Braun Series 6 6090cc Review

Electric shavers are easily one of the greatest technological advancements to shaving, and Braun is a brand that has made a name for itself by being trustworthy and comfortable. 

The Braun Series 6 does not deviate from the quality customers are used to – a unique, luxurious shave from a beautiful piece of shaving equipment initially released in North America but later became available in Europe, alongside its Series 5 and 7 counterparts.

So, why should those of us who chase a high-quality shave purchase a Braun razor, let alone a Series 6? 

This review, in our opinion, will give you the reasons why you should (or shouldn’t!) purchase the Braun Series 6 6090cc.

Braun Series 6 6090cc Description

Now before we get into the top features and pros and cons of this razor, let’s get into what makes this razor so unique.

This 100% waterproof electrical razor has been designed purely for comfort, especially for those with sensitive skin. The new Sensoflex technology allows a low-pressure shave, which is perfect for closeness without irritation and those pesky ingrown hairs! 

This fantastic piece of equipment comes packed with accessories, including a beard trimmer, stubble beard trimmer, and a sleek-looking charging stand. These can be applied via an easy-click system to upgrade to all your shaving needs. The 6090cc is the only model that not only comes with 5 combs but 3 stubble trimmer combs!

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

One charge can last up to 3 weeks, but even if we are on the go, a 5-minute charge will provide us with a full, cordless shave. This shave can be wet or dry, with shaving gel or without, and is just as comfortable either way. 

The Series 6 is extremely easy to handle due to Braun implementing their new ergonomic handle that enables an effortless shave with one-way movement. The best part of Braun technology is their SmartCare center. With the press of a single button, the shaver is charged, cleaned, and even lubricated!

Onto the boring part of the product – the numbers! This product purchased on Amazon costs quite a dear $149.99, but this is surprisingly cheap for what you are receiving. The weight of the product is approximately 2.95 pounds, which is perfect for traveling (it even comes with a travel case!).

The product comes in a Cobalt Blue color, infused with a black undertone, and has the approximate dimensions of 5x7x7 inches, which is the length by width by height. 

The charging status of the razor is indicated via an LED light located at the bottom of the shaver, as well as flashes to remind you about connecting it to the SmartCare center for cleanup or voltage adjustment.

Main Features Of The Series 6 6090cc

These features distinguish it from other razors, including other models made by Braun. The uniqueness of the Series 6 6090cc makes it such a great value for money, while also being a soft shave for even the most sensitive skin.

The first feature that this shaver has to offer is the 3 blade head, with 2 Sensofoil blades and 1 trimmer. A razor with 3 blades like the 6090cc allows for a closer shave, where one can gently trim through each hair, rather than cutting through your beard.

Braun’s design of Sensofoil blades was done for a unique softness for those with sensitive skin which you may not get with any other razor. Even with a dry shave, a Sensofoil blade will leave your skin feeling soft and with no irritation. 

The next feature offered by Braun is the Sensoflex shaving head. What is so fantastic about this? Sensoflex is a dermatologically tested swivel head for sensitive skin due to the low pressure that needs to be applied.

The final unique feature Braun has opted for with their razors is the ergonomic handle, which supplies a comfortable grip for an easy shave. The handle also contains a soft grip that causes a limit in slippages when wet shaving, meaning there is no danger to shaving. 

Pros And Cons


  • Designed for a comfortable shave due to the soft grip and Sensoflex head.
  • Sensofoil blades allow for shaving with sensitive skin.
  • 100% waterproof so you can shave in the shower!
  • Come with loads of accessories with an easy-click application.
  • Easy in cleaning and charging with its SmartCare center.
  • 1 Charge can last 3 weeks!
  • Give a close shave thanks to it’s 3-blade shaving head
  • Cordless so it is easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight which is perfect to take with you when traveling.


  • The 6090cc is a high-budget option for most.
  • The shaver has been known to be quite noisy.
  • Replacement parts are quite expensive.
  • It does not leave your face as smooth as normal razors.
  • Uses a cheap motor, like the series 5.
  • Is not best when you have thick facial hair.

Amazon Reviews

Most of us find it hard to purchase without seeing a wide range of opinions and ratings on a product.

The Braun Series 6 as a whole is very highly rated, although the 6090cc listing on Amazon has only a few ratings. The few ratings are mostly positive, and someone even commented on why he didn’t switch over to this long ago.


What Is The Difference Between Series 6 And Series 5/7?

The Braun Series 6 is a better version of Series 5 in pretty much all shaving aspects, with the series 5 being a bit cheaper. The Series 7 is a little bit better than the Series 6, at the compromise of being sold at premium prices.

Check out: Braun Series 5 vs 7 Comparison

Is The Braun Series 6 6090cc Able To Be Used In The Shower?

Absolutely! The shaver is completely waterproof, as well as being cordless.

Are The Parts Easy To Replace?

If your blade starts to get dull, you can purchase a replacement from the Braun website, but this is quite expensive. You cannot purchase any other parts, unfortunately.

Is The Braun Series 6 6090cc Easy To Clean?

Yes, the SmartCare center can do this for you automatically. If you like to clean your razor manually, then you just need a stream of warm water and the cleaning brush provided.

How Often Does It Need Charging?

The shaver can last on a full charge for about 3 weeks. One shave needs about 5 minutes of charging!


The Braun Series 6 6090cc is an excellent electric shaver, even if the brand does have more premium options like the series 7 or 9.

The 6090cc is probably the most comfortable shaver with a flexible shaving head, however, it isn’t the perfect razor, and if you have coarse facial hair or a higher budget, I would go for a different Braun Series shaver.

If someone has sensitive skin and believes this razor is not too expensive, then the great battery life, 100% waterproof, sleek shaver is perfect for you.

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