BRAUN 760cc vs 790cc Comparison

BRAUN 760cc vs 790cc

Are you torn between the Braun 760cc and 790cc? Read this review to determine which electric shaver is best for you. 

When it comes to German products, you have assurance of the best quality. This is the same guarantee with both the Braun 760cc and 790cc shavers. The two electric shavers belong to the Braun 7 series – the most popular in the world. 

Braun 7 series boasts a 360-degree flex to ensure a close shave even in hard-to-reach areas. For decades, Braun has been an industry leader; producing premium grooming products with innovative features for the cleanest shave. 

With a wealth of grooming options, it can be hard to choose just one shaver that works well for you.

In this review, you will learn the major differences between these two amazing shavers – the Braun 760cc and 790cc.

Continue reading to find out more about how these two razors vary. 

Comparison Table

Braun 760cc Braun 790cc
Blade Material  Stainless steel  Stainless Steel 
Speed Settings  3
Cleaning system  4-alcohol  5-alcohol with one-button drying system 
Weight  0.3 pounds 0.2 pounds
Price  Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Detailed Comparison

Let us scrutinize each model to see how they compare. 

Size and Appearance

Both the 790cc and the 760cc are great electric shavers that look almost similar at first glance.

They are both lightweights at less than half a pound, although the shipping weight will be slightly higher. The 790cc is, however, lighter at 0.2 pounds while the 760cc is 0.3 pounds in weight,

Both electric razors and the docking station are black with light blue accents on the power button. The Braun 790cc is a little more sophisticated than the 760cc. It is silver and light blue on the power button. 

Braun 790cc
Braun 790cc

The Braun 760cc has a sleek modern design in a darker color. They are both striking in design and have alluring docking stations to match. 

Braun 760cc
Braun 760cc


When it comes to power, you will not have to worry about having extra batteries as once you are done using your electric razor, you can use the stand to store it as it charges.

Both razors can operate for 50 minutes once fully charged. They take one hour to charge fully on the charging station.  

In addition, both have a fast charging feature in 5 minutes. This is extremely convenient when you forget to charge it and need to use it immediately.


While neither of the razors is budget-friendly, they both are among the best in the market making them worth the investment. The Braun 7 Series has provided many features that make shaving a breeze for users. 

Some of the features that help a user achieve a close and comfortable shave include a moving head, smart technology, and floating components. 

According to comparative information, Braun 790cc will be superior because it has many features as well as offers a more comfortable shaving experience.


OptiFoil & ActiveLift

  • Both 760cc and 790cc have OptiFoil for perfect closeness and ActiveLift Trimmer to get flat-lying hairs in difficult areas. 
  • The two razors have Synergized foil and blades to get the perfect shave. 
  • Both have 3 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard that work harmoniously to capture in one stroke what other shavers do in two. 

Waterproof & Cleaning 

  • The razors are waterproof for durability. 
  • The cleaning station is the first notable feature on both razors. It lubricates and cleans the razor for a smoother and more comfortable shave.


  • The two shavers offer 50 minutes of ordless shaving. The display shows the remaining battery time with three steps. 
  • Both offer a quick-charge feature. 


  • Both shavers have Intelligent Sonic Technology to adjust automatically for a closer shave on denser hair and problem areas. The 790cc also has an 8-D flexible head with floating components for added comfort. 
  • The 790cc electric razor features an Autosense Technology that uses up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute for a close shave. 


The “cc” that comes after the product code, as is the case with 790cc and 760cc, denotes that the model has a “cleaning center”.

The blades and foils in both models form a single element and this can make it quite difficult to remove hair, grim, and skin that accumulates around it. 

The two shavers, however, do not need cleaning for you. They have a charging station that serves as a cleaning station too. 

The 760cc uses a 4-alcohol system to lubricate and sanitize your razor so it is as good as new every morning. The 790cc is far ahead with a 5-alcohol system and has a one-button drying system too. 

This self-cleaning and water resistance feature makes the shaver durable.

Note: Braun recommends that one changes the shaver’s cutter and foil every 18 months to ensure great performance. 


The charging and cleaning station is a device that comes with both shavers. 

The main accessory that comes with both models is the docking station. It not only charges the shaver but also lubricates the razor as well. The 790cc also dries the razor after cleaning. 

For both, you will get a shaver, charging & cleaning station, 1 cleaning cartridge (alcohol denat), an electric cord, and a travel case upon purchase. 


The charging and cleaning station is a device that comes with both shavers.


Braun offers a 2-year limited warranty so you are covered for any defects or manufacturing mistakes made by the company. The warranty is void if you tamper with the product or it gets defective due to improper use. 

Closer Comparison


  • They both have 4 shaving elements – 3 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard. 
  • The two razors have synergized foil and blades to get the perfect shave. 
  • The two shavers offer 50 minutes of cordless shaving and charge fully for one hour on the docking station. 
  • They both feature OptiFoil, Intelligent Sonic Technology, and ActiveLift Trimmer for a close shave. 
  • Both feature a stainless steel blade. 
  • They both have a rotating head to contour the curves of your head. 


  • The 790cc has additional features including the 8-D Contour Adaptation and Autosense Technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations. 
  • The 790cc has five turbo/sensitive modes while the 760cc has three. 
  • The 790cc has a drying feature on the cleaning station that the 760cc lacks. 
  • Quick cleaning option (25 seconds) and automatic program selection are available in 790cc while 760cc is not available
  • Different display information: 790cc displays 6 battery levels and hygiene status; 760cc indicates 5 battery levels
  • The 760cc has a 4-alcohol cleaning system while the 790cc has a 5-alcohol system.
  • The 790cc features a silver color while the 760cc is darker. 
  • The 790cc is 0.2 pounds while the 760cc is 0.3 pounds in weight. 
  • The 790cc is almost half the price of the 760cc. 


Between the Braun Series 760CC and the 790CC, the 790CC takes the win. Not only do they have many similar features, but also the 790CC has additional features for enhanced efficiency. 

To add icing to the cake, the 790CC is almost half the price of the 760CC despite the fact that it has more features than the 760CC. 

Made in Germany with German artisanship that lasts up to 7 years, the 790CC is the smart shaver that reads and adapts to your beard for a close shave.

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