Bic Vs. Gillette Razors – The Fight Of The Kings In 2023

Bic vs Gillette Razors, which brand should you choose to have smooth skin? As we know, Bic and Gillette are the leading brands in the shaving field, let’s explore the differences between them. 

You surely have heard of Bic and Gillette razors at least several times. They are appearing as the two prominent shaving products that anyone should own.

Some people can prefer Bic to Gillette razors and vice versa. Each item has its own advantages and disadvantages you should consider carefully to pick the most suitable one. 

However, you cannot buy all products and test them one by one. That is impossible. That’s why this article was born for you. You will have an overall view of those and your choices will be cleverer than ever. Let’s scroll down now!

General Information

A good overview is a good foundation to help you jump higher. Before digging into components and comparing them, you should equip yourself with some basic knowledge about Bic and Gillette companies. 

Bic Razors

Bic’s mission is to bring simple solutions to your life
Bic’s mission is to bring simple solutions to your life

The full name of Bic is Société Bic S.A.. It is a family-owned French company and has been established for over 75 years. Marcel Bich and Édouard Buffard are founders and they have been purchasing various companies in different fields to widen diversification. 

In each field, they always try their best to bring customers premium-quality items, simple but meet customers’ requirements. Bic is a visionary brand as it has created a reliable solution for all people from all over the world. Since the 1990s, Bic has expanded shaving items for both men and women. In 2004, they started to increase the number of blades to 5 blades that could improve the smooth movement on your skin and provide you with a wonderful experience. 

Gillette Razors

Gillette always provides you with the on-trend technology
Gillette always provides you with the on-trend technology

Gillette is a US brand focusing on manufacturing safety razors and personal care products. King C.Gillette is the founder and his name is used to name the company. Set up in 1995 in Boston, Gillette appeared as a redoubtable enemy to other corps in the shaving field including Bic. 

In 2005, Gillette was merged with Procter & Gamble (P&G) which turned it into a global shaving manufacturer. Gillette offers customers a wide range of items and always updates advanced features to meet customers’ demands.

From 1991 till now, Gillette has discontinued some products but you can be comforted that the current razors are the top-notch products to use.

This is basic information about the two companies. Now, let’s jump into the main parts to find out the most suitable razors for you.

Similarities Between Bic And Gillette Razors

No one can deny the fame of Bic and Gillette in offering customers premium shaving products. Their razors come in different versions that can be especially suitable for both men and women. They also apply advanced 5 blades to eliminate hair perfectly on the skin. 

To maximize convenience, these brands have produced disposable razors, normally there are 3-6 cartridges per pack.

They are never satisfied with the present products, the manufacturers are making efforts to innovate razors, provide customers with top-grade items and leave you with a smooth and comfortable feeling. 

Differences Between Bic And Gillette Razors

Both Bic and Gillette have certain advantages
Both Bic and Gillette have certain advantages

After reading the similarities, are you curious about the differences between Bic and Gillette razors? I will not let you wait too long since the core part is right below. Before moving to the detailed comparison, please take a quick look at the table. 

Bic Gillette
Market Share 12.2% Over 50%
Pivot Head Almost products are designed with pivot head  Apply advanced technology: 2DFlexDisc, FlexDisc, Flexball
Blades, And Lubricating Systems
  • Blades are made from metal
  • Cartridge blades types: 3,4 or 5 blades
  • 5-blade type with ultra-close feature
  • Moisture strip: Vitamin E, almond oil, aloe
  • Blades are made from platinum-coated or stainless steel
  • Cartridge blades types: 3,4 or 5 blades
  • Applied exfoliating technology
  • Equipped precision trimmer
  • Added more lubricated strips
Handle Design
  • Made from stainless steel and rubber
  • Microfins handle for easy access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Add lavender and eucalyptus-scented to handles
  • Almost handles are constructed from stainless steel and rubber
  • Install lithium battery to the handle to provide energy for the whole heated version
  • Handle sometimes is made from aluminum-zinc
  • Offer 12-pack razor
  • Some razors can use replaceable razors while the others are disposable 
  • Can be used for both men and women in the same razor
  • Offer various cartridge razors to refill
  • Freely choose the number of blade refills
  • Produce rechargeable case for Heated version
  • Reasonable 
  • Higher than Bic razors

Market Share 

Bic and Gillette are key players in sharing delicious pieces of cake in the shaving sector.

Bic: Although most of the manufacturing fields were impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bic still kept stable growth in 2021 at a market share of 12.2%. Moreover, the explosion of E-Commerce also motivated net sales by 21%. They are not the biggest figures, but with the background more and more competitors have entered this cake, they are also an optimistic development.

Gillette: You have to admit that Gillette is still a King in the razor sector. Even though a few packaging of Gillette razors was somewhat unattractive, their quality has been indisputable. That’s why it still maintains more than 50% market share worldwide.

Conclusion: Gillette comes first in the market share. 

Pivot Head 

FlexBall is one of the latest technology applied for Gillette razors
FlexBall is one of the latest technology applied for Gillette razors

Bic: Almost Bic razors are created with pivoting heads to support you to glide over the contour of any part of your body smoothly and comfortably.

This head also allows you to narrow the distance between blades to your hair and improve the capacity to get rid of both fine and coarse hair. Thanks to the smooth movements, you don’t need to worry about the blades that can scratch your skin 

Gillette: No one can deny Gillette has been creating up-to-date razors. The high-end Gilette razors have adaptive designs to help the shaving process become cooler than ever.

I can name some of them are 2DFlexDisc, FlexDisc, Flexball, and more. Your body does not only have straight lines but also curve lines such as ankles, knees, and everything in between. 

This head can pivot flexibly to glide closely over facial contours and expose virtually every hair. That’s why you will not feel any hurt while shaving. 

Conclusion: Gillette razors are applied with more advanced technology.

Blades And Lubricating Systems

Both Bic and Gillette have produced 5-blade razors
Both Bic and Gillette have produced 5-blade razors

Blades are the souls of the razors, the sharp and smart blade design will cut the hair smoothly and perfectly. The maximum number of blades in a razor is 5, but you can also find double edge blades, or 3,4, blades. 

Bic: Bic razors are usually designed with at least 3 blades, thus, your hair will be removed completely. You don’t need to worry about the hair getting stuck in blades as the metal material allows you to rinse it easily.

The 5-blade razor features an ultra-close to help the shaving cartridge expose your hair as close as possible no matter whether it is coarse or fine hair. 

For the difficult-to-reach areas on your body, the edging blade will assist you in shaving them precisely. If you have sensitive skin, don’t worry the sharp blades can hurt your skin as Bic razors are equipped with a lubricating system.

This moisture strip is infused with a lot of ingredients good for your skin and less irritation such as natural almond oil, aloe, and vitamin E for smooth glides. 

Gillette: The material to make Gillette blades ís usually platinum-coated or stainless steel blades, so the durability and sharpness are ultimate. You can find double-edged razors or razors with 3,4, or 5 blades on Gillette shelves.

The sharp cartridge razor is combined with FlexDisc and FlexBall technology to feature a smooth glide. Shaving sideburns and beard lines are not difficult anymore. 

For the Heated version, the warmth will be distributed evenly so that you will feel comfortable while shaving. For each blade cartridge, you can use it for up to 1 month.

With the GilletteLabs version, exfoliating technology is built-in to the razors to remove debris and dirt on your skin in advance and promote the blades to glide on it smoother. 

All Gillette razors are equipped with a precision trimmer, so you can style your hair as you want. Moreover, Gillette shaving products are lubricated to prevent your skin from irritating and move better on the skin of the neck and cheeks. SkinGuard Technology is also applied to ensure your skin will be protected perfectly from sharp blades. 

To narrow the distance between blades and your skin, some razors have microfins to stretch the surface softly and eliminate as much hair. If you care about rinsing after shaving hair, you can rinse the cartridge under direct water to remove the hair. 

Conclusion: Both Bic and Gillette razors offer customers different choices with various blades. However, Gillette provides customers with more useful features. 

Handle Design

Many people usually forget to focus on the razor handle when finding a razor; however, it is one of the most essential elements to evaluate razor quality.

The handle designed properly will help you hold it firmly and get rid of all hair on your skin. Understanding customers’ concerns, both Bic and Gillette are trying to improve their razor constructions. 

Bic: Bic razor handle is usually constructed from stainless steel and rubber. These materials allow you to use it for a long time instead of changing a whole razor frequently.

The stainless steel has a certain weight and rubber grip that is ergonomically enough to avoid slipping out of your hand and being fatigued. Moreover, the microfins handle design is able to access any angle such as your chin, or nose. 

For women’s razors, Bic has added dedicated lavender and eucalyptus-scented to the handles, therefore, there will be a soft scent left on your skin after all hair is removed. 

Gillette: Besides the same handle design and materials as Bic razors, Gillette has invented advanced shaving products that are heated razors. They use lithium-ion batteries to provide energy to the whole razor.

The handle is designed from top-grade aluminum-zinc to have a sleek and luxurious appearance. This material enables you to feel the heat inside the items within a second.

They also are equipped with intelligent heat sensors and a button so that you can control the heat you want. Thanks to the elegant packaging, Gillette razors are ideal gifts for your partner. 

One of the appreciated features of these razors is that they come with wireless magnetic charging and are 100% waterproof. They are not only an energy source but also a standing base for them.

If you don’t want to use heated razors but still own a magnetic stand, don’t skip this GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar Razor. It will keep your shaving item always clean, with no bacteria, and available to use. 

Conclusion: Both Bic and Gillette offer you an ergonomic handle design with proper handle weight. Gillette has a wide range of kinds of razors so their handle design has some on-trend features. 


We think the convenient feature should be one element you can consider when choosing a razor. The good news is that Bic and Gillette can provide you with that in different ways. 

Bic: Bic usually offers you the bulk razors with 12 packs, it will save your budget instead of buying one by one. Nevertheless, please be aware that these are disposable razors and you cannot refill them with other blades. If you have a plan to travel, these sorts of razors are a nice option. 

Don’t misunderstand that Bic just has only this razor, You can pick a shaving product coming with replaceable blades. They are available in each set of razors but they are not sold separately. Bic razors can be used by both men and women, it fits perfectly with Bic’s mission which is to bring simple solutions to our life.

Gillette: For Gillette users, you will not hurt your wallet since the producer offers various kinds of blades to replace the old ones. Thus, you can use a razor for a long time and that’s why Gillette razor handles are built for a lifetime warranty.

When choosing a razor, you can freely opt for a number of blade refills such as 3, 5, or more. 

This company also cares about the aesthetic aspect by manufacturing rechargeable cases that enable you to bring your razor along on your trips. 

Conclusion: Bic offers you a wide range of disposable razors but Gillette gives you more choices for blade refills and shaving cartridges. When you travel or go to the gym, picking Bic or Gillette is good. 


Bic: Not everything that comes at a high price is top-rate quality and vice versa. You don’t need to invest a bulk of money in a razor, however, if you want to have a suitable shaving product, Bic is a good choice. Almost all Bic razors are regular type, and their price fits all your wallet. 

Gillette: Unlike Bic, Gillette razors feature different kinds of razors from normal to heated items, so their price ranges are wider. In case you are willing to spend a lot of money owning a Gillette razor, you are surely not disappointed. 

Conclusion: The price of Gillette razors is higher than Bic razors. 


After reading this post, surely you have your own answer: Bic or Gillette razors. Each brand has its own pros and cons and you will have wonderful experiences when using them.

Your feeling is the most important element when choosing between these razors. Although Gillette razors are the leading brand in this fight, you can also choose Bic if it fits your demands. The best is not always the most suitable for you.

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