooth blade glides onto the skin, resulting in an extremely close shave.

In the last few years, the immense popularity gained by the GEM Personna Single Edge Blade owes to its superior comfort and aggressiveness, which has thus placed it into the list of the best single edge razor blades.


  • Gives a very close shave
  • Durable
  • Uber comfortable


  • On average, it gives only three shaves per blade. Hence, it is costly if the number of shaves is considered.
  • Not a very good quantity (10 blades per pack)

Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blade

Average lasting time: 4-6 shaves per blade

Talk about the best single edge razor blades and forget Derby? This is a sinister approach!This stainless-steel high-quality razor blade fits all the straight razors easily. A single packet contains as many as 100 professional blades which portray the gigantic demand this product has.

Each blade is individually wax coated. Compatible with all barber-type shavers, Derby is regarded as the smoothest single edge razor blade made with excellent Swedish steel strip material for prolonged durability.


  • Compatible with most straight razors.
  • Sturdy pack.
  • Ergonomic
  • Great quantity.
  • Gives a very smooth shave.
  • Very durable.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The quantity may not be suitable for those who wish to start with a few blades first.
  • Not as sharp as the Feather FHS-10 SE razor blades.

Feather FHS-10 Single Edge Razor Blade

Average lasting time: 5-7 shaves per blade

With the word sharpness, the canvas of the mind paints the picture of the Feather single edge razor blade almost immediately.

Considered as the sharpest razor blade, these blades are made in Japan and its stainless-steel layer is coated by yet another layer of platinum and PTFE to ensure crispness and lifelong durability.

This type of blade is specially designed for those with thick, bushy beards, or those who want more dynamic shave lines.

What more? It is compatible with the old-school vintage straight razors along with the latest OneBlade razors, especially the Core version.


  •  Thinner blades for a more flexible, super sharp, and professional shave.
  •  The container is designed with a needle spray design to ensure user safety and convenience in use.
  • Extremely sharp hence it works great for problematic and small surface areas.


  • May not be suitable for people with light beards.
  • Not very suitable for beginners.

SUPPLY Single Edge Injector Blades

SUPPLY Single Edge Injector Blades
SUPPLY Single Edge Injector Blades

Average lasting time 7-9 shaves per blade

More recently, many customers have given great reviews about Supply razor and the influencers alike have been all praises about it.

It is thus not surprising to have them come up with their own single edge injector razor blades. Injector blades were originally invented by Schick in the early 1900s. They quickly developed a cult following as a safer alternative to the Gillette double edge blades.

Each razor ships with a magazine of 8 stainless steel, American-made injector blades. A pack of blades typically lasts up to six months (as the company claims) and only costs $0.75 per blade to replace.

These injector razor blades are great because of their easy insertion mechanism. You do not need to insert them with the fear of having your hand or fingers cut.

Instead, the razor gets reloaded with a single click, much like a “magazine” of razor blades. You can read the interesting history of these single edge razor blades here, told by the brand itself.


  • Simple insertion mechanism without having to use or cut your hands.
  • Nifty opening to insert used blades. Eco Friendly.
  • Twice as thick as other blades which means that they flex less and cut cleaner.
  • Lasts very long.


  • Pricier than double edge razors.
  • Not as visually appealing as DEs.
  • Limited selection.

American Line Single Edge Razor Blades

Average lasting time: 3-5 shaves per blade

Made with high carbon steel, the American Line single edge razor blades promise excellent comfort. It comes in a clamshell package of 100 sharp razor blades for the safe and convenient storage of blades.

Like Derby, it is easily compatible with most straight razors and can even fit single blade scrapers and cutter boxes.


  • Great quantity (100 blades).
  • Good precision.
  • Compatible with most razors.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • It is an excellent choice to be used for other industrial purposes.


  • Since carbon steel dulls easily so it may not be very long-lasting or durable like other stainless steel and anti-rust razor blades.
  • Does not work very well for problematic areas.

Our take? The Best Product Overall

Although we have filtered the top five best single edge razor blades for you in a real sense, one product that meets most of the factors is undoubtedly Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blade.

Features Our Ratings
Value for money 5/5
Easy to use 5/5
Durable 4.8/5

Package Dimensions:‎ 2.76 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches; 0.71 Ounces

Why Derby?

Our regard for Derby Professional as the best single edge razor blades gained momentum due to matching the capability of almost all the factors users care about before buying a single edge razor blade.

The premium blades are made up of the finest Swedish Stainless Steel strip, further coated with a layer of platinum, chrome ceramic, and tungsten to harden the edges. This ensures delivering extra sharpness, immaculate durability, and lifelong strength.

We believe that this is the key reason behind the effectiveness of retaining their edge longer than other single-sided sheets. Having a short run-in period, shaving is best achieved with the second and third shave.

People who have sensitive skin and are not really solid shavers will find Derby Professional razor blades as the right fit. The precision and sharpness are so good that even with thick hair, a couple of short and swift shaving movements will do the job well.

Each blade is wax coated individually which altogether avoids the hassle of splitting up the double edge razors. What more? It fits most of the shavette/barber type/cut-throat razor easily. So no need to snap the blades here and there.

How does it feel on the skin?

Although Feather FHS razor blades are considered as the sharpest blades, Derby professionals are considered the smoothest. The razor glides smoothly and comfortably onto the skin, leaving a clean and refreshed skin.

However, the first shave sort of burns the blades,and the hardened, thick coating first fades in order to expose the sharp edges underneath. This is the reason why the second, third and consequent shaves feel much smoother, better, and more active.

We asked some of the users about Derby Professional before claiming it as a good product and these are the responses we got:

“Good quality blades, sharp and have noticed when razoring gents with sensitive skin on neck-line and sideburns that there was not much irritation. When reading the description of this product I’m thinking that the minerals deposited in making the blades could be something to do with it??? The fact that 100 single blades are packed inside a small packet makes it very ideal for space-saving on work-tops.” – Neal’s_Barbers. (

“I would say they are very convenient with an amazing sharpness. Glides onto the skin quite smoothly. 4.9/5 stars for me!”  – David J.

The cons?

Too many blades in one single pack may not be suitable for people who want to try and judge their value with a few blades first.

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Single Edge Razor Blades

With a plethora of options available in the market, some shaving nerds rejoice at the fact that they get to have too many options to choose from whereas the endless diversity gets bothersome for a lot of people due to the pressure of having to choose the best single edge razor blades.

We believe that various factors play a role to make a product worth buying. Before proceeding to buy a product, the buyer should be well aware of those factors. According to our expert’s opinion, these are:


The more durable and long-lasting the blades are, the more they are ranked high in popularity. Usually, an average blade gives 5-8 perfect shaves before being thrown away. However, some of the blades, no matter how expensive and sharp they are, do not last very long. Results? You have to keep buying them frequently.

All the above products we have outlined are very durable and promise a lifetime warranty especially the GEM Personna. You can even get full refunds on Supply, Derby, and Feather FHS if you do not like them within two months.

Sharpness and Precision

Sharpness is integral to a blade. With a dull blade, a closer cut shave is next to impossible leading to irritated skin and ingrown hair.

The aforementioned blades are sharp and precise to give you a clean-in-one-go look. The high performance that they exude in terms of sharpness is remarkable, especially with the Feather FHS-10 blades.

However, ensure the right handling of the blade to avoid any unwanted injury and cut.

Value for money

Probably one of the most important things a customer looks for. A routine thing like shaving should not take a whole lot of investment from its buyer in order to deliver excellent results.

Costly blades usually require careful weighing of a lot of pros and cons before being bought and used, which is why value for money, worth and affordability are very crucial.

It is also a good idea to work out the cost per blade to process their value since the best single edge razor blades come in a wide variety of boxes with different quantities. All of these blades promise high-quality results without emptying your pockets. The Derby Professional is especially very cost-effective considering that it is for professionals, coming in 100 in a single pack.


The durability and safety of a blade actually depend upon the material being used. In this regard, the best single edge razor blades use stainless steel coating which may be further layered by Platinum, Tungsten, PTFE for unmatchable durability and strength.

On the other hand, the carbon plated blades usually catch rust which is why it is integral to maintain their cleanliness otherwise the shelf-life could be shorter than promised. The products highlighted above are thus made up of stainless steel with a mingling of further strong materials for a rust-resistant experience.

This is also the reason for their versatility which comes into play when they are used for other industrial and commercial purposes like window scraping, box cutting, and more.


Let’s admit it. Not everyone can handle a razor or a blade without getting any cuts. The best single edge razor blades like GEM Personna, Derby, Supply, Feather FHS, and American Line all deliver smooth shaves while not compromising on the safety of the razor.

Most of these blades are compatible with top-notch straight razors. The Supply Injectors, especially, have been a game-changer in terms of safe storage of the blades well-kept in a box untouched by human hands while Derby, too has adopted a somewhat similar approach by individually wax coating the blades.


How many shaves does a single edge razor blade give usually? Do they last longer?

The period or duration for a SE razor blade majorly depends on many factors like texture and type of the skin and hair as well as how often you shave.

That being said, Single edge razor blades have been termed as quite long-lasting by many bloggers and customers alike.

We also personally used some of them and found them to give an average of 5-8 shaves with just one blade which means even 8-10 blades can last for 3 months easily on an average scale.

Why and who should use a Single edge razor blade?

The SE razor blades are thicker and stiffer yet very sharp. You do not have to press down so hard on your skin with a single edge razor blade hence the friction is minimal leading to lesser cuts, nicks, bumps, and injuries.

The design of a SE blade gives better aggressiveness which makes it easier for you to shave small surface areas like moustache and lower lip etc. They are also very cost-effective as compared to DEs.

Overall, SE razor blades are great to be used by beginners and professionals alike due to their flexible nature and easy handling.


Single edge razor blades have taken a back seat recently in front of the more promoted double and triple edge razor blades. But, we have tried our best to bring into the limelight the importance of how they may not suit everyone and what is well promoted on television can not always be true, through honest and direct reviews.

Men are definitely different from each other and so are their hair growth, texture, and skin types. Therefore, it is best to go through the whole brief summary, and reviews we have compiled, before proceeding to choose the best for you. The final verdict is all yours! Happy shaving!

Lee Cantor

Provide the best shaving product reviews and shaving advices to the wetshaving community and friends.

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