The 10 Best Straight Razor Kits for Beginners 2023 – Bringing Sexy Back

Struggle to find the best straight razor kit for beginners? Then the following list will help you make your choice more easily and quickly. Let’s find out now!

Shaving beards with a straight razor always brings a satisfying and vintage experience to every man. However, for newbies, it’s never easy to choose a suitable shaving set to start with. 

If you really love this retro way of shaving and have just started, then we are here to help you find the best straight razor kit for beginners

The following list includes all simple sets that everyone can use and begin with. But first, it’s always helpful to learn some basic knowledge before choosing an item. Here we go!

Our Top Picks

Product Best For Blade Material Handle Material Strop Material
G.B.S Shaving Kit Best Overall Stainless Steel Wood Leather
Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shaving Set Best For Design Stainless Steel Stainless Steel No Strop
G.B.S Complete Men’s Wood Shaving Set Top Recommended-By-Barber Option Carbon Steel Wood Leather
BEARDOVA Straight Razor Kit Top Organic Option Steel Wood Leather
Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit Best For Gifting Japanese Steel Sandalwood  Leather
The Shave Network 6/8” Straight Razor Set Best For Budget High-carbon steel Plastic Synthetic
Straight Razor Beginner’s Shaving Set Top Easy-To-Use Choice Stainless Steel Black Plastic Leather
DOVO Olivewood Scales (Inox 41) Luxury Shaving Set Top Luxurious Choice Stainless Steel Olive Wood Leather
The Shave Network 10-Piece Set Best for Many Accessories Included High-carbon steel Plastic Synthetic
Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set Best For Sensitive Skin Carbon Steel Black Acrylic Leather 

5 Factors To Consider When Buying A Straight Razor Kit

The Blade

The blade is undeniably the most significant part of any straight razor kit. When it comes to a good razor for a beginner, you will need to consider these things: material, point type, and size.

Straight blades are made of different steel types: carbon steel, stainless steel, and Japanese steel.

If you have just started, a durable blade should be your priority. It doesn’t need to be very sharp because you are inexperienced and might easily get hurt.

There are two main types of razor nose (point): straight nose and round nose. 

The straight-nose blade features acute corners that might easily pinch the skin if users are not experienced. The round-nose razor, on the contrary, comes with the point curved from head to toe in a circular shape. This makes it more forgiving, suitable, and safer for newbies.

Finally, you must see if the razor is wide or narrow. The ideal straight razor blade width for beginners is around 5/8″ as it’s easy to handle and practice. A narrow blade also works well in tight areas and gives you a safe, clean, and smooth shave. 

The Shaving Soap

Most newbies think a shaving soap is fairly similar to a common shaving foam at a grocery store. However, there are significant differences between these two items.

The shaving soap or cream contains mostly glycerin and fat. The glycerin provides extra moisture to keep the skin hydrated. It helps prevent your skin surface from being irritated. 

The fat adds lubrication and protection so that the blade can glide on your skin easily. Your face will be protected from being scratched or pinched. 

Thus, good-quality shaving soap is important to a newbie. It helps you shave more cleanly and smoothly without scratching the skin.

The Shaving Brush

As a newbie, you must be aware of your beard/ hair type before picking a shaving brush. There are many brush kinds: boar brushes, badger fibers, synthetic fibers, etc.

Boar brushes are affordable but have high quality in use. They are soft from tips to toes, yet very strong and durable. As these bristles absorb water well, they are suitable for both wet and dry facial hair.

Synthetic and badger fibers perform better. They can retain a large amount of water, create a lather quickly, and dry faster. They are also less sensitive than other natural bristles.

For starter’s use, the synthetic brush is a good choice. 

It varies in a wide range of prices and works well with most beard types. High-grade badger fibers, on the other hand, are much more expensive. If you haven’t learned more about them, it would be better to use a synthetic brush for your practice.

The Strop

After learning to use a straight razor, you might want to know how to keep it sharp and shiny all the time. The strop is the last part to consider and a tool to maintain your sleek blade. 

There are three main types of strop: hanging strop, paddle, and loom strop. 

Loom and paddle strops are uncommon in the market, and they are also harder to use. The hanging one is more popular and easier to handle, especially for beginners. 

For the hanging strop, it has two sizes: 2 inches and 3 inches. Of course, a 3-inch band is better for newbies as you will have a wider area to strop the blade evenly.

After-Shave Products

An after-shave item is quite important when you’re looking for a straight razor kit, especially if you are a newbie. 

Because you tend to scratch your skin at the beginning, this item will help you heal the bump, soothe your skin, and provide extra nutrients to your face.

You should aim for products with organic elements as it’s safe and pleasant to use. It would be better if a kit includes these accessories. If it doesn’t have, you can take our reference to find additional after-shave products outside.

The 10 Best Straight Razor Kit for Beginner

G.B.S Shaving Kit – Best Overall

Brand GBS
Accessories Straight Razor, Shaving Brush, Shaving Bowl & Soap, Strop, After-Shave Gel & Alum Block, Wooden Brush & Blade Holder
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Wood
Strop Material Leather

Our best overall product is here to satisfy any beginner with the classy design, great performance, and economical price. 

Everything is made of wood, which brings a glossy and vintage look to the whole set. 

The shiny stainless-steel razor goes with dark brown wooden handles. The shaving bowl features natural dark wood and a neat, tidy space for storing shave soap. The wooden base also feels very sturdy to hold the razor and brush in position. 

This combo will surely get anyone’s attention with a sleek and polished appearance.

How about their performance? It’s simply excellent!

The blade always shows sharp, accurate, and close cuts thanks to the high-grade steel. It also fits beginners very well as the blade size is narrow (5/8 inches), allowing users to reach the tight area easily and safely. 

After shaving, you will have a premium leather strop that is very smooth and soft to keep your blade sharp and crisp. The shave brush goes with 100% badger hair, which you often see in high-end products. And you will also love the soap as it’s totally free of chemicals and harsh additives.

The brilliant point is that GBS Shaving Kit has prepared after-shave gel and alum blocks for their customers. 

Because newbies tend to pinch their skin and create nicks, these items are here to help. They will soothe the nicks, soften the skin, and nourish it with natural components. 

Finally, this shaving set is worth every penny of yours. It might be hard to find another glossy, high-quality kit at a reasonable price like this.


  • The set includes many items.
  • There is a fresh and comfortable smell of shaving soap.
  • The shaving brush hair is durable and forms lather quickly. 
  • You will have a ready-shave razor right out of the box.


  • Synthetic brushes don’t smell good.

Verdict: GBS Shaving Kit is simply the perfect choice for beginners. It provides essential pieces for practice, and they also look glossy and perform very well.

Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shaving Set – Best For Design

Brand Parker Safety Razor
Accessories Stainless Steel Blade Arm & Handle, Pure Badger Hair Brush, Chrome Stand, Disposable Razors
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Strop Material No Strop

If you are a rookie and your biggest consideration is the design, look no further because this item is the most gorgeous on our list.

You will get attracted immediately by a sleek, glossy, and shiny stand that is made of chrome. This heavyweight base brings a very sturdy feeling when you grip it. It also contains a rubber layer at the bottom so that you can comfortably place it under wet conditions. 

The straight razor arm and blade handle also add polish to this kit with the stainless steel material. The razor looks professional, like the one you often see at a barbershop. 

With these high-end features, you just want to use this cut-throat razor more and more, which is good for beginners. 

The pure badger brush is another noteworthy part here. It features a shiny chrome blade handle to complete a bright, glossy, and wonderful shaving set. The bristles are soft but dense that can quickly create quality lather. 

Every accessory is perfect for a starter, except one thing: this kit doesn’t include a strop. As Parker SR1 Shave Set comes with 100 disposable blades, you won’t have a leather strop to practice with. 


  • Parker has been a trustworthy brand for 40 years.
  • This kit comes with 100 handy disposable razors. 
  • All accessories are made of durable material.
  • It could be a wonderful gift.


  • No shaving cream or lotion included.
  • No strop included.

Verdict: Parker SR1 Shave Set is great for starters who love the beauty and design of a shaving set. It also has a reasonable price so that everyone can reach it.

G.B.S Complete Men’s Wood Shaving Set – Top Recommended-By-Barber Option

Brand GBS
Accessories Straight Razor, Shaving Brush, Shaving Bowl & Soap, Strop, Alum Block, Wooden Stand
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Handle Material Wood
Strop Material Leather

After testing this shaving kit, most barbers have highly recommended it to beginners. What makes it so special and helpful for them? 

First, it’s the design. 

The signature design language of GBS is shown in each item of this shaving set. Most products feature wooden material: the razor and brush handle, the shaving bowl, and the stand. They all add a classy, lavish, and retro look to the whole kit. 

Second, the kit is perfect for a starter. 

You will take control and get used to this razor easily, thanks to its small size of 5/8 inches. Its point is round, which is safer and kinder to inexperienced users. 

Like in the first kit, you will also have enough accessories for a beginner with a shaving brush, soap, and a leather strop. These are all high-quality items of GBS.

The shaving soap brings a fresh and pleasant touch to the skin. The brush hair is still made of 100% badger hair for excellent quality. And you can practice stropping your razor with a fairly good leather strop. 

Lastly, you will get an alum block to heal the razor burn and nicks after shaving because you will get scratched easily during the shave.

The only thing you might not like about this set is the not-shave-ready razor. A customer said: “I utilized whetstones to get it sharp”, and it seems like you might have the blade honed before you can use it.


  • The blade is firm and long-lasting.
  • The soap combines natural ingredients with a pleasant scent.
  • The synthetic brush forms a rich lather with only a little soap. 


  • The wooden items might get stained under wet conditions. 

Verdict: If you often purchase a product based on experts’ recommendations, this shaving set is the right one for you.

BEARDOVA Straight Razor Kit – Top Organic Option

Accessories Beard Comb, Brush, Beard Oil, Butter, Shaper Tool, Straight Razor, Strop, Cotton Bag, Scissors
Blade Material Steel
Handle Material Wood
Strop Material Leather

A fan of natural products cannot dismiss this item. The wonderful shaving kit comes with two special organic items: beard oil and balm.

The oil ingredients include Argan oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E oil. They are all unscented so that everyone feels enjoyable when using them. 

About the balm, most customers love its fragrance. 

One of them reviewed with much delight: ” The balm, OMG “The Balm”, it has a cucumber scent that I love so much, I use it every day.” It not only brings a pleasant smell but also helps moisturize your beard to give it a shiny look. 

This shaving combo might also be one of the best beard care products. You won’t find a beard shaper tool, beard comb, and scissors in most straight razor kits. These excellent items come at a high quality for beginners so that they can also learn to care for their beards.

This kit is the most suitable if you have a long, thick beard and have started using a straight razor. The set helps take care of your beard, makes it soft and smooth so that you can shave easily. 

The cotton bag and magnetic box are not only compact and useful but also look luxurious for gifting.

However, you will need to consider much if you have a tight budget for a shaving set. BEARDOVA straight razor kit is a bit pricey.


  • It’s great as a beard care product.
  • The razor looks classy and vintage.
  • You can bring the whole set easily with a bag included.
  • There is an e-book for instruction.


  • The blade is not as good as other products. 
  • No shaving soap or cream included.

Verdict: BEARDOVA Straight Razor Kit is for beginners with long, thick facial hair. Their beard will need to be well-cared before being trimmed, and a natural product is a great choice for beard care.

Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit – Best For Gifting

Brand Naked Armor
Accessories Straight Razor & Leather Case, Organic Soap, Badger-Friendly Brush, Strop & Paste, Wooden Gift Box
Blade Material Japanese Steel
Handle Material Sandalwood 
Strop Material Leather

Have friends and brothers who are also beginners like you? Then you can’t go wrong with this great shaving kit as a gift for them. 

You will get everything needed for practice: a fine, straight razor, a badger brush, a shaving soap, and a leather strop. Also, every piece in this classy wooden box is made of high-end materials. 

The cutthroat razor features Japanese steel, high-grade material for a blade. It offers super clean and smooth cuts, which makes your job easier. The blade also has an average size so that you can control it and reach any spot with much ease.

You will have a sandal-wood handle with two-side gold copper heads. It not only gives a smooth and firm grip but also attracts many people with its sleek design.

The brush is badger-friendly, but it’s still soft and creates a lather quickly. You will also like the shaving soap as it includes organic ingredients. It feels fresh and gentle to your skin. 

The kit brings you a strop paste so that you can also maintain your leather strop. It keeps the leather part durable, glossy, and ready for the next stropping. 

No one can resist the beauty, gloss, and shine of this combo. The pinewood box features beautiful color, durable material, and great design inside. It’s perfect as a gift to your dear friends. 


  • The set has a luxurious and glossy design.
  • There are different color options.
  • The material is long-lasting and sturdy.


  • It’s expensive for a beginner shaving kit.

Verdict: This item will be the best gift on any occasion to those who have just started shaving with a straight razor. 

The Shave Network 6/8” Straight Razor Set – Best For Budget

Brand The Shave Network
Accessories Straight Razor, Shaving Soap, Synthetic Brush, Strop, Beginners Guide, Razor Box 
Blade Material High-carbon steel
Handle Material Plastic
Strop Material Synthetic

An affordable shaving kit is a great choice to begin your vintage way of shaving. However, an “affordable” item doesn’t mean “cheap” quality. The following pieces will give you peace of mind with their good performance. 

Surprisingly, the Shave Network offers a cut-throat razor with a high-carbon steel blade. It ensures a smooth, close, and clean shave like other high-end models.

The shaving soap combines two significant ingredients: Coconut oil and vegetable glycerin. They help keep the skin soft and smooth while adding extra moisture to your facial hair. You will have a better and easier shave with this kind of soap, which is very helpful for newbies. 

What about the brush? It’s synthetic, meaning that it creates a lather more quickly and can dry faster. You can use it more frequently without worrying if it might be worn out. 

If you have any problem with Chinese products, then this item shouldn’t be your option. The blade is made in China, and that’s why some customers are afraid of the quality.


  • It’s easy to carry on traveling. 
  • The soap smells very pleasant.
  • The synthetic strop is wide for easy maintenance.
  • The beginner’s guide is included.


  • A plastic handle might not be durable.  

Verdict: Compared to other products, The Shave Network 6/8” Straight Razor Set might bring the same quality, but you only need to pay half of the price. 

Straight Razor Beginner’s Shaving Set – Top Easy-To-Use Choice

Brand Haryali Fashion London
Accessories Straight Razor, Strop, Sharpening Paste, Shaving Brush, Shaving Soap, Razor Honing Stone
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Black Plastic
Strop Material Leather

Why do we call this the “top easy-to-use choice”? Because all starters will get used to it in no time. The kit features six items that are simple and essential for any beginner. 

You will get a stainless steel blade, meaning that it hardly gets debris or rust. You only need to clean it before and after shaving, strop it, and hone it when necessary. The handle, made of plastic, is also slim and handy to bring a comfortable grip and control. 

It feels like you can start shaving with this straight razor instantly after getting it. 

There is a honing stone, and the blade is not shave-ready so that you can practice honing it. 

All pieces are designed very simply, and they are also friendly to new users. One of them who purchased this kit confidently said, “The strop, brush, and lather are all usable and a great starting point for anyone”. 

However, because it’s too plain, you might get bored after using the set for a while. You will want to upgrade some items.


  • It has an affordable price
  • The beginner blade is good to practice with.
  • The strop is made of durable, strong cowhide leather. 


  • The shaving soap doesn’t smell so well.
  • The brush is lightweight and doesn’t keep its form after about six months.

Verdict: If you want to learn the wet shaving method quickly, this set is totally for you. 

DOVO Olivewood Scales (Inox 41) Luxury Shaving Set – Top Luxurious Choice

Brand DOVO
Accessories Straight Razor, Shaving Soap, Leather Travel Case, Shaving Brush, Shaving Bowl, Strop
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Olive Wood
Strop Material Leather

If you don’t mind paying much for your first investment, then go for the most deluxe shaving kit here on our list. 

The blade feels smooth, clean, and sharp that you can scratch yourself if not be careful. It’s made of high-grade stainless steel, leaving no rust or debris on its surface. It doesn’t require much maintenance to preserve its shine. 

What makes it perfect for beginners is the blade size and nose type. The razor is only 5/8 inches in width, offering flexible control in small spots. It has a round nose that is more forgiving to starters than a straight nose.

The shaving brush feels soft and pleasant on the skin thanks to the badger hair. It’s held firmly on a sleek and clear stand to bring a luxurious look. There is a handy and fairly deep shaving bowl in the set. We love this kind of bowl as it’s easy to form lather without splashing it outside. 

As for the strop, you can use both sides of it. Its width is 3 inches, which is comfortably wide for a newbie to practice.

A lavish kit cannot lack a great scented item. In this term, Van Der Hagen shaving soap will surely please you. 

This amazing soap includes shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter. These ingredients not only help soften, smoothen, and nourish skin and beard but also bring a pleasant smell to users.

The razor is not shave-ready out of the box, and it might be the only problem with this kit.


  • The set has a beautiful presentation.
  • All accessories are durable and solid.
  • The shaving brush feels gentle to the skin.
  • It’s travel-friendly with a leather case for the razor.
  • It’s wonderful for gifting.


  • It’s a bit overpriced. 

Verdict: No other product can bring you a more elegant experience than this DOVO Luxury Shaving Set. It’s also advisable for starters, so if you can afford it with ease, then enjoy it. 

The Shave Network 10-Piece Set .

Brand The Shave Network
Accessories Straight Razor, Razor Coffin, Shaving Soap, Synthetic Brush, Strop, Beginners Guide, Razor Box, Brush Storage Box, Pre-shave Oil, After-shave Oil
Blade Material High-carbon steel
Handle Material Plastic
Strop Material Synthetic

Some beginners love a shaving set featuring many accessories. They also want it to be handy and convenient. Then, this kit will suit them the best. 

The Shave Network 10-Piece Set, as its name implies, includes ten pieces that are compact for every newbie. You will get more than a common set with a razor coffin, brush storage box, pre-shave and after-shave oil.

With these items, you can now start your shave and don’t need to look for additional products. 

This set is an upgraded version of the previous Shave Network set. 

You still have a high-quality carbon blade for sharp and clean cuts. The synthetic brush does a great job in creating quick lather, while the soap is organic-based to give your skin a pleasant feeling. 

The additional accessories are pre-shave and after-shave oil bottles, which are very useful for beginners. They make your beard soft and smooth before you shave and soothe your facial skin when you finish.

There is a razor case and a brush box so that you can store your gear when not using it. It’s also convenient for carrying on travel.


  • It’s very affordable for a set including many items.
  • The blade is very durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.
  • Beard care products (soap, pre-shave & after-shave oil) feature a great scent and pleasant touch.


  • The synthetic handle of the razor might feel cheap.

Verdict: The Shave Network 10-Piece Set is equipped with sufficient items for any man starting the wet shave. You won’t find any other shaving sets with many accessories and a reasonable price like this one. 

Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set – Best For Sensitive Skin

Brand Colonel Conk
Accessories Straight Razor, Shaving Brush, Shaving Bowl, Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Lotion, Acrylic Brush Holder
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Handle Material Black Acrylic
Strop Material Leather

You might wonder if you could learn to shave with a straight razor while you have sensitive skin. Then, we are here to give you relief with this special shaving set that is exclusively for people like you.

If you have a delicate skin type, you must treat it carefully before shaving the beard. Colonel Conk brand subtly offers three items to do this job: pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and after-shave lotion. 

The pre-shave adds natural ingredients to clean the surface without leaving any scent. The shaving cream, with a lavender smell, helps smoothen and soften the skin to bring a pleasant feeling to your face. 

After you shave, the Colonel Conk lotion will ease your skin and soothe the nicks during the shave. It also provides extra moisture and nutrients to nourish your facial skin. 

About the blade, it’s simply perfect for beginners. The razor is made of carbon steel so that you can use it for a long time with peace of mind. You will also have a black acrylic handle, which is easy for gripping and gives a cool appearance.

The shaving brush brings a smooth and soft feeling as it’s made of mixed badger. It allows you to form a great lather in no time. Meanwhile, the strop is built with linen on the reverse to make highlight, and an acrylic stand only adds sleekness and beauty to this shaving set.

What we don’t like about this product is the price. It’s way too expensive for a starter.


  • The made-in-Germany sturdy and sharp blade
  • The shaving cream and lotion smell great.
  • Additional skincare items are organic.
  • The razor’s handle looks glossy and smooth. 
  • The set includes a nice bowl for holding shaving cream.


  • The shave brush’s hair might fall out after several uses.
  • The acrylic stand might not hold the brush and razor well.

Verdict: If your skin is prone to itching but you still love shaving with a straight razor, this set is the most suitable for you. With supplementary items like oil and lotion, you can use this razor with peace of mind. 

A Guide To Use A Straight Razor For Beginners

Step 1: Clean Your Face

First, wash your face with warm water and clean with a soft towel.

Then, rub the pre-shave oil over your face. Products with natural oils such as jojoba or coconut will be the best.

Step 2: Brush The Soap/ Cream

Soak the shaving brush with hot water to soften the bristle. Take a little cream or soap to a bowl and stir it with the brush until you see a rich lather. 

Gently brush the mix into your whiskers in circular motions. Make sure to cover your beard evenly.

Step 3: Shave Your Whiskers

Hold the blade with your thumb and three fingers, incline at a 30 degree to your skin and start on the sides of your face.

Gently stroke the blade down and rinse it off after every stroke. Repeat the action till you finish both sides. 

Then, shave your chin, jaw, and neck sequentially to finish the first round.

Step 4: Finish Your Shave

You will do the same as the first round, but with closer cuts. 

After finishing, clean your face with cold water. Soothe your face and bumps with after-shave gel (if you have one). 

Finally, rinse off your razor and dry it before storing it in a cool place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Advantages Of A Straight Razor?

You may find some benefits when using a straight razor compared to a modern one.

First of all, it’s easy to control and clean up.

The razor comes with only one blade, so it’s easy to handle and doesn’t get clogged like a multi-blade razor. You can also clean it up by easily washing it after shaving.

Second, it doesn’t really get you many bumps and irritations like the modern razor. The main reason to get you irritated is the action of many blades at the same time.

Moreover, shaving with a straight razor is much more of a retro feeling and experience. You don’t treat it as a chore, but a hobby, an interest, and a satisfying activity. 

Finally, a cut-throat razor can last for decades if being maintained and used properly. You don’t need to replace it more often as a modern device, so you will save lots of money. 

Is A Straight Razor Environment-Friendly?

Of course, a straight razor is more friendly to the environment than a regular one. It doesn’t really produce any waste. Even the disposable blades used for safety straight razors can be recycled.

Meanwhile, with a modern razor, you might throw away the electric body, batteries, and other disposable parts.

Is It Easy To Use A Straight Razor?

It’s a bit difficult at the beginning. You might get pinched if not careful because the blade is very sharp. It also requires some techniques to use it. 

But when you practice over time and then master it, this skill becomes your nature. It’s then your interest and a kind of addiction that you cannot give it up. 

Nothing is hard if you practice with patience.

How Often Do We Use A Honing Stone?

Stropping is different from honing. 

Stropping helps re-align the blade and makes it polished and shiny. It doesn’t sharpen or remove any metal. In the meantime, you hone a razor to improve the blade’s shape, create the diameter you want, and somewhat sharpen it. 

Because honing removes metal, you should not do it frequently. The advice is to hone your blade twice a year or every three to six months to keep it sharp and well-shaped.

Wrapping Up

Shaving with a quality straight razor is never easy for a beginner, especially when he is planning to afford a shaving set.

However, with our top picks above, we hope you have found the best straight razor kit for beginners. Each set has its own advantages and disadvantages. And it’s only you who know which one will fit you the best.

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