The 5 Best T-Outliners To Buy In 2022

By a glance, you would know why it is called as such. Featuring a body and a blade arranged like a letter T, a T-Outliner is a kind of trimmers used for various purposes, including hair fading, outlining, and trimming. 

Despite its seemingly excessive applications, having a T-Outliner available at home enables people to style their hair and take care of their beards effortlessly. 

If these sound like what you need, why not have a look at the comprehensive review below? Here, let’s see what the top 5 best T-Outliners have to offer!

In-Depth Reviews Of The 5 Best T-Outliners

Andis 04710 T-Outliner – Best Overall

[Andis 04710 trimmer is a popular choice]

At the top of this list is the good old Andis 04710  T-Outliner, a product that manages to earn nearly 27000 ratings on Amazon.

Featuring a plastic case that weighs only 11.5 ounces, Andis 04710 makes it comfortable and easy for men to yield around. The body is contoured to fit into your hands effortlessly, preventing any chance of accidentally slipping the machine.

With a 120V motor, this model can cut up to 7200 strokes per minute, resulting in a much faster and cleaner cut. And the best part? Andis 04710’s motor is super quiet and vibration-free, so you can enjoy your grooming process in peace. It also comes with an 8-foot cord, offering you plenty of space from the electric socket.

As for the trimmer, Andis takes advantage of carbon steel to ensure the blades can cut close to the skin. Since the blade layout is stable, feel free to maneuver it around and use Andis 04710 to handle even the smallest parts on your face.

That being said, this T-Outliner is only available in one speed. If you want a stronger mode for thicker hair or a lighter mode to comb through sensitive areas, Andis 04710 will not suffice.


  • Lightweight and easy to hold up.
  • Powerful and silent performance.
  • 8-foot power cord.
  • Firm carbon-steel blade layout.


  • One shaving speed only.

Andis 74000 T-Outliner – Best For Luxury

[Andis 74000 is designed for people with money to spare]

If you are impressed with how an Andis 04710 performs, the updated version – Andis 74000 – will leave you in awe. With a lithium-ion battery that fully charges after an hour, this T-Outliner has a run time of over 100 minutes. 

Positioned on the body is an LED light that records the battery power level. This gives you more control over your shaving experience and avoids having to stop mid-way.

And in case you use it at home, feel free to plug in the cord for an ever-lasting run time. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? 

But the benefits of Andis 74000 do not end there. This T-Outliner has four combs attached to go with different hair lengths, so you can use it for your hair, your beard, and your edges! 

That is not to mention the rotary motor, which delivers strong, quick strokes without compromising the lack of buzzing noise.

Unfortunately, all these amazing features do not come without a price. An Andis 74000 T-Outliner costs up to $130, nearly three times more expensive than a standard trimmer. If you are tight on the budget, this model is not cut out for you.


  • Effective shaving experience.
  • Cord and cordless modes are both available.
  • LED light.
  • Lithium-ion battery for 100-minute run time.


  • Not affordable for most customers. 

Wahl Retro Professional T-Outliner – Best For Appearance

Small-sized, classic-looking, and appealing crimson coating are the three words that would best describe the traditional Retro T-Outliner from Wahl. 

At first look, this machine strikes an impression with its slick appearance, including a docking station that also serves as a holder. When placed on your desk, Wahl Retro can easily be mistaken for a decor thanks to its alluring design.

As for the usage, Wahl Retro prides itself on the zero-gapped blade arrangement, which glides along the skin without any overlapping spots. The sharp blades make sure to cut through your stubble but not tug the hair, saving you from cuts and nicks. 

And do not forget about the three extra-wide trimming guides that come alongside the original package, offering you several choices to take care of different hair spots. 

While the body case is made from plastic only, the build quality seems sturdy enough to last for at least a year before the machine starts wearing down.

On the downside, there is no light indicating the charging process, which is confusing for some customers. Another error you should be aware of is how loud Wahl Retro is, as it can be startling sometimes.


  • Beautiful look.
  • Sharp blades.
  • Extra trimming guides.
  • Durable.


  • No charging light.
  • Noisy.

Wahl 5-Star Hero Corded T-Outliner – Best For Speed

[If you want a speedy grooming experience, Wahl 5-star Hero is for you]

With a blade speed of up to 14000 strokes for every minute, Wahl 5-star Hero T-Outliner deserves a place in the list of the best trimmers today. Its extreme power makes this gadget ideal for those who wish to style their hair quickly and effectively. 

And guess what? Given such a strong engine, the blades still remain cool after extensive usage. No more worries about overheating or accidentally burning your skin!

Another noticeable feature of this model is its ergonomic body. With several gripping grooves placed on both sides, Wahl 5-star Hero helps to secure your grip for a smooth experience. 

Of course, it would be a mistake to miss out on the various tools that come along. With one single purchase, you will have three separate trimming guides, a tube of oil to lubricate the blades, a red blade guard, a cleaning brush to lather the soap or cream, and a manual. 

With the initial cost of roughly $50, this T-Outliner proves to be highly economical and sufficient enough for daily use.

That being said,  Wahl 5-star Hero can be faulty if run through dense and coarse hair. While the motor does not stop completely, some customers have complained about it slowing down.


  • Speedy and strong performance.
  • Not overheating.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Multiple attachments.
  • Cheap.


  • Not suitable for thick hair. 

Wahl Edge Pro T-Outliner – Best For Sensitive Skin

[Enjoy a bump-free shave with Edge Pro trimmer]

Do you usually shy away from T-Outliners for fear of developing razor bumps and irritations afterward? If yes, why not have a look at the Edge Pro T-Outliner from Wahl? 

With zero-gapped blades that are only 0.2mm in width, this trimmer can cut close to the skin without pulling the hair or scratching the layering skin tissues. This way, razor bumps are a thing of the past, and you get to enjoy a crisp, cleaning hairline within minutes. 

But the magic of this clipper still continues. Each package comes with 12 individual blade guards, whose cutting lengths vary from 1/8 ‘’ to 1’’. Whether to trim your brow and nose or detail your edges, Edge Pro T-Outliner will satisfy them all.

If you ever get concerned about how to store these items properly, rest assured that the manufacturers include a storage pouch so you can stuff everything inside. How convenient, right?

Still, bear in mind that this gadget is not silent. When running, it can emit loud blasts that cause discomfort for users.


  • Smart blade arrangement to lower razor bumps.
  • Multiple tools attached.
  • Highly versatile.


  • Noisy to use.

What To Look For In The Best T-Outliner


How fast and effective your shaving experience with a T-Outliner is will depend on its motor. The stronger the motor, the more efficient the overall gear is. 

However, powerful motors tend to be loud, which can be off-putting for users. Thus, it is best that you go for a magnetic motor, since it can minimize the noise without the expense of its performance.


If the blades are arranged uncomfortably or made from cheap material, you are likely to tug your hair and end up having scratches on the skin.

Make sure to check out the blade layout and the material so that you can avoid unwanted problems while using a T-Outliner.

Power source

Corded T-Outliners do not limit your runtime and are relatively more competent. But using one means you are confined near an electric socket.

On the other hand, cordless T-Outliners are highly portable and convenient, despite being slightly less effective. 

Depending on your preferences, pick a type of power source that suits your needs.


1. Which one is better, Andis or Wahl?

Andis and Wahl are both reputable brands regarding trimmers. Determining which one is better is a challenge, as these two machines are equal in terms of power, lifespan, and blade quality. 

However, a closer look allows you to see the tiny differences between Andis and Wahl.

For example, the former prides itself on a unique, stylish design that stands out compared to most T-Outliners. At the same time, it is also more comfortable for yield, thanks to the ergonomic body.

As for Wahl, this brand is better for those on a budget, considering how affordable Wahl hair cutters are. While they are slightly heavier, Wahl T-Outliners provide a much better grip. 

All in all, for the average customer, Wahl is a more reasonable choice. 

2. What is the difference between T-Outliners and normal blades?

The most noticeable difference that sets T-Outliners apart from normal baldes is their build quality. T-Outliners take advantage of the curvy edges, enabling users to perform intricate hairstyles. 

If you use a typical trimmer with a square blade, chances are you will not be able to do much beyond ordinary shaving.

Another detail that makes T-Outliners special is their close shave. By having wider blade length and suitable guards, using a T-Outliner means you are more than capable of removing hair extremely close to the skin.

Should you want to achieve more than a mere basic hair cutter, a T-Outliner is sure to fulfill your needs. 


Having the best T-Outliner allows you to take care of your hair properly and creatively. Not only does it allow you to trim your hair in various ways, but it also serves multiple grooming purposes.

After reading this article, hopefully, you will have no problem understanding the most noticeable features of T-Outliners, what makes them worth buying, and why all men should own at least one trimmer for their versatility.

In case you are wondering over which product to purchase, look no further than the Andis 04710 T-Outliner. Lightweight, built-to-last, and speedy are the three adjectives best used to describe this powerful machine. Rest assured that your facial hair will benefit from this model, especially if you want a quick, clean cut.

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