Can I Use Hair Clippers On Beard? The Correct Answer With One Click 2023

Can I use hair clippers on beard probably is a question usually going around your mind when you see your beard growing quickly. The answer will be revealed in this post. 

Using hair clippers to trim your beard is to kill two birds with one stone. Why?

You have searched for the proper answer for the quiz can I use hair clippers on beard many times but the results cannot satisfy you. When you are stuck with this issue, this article will rescue you. You will find a lot of knowledge to help to have a nice-looking beard like Hollywood actors.

Trimming your bread on your own is the best way to create a remarkably self-cut hairstyle as no one can understand you more than yourself. Moreover, using hair clippers for multiple purposes is a wise approach to save your budget since you don’t intend to grand-opening a barbershop.

In this post, you can explore some additional information about this topic. So I will not let you waste your precious time anymore. Just take a pen, note down a few critical points, and surprise anyone with your new appearance. Let’s get started.

Can I Use Hair Clippers On Beard?

The short answer is absolute yes. However, you should consider the length of your beard before deciding to use hair clippers. The ideal length is from ¾ inch to 1 inch. Of course, in case your beard is longer or shorter than these figures, you still can use hair clippers but you need the help of other tools.

The extent of your beard will decide which equipment you can use. With the hair is shorter than ¾ inch, you can cut it with a trimmer and some fine components coming with it.

If your facial hair is between 3/4 and 1 inch, a hair clipper is a good choice as it is too long for a normal beard trimmer to deal with and too short for scissors. For the stubble is longer than 1 inch, you need to trim it with scissors. The specific way to trim your beards will be shown later.

That is our answer to the question of whether you can cut your bread with hair clippers. However, don’t rush to pick up your hair clippers right now as there are many features you should aware of. Knowing something is always the correct method to get anything.

You can use any hair clipper you have to shave your beard. 

Why Should You Use Hair Clippers On Facial Hair?

No product possesses all advantages at all. However, hair clippers are worth trying to style your stubble and for certain cases, they are potential choices. Let’s see what their strong points are and we are sure that they can persuade you.

It Can Solve Your Long Beard In A Wink

Going to a barbershop to shave your stubble is trouble-free but in a few situations you cannot go there or you simply want to tailor your facial hair on your own, owning your shaving device is good. Especially when your beard grows to a certain length from ¾ inch (19mm) to 1 inch (25mm), choosing hair clippers is a wise option.

A regular beard trimmer cannot work effectively in this case. Why? When your hair reaches these extents, it is too dense for a trimmer to get through, it can cause several awkward conditions for you such as your hair is not cut evenly. Moreover, some producers don’t manufacture components that are compatible with these lengths.

Keep in mind your hair clippers can work well on a beard between 2 lengths. Shorter or longer will not bring you satisfactory results. For example, even if you use a #8 guard for hair clippers to shave over-1-inch stubble, you will lead to trimming too much off and your hair will not have a natural look.

Multi-purpose Device

You can use a hair clipper to shave your head hair or your beard. 

If you are a frequent traveler or you don’t want to hurt your wallet, you should consider using hair clippers. A few manufacturers produce several accessories attached when you buy hair clippers. These products allow you to use them for both hair and stubble. You can try the details to know how to make use of them effectively.

Furthermore, in case you are traveling, you will not need to bring many devices as the room in your luggage is limited, hair clippers can meet your 3 requirements: simple to store, maintain and clean after using. No one can deny what benefits they bring to you although they cannot be always perfect.

Save Your Valuable Time

If you are wondering which machines you ought to choose: a beard trimmer or hair clipper, this reason will clear your concerns. Due to the specialized design with a wide blade and wide-gap teeth, the hair clippers will shave your facial hair quickly and smoothly.

Meanwhile, the beard trimmers with a narrow blade and small-gap teeth, you need to spend more time gliding them through the stubble.

No one wants to sit in a bathroom too long to style the beard. Plus, the hair clippers enable you to shave in a large area, although the finish cannot be neat and detailed like when you use trimmers.

Therefore, if you want to shave small areas, beard trimmers are a good choice but for large and thick areas, hair clippers are a winner. Don’t forget to take into account your time to pick the right item.

How To Use Hair Clippers Depending On The Length Of Your Beard?

There are 3 levels of beard lengths: short, normal, or long. In this section, we will equip you with several steps to style your beard on your own with a hair clipper and additional tools.

Short Beard

In this case, you just need to hair clipper with an appropriate guard to have a nice finish.

A short beard is quick to style and effortless to shave

Step 1: Use an electric hair clipper

There are only electric hair clippers nowadays, so let’s pick your clippers and proceed further. You should start with a longer guard and change gradually to a shorter guard until you have the desired result. Our recommendation is to begin with a#1 guard or a .5 guard in case the hair is not cut enough on the first try.

Step 2: Tidy up the edge of your beard

When you receive the length you wish, you can disassemble the guards and utilize the point to bare hair clipper to trim out areas around your neck, mustache, and cheeks.

Step 3: Take care of your beard

After trimming, there is a lot of tiny hair falling, you need to wash your face with a face wash to remove them and keep your beard clean. Then, apply a beard moisture product or lotion to hydrate your skin and whiskers and relieve the itching feeling. Moreover, these items also help to soften facial hair and direct them to grow in the correct direction.

Watch this video: This is a gift for men who are big fans of short beard styles. 

Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair is more complicated to care for compared to short hair. However, it just takes a couple of minutes to finish that job. Don’t go anywhere if you have not referred to these steps yet.

You need to trim the medium-length beard neatly with scissors to have a nice look

Step 1: Trim your beard with a hair clipper

You should always start with a long hair comb like in the previous case. We suggest the ideal component is a#3 and you can reduce it to a#2.5 or #2 and continue shaving. Afterward, use the clipper without a guard to outline your neck, mustache, and cheeks.

You should trim your beard following the direction of hair growth, usually downward. Don’t try to trim against the hair growth as you can leave bald areas when pushing too strong.

Step 2: Adjust with scissors

If there is any hair not trimmed by clippers or they are fly-way hair, you can use scissors to remove them.

Step 3: Post-shaving care

Since the length of the beard, in this case, is quite long, you should not skip the cleaning process and you need to clean it daily with suitable face wash. Like the previous one, use a beard lotion to make sure the stubble is soft and shaped as you want.

The beard-care product also adds more moisture to your skin underneath beard strands. You can style your facial hair with a beard brush to comb.

Long Beard

The main steps are not different too much between the 2 kinds. However, there are quite many sub-steps you need to be aware of to have a nice beard.

You should take care of a long beard carefully to have smooth strands

Step 1: Use hair clippers on your check

For a long beard, the best approach is to separate the areas to solve. You can handle the hair on the cheeks versus the goatee, upper neck area, and chin. The most elegant look is when their sides or cheeks are neat as the hair can lengthen. You can install a #3 or #4 guard to trim the hair on your cheeks.

Step 2: The help of scissors

For the below areas like the goatee and chin, you will need the help of a comb and scissors. You should comb your facial hair downward and shave it across in small areas. In several cases, you need to trim the beard diagonally since if you glide straight across at the bottom, your beard will look like a bowl.

Step 3: Hydrate your beard

A long beard requires more beard-care products than the others. Besides keeping it clean with a face wash, you should use beard oil to maintain stubble health and soften it. To avoid your skin being dry, a beard lotion is an ideal choice. It also assists you in styling your beard and a comb or beard brush will prevent the hair from being tangled.

Watch this video: Do you need a trimming tutorial with a hair clipper? This guide will help you. 

Some Situations You Cannot Use Hair Clipper On Your Beard

Although hair clippers own a lot of advantages, in certain situations, you should consider alternative products instead of hair clippers. We will provide you with the other side of using hair clippers.

Difficult To Control Over Length

As you know, the attachments of hair clippers usually range from a#3 (3mm) to #8 (25mm or 1 inch). The gap between the 2 sizes of the guard is 3mm which means from a#3 to a#4, the increments increase by approximately 3mm.

In other measurements, this figure is small however, for the beard length, it is a significant number. A #1 (3mm) and a #2 (6mm) is easy to realize. If you plan to trim your beard with these particular lengths you can use hair clippers.

Unlike hair clippers, you will get the upper hand over the beard length with beard trimmers as they offer you more options. The increments between the 2 sizes of the guard are smaller such as 0.5-1mm. They just trim down to 5-10mm which is shorter compared to a maximum of 25mm of hair clippers.

The beard trimmers were born for short hair so you should trim hair shorter than 1-2mm in thicker sections rather than thinner ones to get an even look. This is impossible with hair clippers due to their increments.

In inclusion, if you want to control carefully your beard finish, you can choose beard trimmers. Otherwise, hair clippers allow you to cut long hair off.

Not Suitable For Narrow Areas

You should not expect sharp beard line-ups when using hair clippers. The blades and teeth spacing of hair clippers are quite wide; thus, they will perform effectively their abilities in large areas instead of detailing and tight areas like beard trimmers. The results you have are a natural appearance with gentle curves.

The trimmers will help to layout the sharp and neet edging thanks to their additional accessories such as T-blades. These components can help you to access small areas effortlessly,

The Finish Will Not Be Near And Sharp

If you are finding a neat and sharp appearance after shaving, hair clippers are not a good choice. The wide-spacing teeth feature a natural and unsophisticated look. The feature works well on medium-length hair which also contributes to this less even finish. The beard trimmers will help you to have an even look with sharp edging and neat detailing.

The Limited Lifespan

No one can deny that hair clippers are multi-purpose and helpful devices. But if you overuse them, the machines can wear out quickly and drive to the edge of being broken down. Despite taking care of them carefully such as cleaning, and oiling, they still cannot last for long.

Therefore, you can consider buying 2 hair clippers for separate purposes: for beard and for head hair, or purchasing a hair clipper and a beard trimmer to reduce the dependence on the only device. At first, you might find it costs a lot of money but in the long run, you will change your mind that it is worth investing.


We have explained many aspects of hair clippers in the previous parts but somehow you still wonder about them. Why don’t you refer to this section to find answers to your questions?

  • Should I Use A Device Combining Hair Clipper And Beard Trimmer Features?

Now, some manufacturers have created a device that combines the pros of both hair clippers and beard trimmers. It can perform well on head hair and beard hair with adjustable combs to support you in shaving at the correct lengths between 1/5mm to 5mm. Moreover, it is equipped with a foil shaver accessory to have close glides and some clipper components from 1.5mm to 25mm.

  • Can I use hair clippers without a guard?

If you use hair clippers without a guard, you cannot get the desired results since the guards help you to cut the hair off at precision length. The advice is to start with longer guards and change gradually to shorter guards.


Yeah, you finally come here. Those are all parts we want to share with you about the topic Can I use hair clippers on beard. The short answer is yes but you should consider other factors to have a nice beard. Don’t forget to check the hair clippers’ attachments to ensure they are assembled to the device tightly, if they detach while trimming, your skin can be hurt.

You can read the instructions coming with your machine to understand its operating principles and some notes to utilize its capabilities. WIsh you have a nice beard like Holywood actors!

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