Braun Series 6 6020s Review: Top-Notch Technology For Sensitive Skin

braun series 6 6020s review

What are the top features to notice when considering the Braun Series 6 razor? Read on to get the Braun Series 6 6020s review in detail. 

Finding an electric razor is not always easy since each model has its features and offers different values to specific needs. That’s why it is essential to carefully read the product reviews and deeply understand them before deciding if it fits your demand.

So, if you are interested in the Braun Series 6 and want detailed information about this shaver, join our Braun Series 6 6020s review to know its features and what people are talking about. 

Overview Of Braun Series 6 6020s

Braun Series 6 6020s
Braun Series 6 6020s is considered one of the best razors for sensitive skin

While many electric razors struggle to deliver a close shave with low pressure for sensitive skin, this is not the case with this Braun Series 6 6020s. So let’s take an overview of its pros and cons before discussing its features in detail.


  • Comfortable and safe close shave with SensoFoil blades technology.
  • Easily move in every terrain with the SensoFlex swivel head.
  • Handle grooming needs with EasyClick precision trimmer.
  • High durability and well- supported wet shaving with 100% waterproof feature.
  • User-friendly with the LED display.
  • High battery capacity and quick charge option.
  • Ideal for travel with a compact travel case.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Can’t handle hard, coarse beards.
  • No automatic cleaning station.

Braun Series 6 6020s Review In Detail


Braun has been among the top razor brands thanks to its German-standard technology and quality, consistently updating the products’ features and gaining a positive image over the years. 

Braun has a wide range of shaving products featuring electric shavers, trimmers, intense pulsed light (IPL), and epilators. All the products are finished in Germany, which is the number 1 rated product’s quality.

The brand is considered customer-oriented when trying to offer at least a new characteristic to each model, such as the EasyClean with the Series 5 and the 360-degree flexible head with Series 7.

And in this Series 6 model, we will experience the SensoFlex swivel head dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.


The Braun Series 6 6020s feels strong and elegant with two colors: blue and dark. In addition, the package features a precision trimmer, a travel case, a cleaning brush, and a smart plug for 100-240 voltage adjustment automatically.

The soft grip is not only easy to handle while shaving but also lowers the weight of the item, resulting in a lightweight razor with a natural grip on your hand. Besides, all the touchpoints are correctly located on a curve-shaped body offering the highest comfort while functioning.

The Braun Series 6 6020s
The Braun Series 6 6020s comes with an elegant appearance


  • SensoFoil blades and SensoFlex swivel head 

The Braun Series 6 6020s comes with SensoFoil blades and a SensoFlex swivel head making it ideal for sensitive skin and taking the shaving experience to the next level of comfort.

The SensoFoil technology lowers pressure while remaining sensitive on the skin for comfortable close shaves. In addition, each blade is coated with an ultra-thin foil featuring 1064 ergonomically formed holes, resulting in maximum closeness with minimal contact and the highest safety.

At the same time, the SensoFlex swivel head helps the razor adapt well to facial contours, resulting in a smooth transition while keeping maximum contact with the skin. As a result, you now can easily move around your face and change between different terrains, like from cheek to neck.

  • Wet and dry 

Another bonus of this shaver is the wet and dry features with the 100% waterproof characteristic. Thus, you can feel free to experience wet shaving with shaving cream or cleaning your hair in the shower without worrying about high moisture content affecting its durability. 

This feature is specifically helpful for sensitive skin asking for wet shaving. What’s more? It simplifies the cleaning process with less time washing and drying the blades, preventing the razor from growing rust and prolonging its life.

Wet and dry
The waterproof feature allows wet shaving with cream, soap, and gel
  • Travel Lock Function

The Braun Series 6 6020s is equipped with a travel case and a Travel Lock feature to prevent turning the electric razor on and risking your stuff if you accidentally click the power button. 

To enable this feature, press the power button and hold it for 3 seconds. To disable this feature, press the power button for 3 seconds again.

  • LED display

The LED display shows various needed information, such as the battery status and indications of changing or cleaning the blades. This is a valuable addition to the Braun Series 6 6020s, making it a user-friendly razor for customers with many good reviews.

  • EasyClick

The razor comes with a precision trimmer that is easy to attach with one click. It is specifically helpful in cleaning small areas with delicate hair like the sideburn and mustache.


The Series 6 is considered an average performer with a medium powerful motor fitted, making it hard to deal with dense and complex hair. So, if your hair is light to medium, then it won’t be any problem. But when it comes to a heavy beard, you may need to go over the same spot many times to have a clean shave.

Still, many have reviewed that they get less stinging and razor burn when using this model. It is also relatively quiet when operating compared to many electric razors out there.


This shaver is equipped with a Li-ion battery offering 50 minutes of functioning with a quick charge of 5 minutes for one shave and about 1 hour for fully charging. 

Also, don’t forget that an LED display tells us whether it’s time to charge the battery. Hence, you no longer have to worry much about running out of power and interrupting your experiences.


We had expected that the Braun Series 6 would be equipped with the EasyClean feature of the Series 5 models, but it’s not. Still, the waterproof characteristic makes it easy to clean and store. You can wash it under running water and leave it in the sink in case of a hurry without worrying about getting wet and rusting.


The price may vary between different sellers, but typically, it takes from $85 to $100, at the medium price range of an electric razor.

Users’ reviews

62% of buyers on Amazon are delighted with the Braun Series 6 6020s overall with a 5-star rating, while 7% seem disappointed giving 1-star feedback.

The shave is best-regarded for its ergonomic and battery life. Apart from that, other popular features are easy to clean, suitable for sensitive skin, and convenient for traveling. 

Many users have given great reviews about the SensoFlex swivel head and SensoFoil blades that offer them comfortable and close shaves. They don’t have to go over the same spot to get it cleaned repeatedly, and one even said these features helped him get a baby-like skin.

However, some customers have said that they struggle to get a close shave even when their hair is not too thick. Some also consider this one not ideal for handling a stubborn coarse beard. 

Should You Buy The Braun Series 6 6020s?

So, is the Braun Series 6 6020s a good buy? The answer depends on your specific needs.

For example, if you desire comfort and safety for your sensitive skin, the SensoFoil, SensoFlex, and Wet/dry features would help. Or, if you prioritize your grooming needs, you may be interested in the precision trimmer cleaning your sideburn and mustache quickly and entirely.

Also, if you are a traveler and need a compact razor package not to make up a lot of space, then this item would be ideal with a travel case holding the razor and all accessories. And there is more! The Travel Lock function will help you stay safe during traveling.

In addition, the battery life and durability are worth considering when buying an electric razor. With this Braun Series 6, you can go up to 3 weeks without charging, thus saving your time and energy. Also, its high durability makes it budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly as well.

Last but not least, in general, electric shavers are considered better for sensitive skin thanks to low chances of damaging your face and constantly updated technologies to handle common issues of delicate skin. So, consider this product if your skin is responsive and easily affected.


The Braun Series 6 6020s has been among the top electric razors for sensitive skin, bringing the shaving experience to the next level of comfort and closeness.

Numerous users have qualified its quality with many compliments relating to its innovative technologies, attractive appearance, and reasonable price.

At the end of the article, we hope that our Braun Series 6 6020s review has offered you valuable information and helped you know if this model is the one you need. Don’t forget to leave us feedback if you plan to try it. We would love to hear from you!

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