Braun Series 7 Vs 9: Which Razor Should You Choose? 

Are you wondering what the differences are between Braun Series 7 vs 9 razors? If so, continue reading this comprehensive comparison to know more. 

For most electric shaver users, Braun is no stranger as this German giant offers some of the most high-quality and durable shavers in the marketplace. Indeed, as a corporation, Braun was the creator of the globe’s first electric shaver, which has ruled the industry for years.

So far, Braun has launched an impressive 7 different lines for men grooming and 2 distinct series for women. Despite Braun products’ comparable quality, the most loved and recognized ones are their Series 7 and 9 shavers. Yet, do you know which one suits you the best? 

If you’re considering between these two lines, today’s post will lend you a hand. The content below will give you a detailed comparison between Braun Series 7 vs 9 razors, giving you the final decision of your optimal choice. 

Shaving is a daily activity for men 
Shaving is a daily activity for men

About Braun 

Braun is a recognized name for providing goods that promote excellent services and a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, thanks to its handy technologies, the brand’s devices encourage regular self-care practices at home while also enhancing the user’s shaving experience.

Although Braun delivers a wide range of beauty and personal care products, it is most famous for its advanced grooming devices, specifically developed for people with thicker and more stubborn facial hair. 

Braun for long has been a giant in the industry
Braun for long has been a giant in the industry

At the same time, these shavers will also be the best friend for those who possess vulnerable skin or experience difficulty removing undesired facial hair.

For decades, Braun has also been a benchmark for beautiful and functional design with the famous Dieter Rams’ “less is more” style. Indeed, their products are highly embedded with a minimalistic yet personalized vibe using neutral and classic color combos. 

On the other hand, the functional structure design is another highlight of the brand. A fun fact is that the layout of all Braun devices dates back to the first shaver the brand launched. 

S50 was the first shaver made by Braun
S50 was the first shaver made by Braun.

For example, with its introduction in 1951, Braun’s S50 arrived with a rotating cutting system with a thin steel foil positioned over it, which modern Braun shavers still retain up till today. Thanks to such a design, all products of Braun promise efficient shaving with an extra clean and smooth experience.

Up till now, the company has launched 7 impressive lines for men grooming and 2 different products for women shaving:

  • Series 9 (Men)
  • Series 7 (Men)
  • Series 5 (Men)
  • Series 3 (Men)
  • Series 1 (Men)
  • CoolTec (Men)
  • WaterFlex (Men)
  • Silk-epil shaver (Women)
  • Silk-epil bikini styler (Women)

In today’s post, we’ll only go into Braun shavers’ 2 most famous names – Series 7 and 9.

Overview Of Braun Series 7 

First released in 2007, Braun Series 7 soon gained its position among the best-selling electric razors of all time, appearing on nearly every shaver ranking.  Its key advantages are unrivaled comfort, precise shaves, fair pricing for new shaving heads, a great cleaning station, and a sturdy quality.

Braun Series 7 was introduced 5 years ago
Braun Series 7 was introduced 5 years ago

The most outstanding features in the design of Braun Series 7 are:

  • 3 shaving elements: The Braun Series 7 incorporates 3 separate grooming components: 2 OptiFoils plus a skin protector in the center for a smooth, close, and safe shave.   
  • Flex head: Its flex head spins 360 degrees, allowing the blades to go in 8 directions, helping tackle those complex regions to work with. In other words, users can handle tricky areas (for example, along their neckline with ease).
  • Auto Sense Technology: This technology could “analyze” your stubble and offer more or less energy based on the hair density. What is great about this technology is that it reads the hair 13 times each second for the most accurate data. Thus, if you suddenly encounter a coarser tuft of beard that calls for some setting modifications, the AutoSense technology will self-adapt fast to the specific situation and give you that instant adjustment.
  • Cleaning station: A cleaning unit containing an alcohol-based cleansing agent also comes alongside these shavers. This station is super simple to utilize as it keeps all the hustles away from the upkeep of the electric razors. 

Despite those incredible highlights, several remarkable weaknesses of Series 7 would come from the trimmer placed on the side. This inappropriate position makes Series 7 sometimes look cheap and weird. 

Besides, Series 7 does not provide entirely dry and moist rashes, except for the 7856. So pay attention to this point when deciding to purchase a razor from the Series 7 range. 

Series 7’s products

Braun Series 7 are classified into 2 groups: The Old Series 7 and the New Series 7. The modern Series 7 shavers use the 78xx labeling convention (different from the 7xx of the old ones), making them distinguishable from preceding versions.

  • The Old ones include 790cc​​​​​, 799cc, 797cc​​​​​, 760cc, 740s, and 720s.
  • Their new models are: ​7865cc​​​​​, 7850cc, 7880cc, 7897cc, 7898cc, 7899cc, 7790cc, 7840s, 7842s, and 7893s.

If you’re curious what the “s” and “cc” in the product code mean, this labeling is somewhat straightforward. The term “cc” refers to the cleaning center. In other words, those versions featuring the “cc” include a cleaning station, while devices containing an “s” do not include a cleaning station.

A digit occasionally accompanies product codes. The -x suffix indicates a new rendition of the original product with slight alterations. The third edition, for instance, is 7898cc-3.

the Old Types and the New Types
Models in Series 7 are grouped into the Old Types and the New Types

Although there aren’t many differences between Braun Series 7 Old and New models, some of the latest models include an upgraded Lcd screen (for instance, the 7865cc, 7850cc, and 7893s). 

Also, all new versions may be utilized for wet and dry grooming, whereas the preceding Series 7 only provided dry or wet/dry options.

Series 7’s colors

Braun Series 7 is accessible in only 3 colors: grey, black, and silver.

  • Grey: 790cc, 799cc, 797cc, 7865cc, 7850cc.
  • Black: 760cc, 720s, 740s, 7880cc. 
  • Silver: 7897cc, 7790cc, 7899cc, 7898cc, 7893s.

Series 7’s wet/dry shaving options

One of the best features about Series 7 shavers is that they are locked and can perform either dry only or both dry and wet shaving admirably.

  • Wet/Dry: 790cc, 799cc, 797cc, 7865cc, 7850cc, 7880cc, 7899cc, 7898cc, 7897cc, 7840s, 7842s, 7893s. 
  • Dry Only: 720s, 790cc, 760cc, 7790cc.

Best products in Series 7

Despite the products’ comparable quality, the Braun Series 7 790cc, 760cc, and 7865cc are the best choices. 

While the 790cc draws users in using its 100% waterproof ability and gentle yet precise shaving, the 760cc’s Sonic Technology (which delivers 10,000 vibrations in a minute) and its Active Cooking Technology (which calms the skin once the blades glide over) are the selling points. 

Series 7 790cc is among the best products in the line
Series 7 790cc is among the best products in the line.

On the other hand, the technologies aren’t much different when it comes to the updated models. Yet, the 7865cc is the one standing out thanks to its durable build with incredible accuracy and high-grade materials (compared to other products in the same series).

Overview Of Braun Series 9

According to Braun, the Series 9 comes to light with the nine most excellent razors they have ever created. In addition, the five razor components and the unique trimmer have enabled this series to shave as close as a blade, which is a highly desirable razor feature. 

Braun series 9 has various enhancements
Braun series 9 has various enhancements

The basic structure of Braun Series 9’s products are:

  • 5 grooming components: The Series 9’s head has a ProLift trimmer, a skin protector, a direct and snip cutter, and 2 OptiFoils to safeguard your face.
  • Flex head: The trimming components are positioned on a rotating head to allow a more precise shave and greater skin contact. At the same time, the 10-D Flex head and the extended trimmers also make it easy to shave the tricky spots.
  • Sonic technology: Thanks to this technology, each minute, the Series 9000 shavers can also conduct 40,000 cross-cutting movements. In addition, the 32-bit chip assists the razors in adjusting intensity as necessary.
  • Sony technology: Furthermore, this series has applied the technology of Sony with ten thousand micro-vibrations to bring smooth and enjoyable shaves.
  • Li-Ion+ battery: Braun promises that the Li-Ion+ battery will last 30 days on a single charge. If you forget to recharge the batteries, a 5-minute charging will give you enough power to run a session. Li-Ion batteries result in no memory effects and a low depletion rate. When traveling abroad, the Braun effortlessly adjusts to other voltages. 

Besides, with various enhancements, the Series 9 allows customers to clean their beard within several minutes but still ensures superior results like the previously introduced version. 

Series 9’s products

Series 9’s models are categorized into 4 groups corresponding to 4 different generations: The Original (90xx), The 2016 (92xx), The 2019 (93xx), and The 2021 (94xx).

Comparison among the Series 9’s generations

  • 90xx: Dry only/Wet & dry shaving, 50 minutes on a full charge, the 90s/90b shaving head.
  • 92xx: Wet & Dry shaving (except for the 9250cc, which is a dry-only machine), 50 minutes on a full charge, 92s/92b shaving head.
  • 93xx: Wet & Dry shaving, 60 minutes on a full charge, 92s/92b/92M shaving head.
  • 94xx Pro: Wet & Dry shaving, 60 minutes on a full charge, 94s shaving head.

Series 9’9s colors and finishes

There are a few color choices when it comes to the Braun Series 9’s models: 

  • Chrome: 9095cc, 9295cc, 9296cc, 9297cc, 9293s, 9395cc, 9395cc, 9376cc, 9476cc Pro, 9466cc Pro.     
  • Silver: 9090cc, 9093s, 9290cc, 9291cc, 9291cc, 9260s, 9390cc, 9370cc, 9330s, 9477cc Pro, 9427s Pro, 9417s Pro.  
  • Black: 9050cc, 9040s, 9250cc, 9240s, 9242s, 9380cc, 9310cc, 9340s, 9420s Pro, 9415s Pro.  
  • Gold: 9299ps, 9419s Pro.
  • Graphite: 9385cc, 9365cc. 
  • Precious Metal: 9475cc Pro, 9465cc Pro, 9425s Pro, 9415s Pro.

The basic finishes of these devices are either matte or glossy. In detail,

  • Matte: 9090cc, 9093s, 9290cc, 9291cc, 9291cc, 9297cc, 9299ps, 9260s, 9385cc, 9380cc, 9390cc, 9365cc, 9370cc, 9310cc, 9330s, 9340s, 9477cc Pro, 9475cc Pro, 9465cc Pro, 9427s Pro, 9425s Pro, 9420s Pro, 9419s Pro, 9417s Pro, 9415s Pro, 9415s Pro.    
  • Glossy: 9095cc, 9050cc, 9040s, 9250cc, 9295cc, 9296cc, 9293s, 9240s, 9242s, 9395cc, 9395cc, 9376cc, 9476cc Pro, 9466cc Pro.

Braun Series 7 Vs 9: Key Differences

When choosing between Series 7 vs 9, there are many aspects that you should take into consideration to determine the most suitable one for your circumstance. Some remarkable points you must consider are illustrated as follows:

Easy of Use

There’s no exaggeration to say that the Series 7 opened the path for a standardized design that other companies in the grooming business chose to adopt. It has a prominent shaving head and a streamlined grip contour for more effortless operation. 

Indeed, when it comes to ease of use, both models boast high user-friendliness. Their straightforward and intuitive design allows users to spot and adjust the modes and settings they want quickly. 

Series 7 is the tight winner
Series 7 is the tight winner when it comes to the ease of use battle.

Regarding the grips, they’re both fortified with a rubberized backside for a secure grasp. In other words, the shavers won’t slide out of your hand throughout the grooming session.

However, you can quickly tell that the Series 7 has a much slimmer design than the Series 9, which might be a bonus for some users, especially those with small hands. This slim design is also the slight yet conclusive point that helps Series 7 win this tight match. 


Since its first introduction, Series 7 has gained a tremendous reputation because it can bring superior experience and satisfy even fastidious customers.

As a product coming from a professional manufacturer, Series 7 is an excellent combination of superior micro-foil, which is manufactured with remarkable accuracy, sharp pins, and mainly designed middle trimmers. 

All these high-quality elements make Series 7 one of the most smooth and close razors nowadays. When experiencing Series 7, many customers agree that it provides much more than other types in a similar cost range.

Series 7 has gained a tremendous reputation
Series 7 has gained a tremendous reputation

However, the Series 9 razor is also a significant rival in terms of closeness. There are no significant differences witnessed when trying the Series 7 vs 9, according to users. 

One thing that can be pointed out is that Series 9 needless customer efforts because your shaving process is quicker and torquier. Besides, the locking mechanism of Series 9 also allows a better shave. 

When this securing function is active, the Series 9 securing system may move backward and forward in 10-degree intervals, but the Series 7 locking system stays fixed. Nevertheless, these features are enough to help Series 9 get ahead of its counterpart in this close competition.


When your biggest concern is comfort achieved from razors, it would be a mistake if you don’t try Series 7, which has been chosen and considered the standard for other razors for many years. 

Besides, it has even become an ideal pick for males with sensitive skin. The micro-pulse shaving of Series 7 is like a gentle massage, while the shaving head is cool throughout use, and the comfort of the shave is further increased. 

Generally, every razor belonging to Series 7 has settings that allow users to choose from 3 (sensitive) to 5 (high-intense). This feature has successfully attracted more and more customers to select Series 7. 

Series 9 doesn't offer several modes of settings
Series 9 doesn’t offer several modes of settings

On the other hand, Series 9 has eliminated the display of all these complicated modes. Yet, despite this removal, it still meets the requirements of those with sensitive skin, making the complex Series 7 speed settings appear even more gimmicky. 

Series 9 also proves to be better
Series 9 also proves to be better when it comes to the comfort

The highly excellent comfort during the shavings may also come from the enhanced and superior design of the shaving head. 

Due to the additional Direct&Cut trimmer, the pivoting head on the Series 9 is significantly larger, helping you get to more hair in one pass. It also conforms to your outlines in 10 various directions (different from the 8-direction movement of the Series 7), which is especially crucial if you want a more precise shave around the jawbone.

In addition, during usage, the Series 9 foliage stays cold and very soft to the skin, which brings a beautiful feeling to guys with irritable skin.

Again, in the competition of comfort, Series 9 is slightly better.


In terms of speed, Series 9 is the better choice. 

The additional trimmer and cutter enable the Series 9 to work faster than the Series 7. Of course, it goes without saying that possessing an additional blade will accelerate the entire procedure. In addition, the Series 9’s well-made trimming components will prove to help with grooming prickly and resistant stubble in a blink of an eye. 

Braun series 9 is more superior in terms of speed 
Braun series 9 is more superior in terms of speed

Thus, if you are on a hectic work schedule and pay much attention to how fast a razor can clean your hair, it is highly recommended to select Series 9. Series 9 can easily shave even a two or three-day beard with greater torque and cutting components, making it incredibly quick. 


Although the Series 9 price has decreased significantly since it was first introduced, it is still considered a considerable amount compared to the Series 7. 

That is simply because Series 7 is an old version of the razor, while the Series 9 has just come to light recently. Thus, if you are on a tight budget and looking for a decent shaving device, the Series 7 is absolutely the go-to option. 

Cost of ownership

As you may know, after purchasing the razor, you still have to spend more on other replacement elements of the razor, especially the head. Therefore, when you use a razor for a while, it is advisable to change the head because its ability to function appropriately will go down quickly. 

Braun series 7 is much cheaper 
Braun series 7 is much cheaper

If you have conducted serious market research, you will notice that, in general, the Series 7 cassettes are much less expensive compared to those of Series 9. 

Thus, when the budget is your most significant consideration, the Series 7 razor would be a more affordable and economical option. 

Braun Series 7 Vs 9: Which Razor Is Better? 

As mentioned before, it is visible that the better option between Braun Series 7 vs 9 is the series 9. However, based on your preferences and budget, you can easily know which one suits you best.

The Series 7 is your perfect choice if

  • Your skin is susceptible to external impacts, and your beard is not too thick.
  • You prefer to use the shaver quite often.
  • You’re happy with a decent shaver with excellent basic features but don’t intend to spend too much money on it.

The Series 9 is the ideal option for you if

  • You possess a highly sensitive complexion and thick or prickly facial stubble.
  • You want the quickest shaving possible.
  • You don’t use the shaver daily.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it worth upgrading from series 7 to series 9?

That is one of the major concerns you might have as a series 7 owner. Simply ask yourself this question: Do series 7 satisfy your need? 

Upgrading from series 7 to 9 depends on users’ needs 
Upgrading from series 7 to 9 depends on users’ needs

If yes, there is no need to switch to series 9 because the change doesn’t significantly enhance your experience in terms of closeness and comfort, as explained previously. It leads to the fact that you can not acquire further relaxing feelings, much less you have to pay a considerable amount to it. 

On the other hand, if you find time shaving your tough bread so much that it makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to change to series 9. 

Can you wet shave with series 7?

According to the manufacturers, the series 7 is 100% waterproof. Therefore, many series 7 owners utilize it with a wet shave for further comfort. 

Nonetheless, the manufacturer itself has not officially certified this product as Wet shaver, which means that although you can freely use it for your purpose, there is no guarantee that your razor still functions appropriately or is being damaged. 

Besides, as series 7 is a modern electric razor, directly interacting with water can cause several electric shocks to users.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, when comparing Series 7 vs 9 produced by Braun, it is clear that Series 9 is the superior product thanks to the presented aspects. Yet, it’s worth noting that the price of series 9 is much higher despite the minimal improvements. 

Thus, based on your personal needs and budget, you can easily choose a suitable razor. We wish you luck finding your best-suited products! 

Lee Cantor

Provide the best shaving product reviews and shaving advices to the wetshaving community and friends.

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