Can You Bring Shaving Cream On A Plane?- Here’s Your Answer!

Every flight has restrictions on liquids, gels, and creams. So, can you bring shaving cream on a plane? If yes, how much? Scroll down now to find the answer!

Currently, airlines have set many strict regulations regarding the control of baggage brought on board, especially liquids and creams, to ensure aviation safety.

Be it a man or woman, shaving is inevitable on every trip. So can you bring shaving cream on a plane? This concerns you a lot, as carrying prohibited items or exceeding the allowed amount might cause numerous problems to your flight.

This article will answer the above question and some other relevant queries. Please check out now to stay updated with the most detailed information.

Can You Bring Shaving Cream On A Plane?

The answer is yes. You are allowed to bring your shaving cream onboard if this personal care item precisely meets the airline’s requirements.

To ensure the shaving foam you’re carrying can easily get through the checkpoint at the airport, you should identify which state the cream is, thereby having the appropriate packaging.

In fact, this kind of cream exists in three different forms. It is compressed as a gas once inside the can. After being sprayed, it is released as a solid. Then, when you lather up that solid, it gradually liquidizes.

The question now is, should you pack your aerosol shaving product as a liquid or a compressed gas?

According to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, shaving cream is considered a liquid. Hence, you need to follow the packing regulations for liquids, which means you can take on a container of around 3.4 ounces (equivalent to 100 milliliters).

You can bring your shave cream on board if it's within the allowable amount (Source: Unsplash)
You can bring your shave cream on board if it’s within the allowable amount (Source: Unsplash)

Remember that airport security will check the size of containers you bring, not just the amount of liquid itself. 

Also, the permitted volume may vary depending on whether you put your bottle of shave foam in your carry-on or checked baggage.

Specifically, whether your shaving cream is in aerosols or non-aerosols, you need to follow the 3-1-1 rule if you want to bring them in hand luggage.

Yet, you can still take on full-sized aerosol products if you pack them in checked baggage. Be sure to check the total amount of these items carefully, as the FAA has its own quantity rules for this product.

Establishing such regulations is to avoid the risk of liquid explosion on the aircraft.

In fact, there have been cases where aerosol shaving creams blow out when they are directly exposed to high temperatures.

Fortunately, the temperature in the cabin is always adjusted to the right temperature, around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (about 25 Celsius), so an explosion of this type of product is unlikely to happen.

That said, the FAA still maintains these rules to limit hazardous products that are potentially dangerous to passengers and airplane safety.

Can I Fly With Shaving Cream in my Carry On Luggage?

Absolutely, yes. You can carry such an item in your carry-on as long as you apply the 3-1-1 liquids rule when packing.

So, what is the 3-1-1 rule? Basically, the TSA sets this rule to limit liquids carried in your handbag.

In more detail, the number “3” indicates that your aerosol product should not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters per container.

Keep in mind: The above requirement applies to the container’s size instead of the liquid inside the container.

For example, if you have a 20 ounces bottle containing only 3 ounces of liquid, the bottle will not be clear enough to pass the checkpoint, as the size is determined by the information printed on the bottle.

The first “1” refers to the fact that your liquid bottles must fit inside a clear, plastic, quart-sized zip-top bag.

You can completely split shaving cream and other liquids into different containers, and  each does not exceed 3.4 ounces.

More importantly, it would be best to make sure these containers  in your bag are properly arranged to avoid security staff asking you to throw something out in compliance with TSA rules.

The second “1” means that only one bag is allowed per passenger. If you are traveling with your family, you certainly won’t have any trouble with this requirement.

You should adhere to the 3-1-1 liquids rule for your carry-on baggage (Source: Unsplash)
You should adhere to the 3-1-1 liquids rule for your carry-on baggage (Source: Unsplash)

One more question, will shaving cream explode on a plane? No, it won’t.

Although, in essence, this aerosol still has the risk of exploding, the possibility is quite rare, as this kind of substance only blows out when in an extreme temperature, such as a fire.

What’s more? The airplane’s holds are all pressurized and temperature controlled, so the chance of detonation is even lower.

Therefore, you can take on pressurized can of shave cream if you ensure the can is intact.

Hardly can a shaving cream bottle explode on a flight (Source: pixabay)
Hardly can a shaving cream bottle explode on a flight (Source: pixabay)

Can I Bring Shaving Cream In A Pressurized Can In My Checked Bag?

You can, of course, pack your aerosol shaving products in checked baggage. However, unlike carry-on luggage, you don’t have to follow TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rules for this type of bag.

That said, there are still specific regulations that limit the amount of this toiletry in a checked bag.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), you can bring 2 kilograms (70 ounces) or 2 liters (68 fluid ounces) of your personal care items, including shaving cream, hair spray, aerosols, perfumes, nail polish, etc. 

Plus, each container of such items does not exceed 0.5 kilograms (18 ounces) or 500 milliliters (17 fluid ounces).

For example, you can take on three 18-ounce containers and one 16-ounce container in one flight. Here, the number of containers does not matter; you only need to care about the total quantity and the maximum capacity for each bottle.

Note: This limit applies to each person, not each checked bag, which means that the total aggregate quantity per person cannot exceed 2 kilograms or 2 liters. Thus, you should consider if you want to use two checked bags to increase the allowed limit.

So, what will happen to shaving cream in a pressurized can if I check it as luggage on an airplane? Your item can still quickly go through the checkpoint once it fully complies with the above mentioned requirements.

Following the FAA’s  rules keeps your checked baggage scanning process smooth (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Following the FAA’s  rules keeps your checked baggage scanning process smooth (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Are There Other Shaving Form I Can Carry On?

Apart from cream, you can also consider bringing some alternatives, including shaving foam, oil, butter, or gels, etc.

Similar to the shave cream, these above are considered liquid. Hence, you should follow the TSA liquid rules for them no matter what form these products are packaged in, such as pump, squeeze, spread, smear, spray, or spill.

Also, please ensure that the total volume of the entire product does not increase by over 2 liters for checked baggage.

Shaving Gels

Shaving gel is quite popular among those who love its compactness. Now, you don’t need to worry about the bulky cream bottles that can take you a long time to explain to the security staff.

Instead, you can opt for shaving gels that come in small packages. These gels have a longer shelf life than cream form, so in turn, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy their full size.

Shaving Oils

Another promising choice for you is shaving oil. Like a cream or gel, you put a few drops of oil on your hand, rub it on your face, and then shave as usual.

With only 8-10 drops of oil, you have smooth skin after each shave. Thus, if you are going on a short trip, buy a 15-milliliter (50 ounces) bottle of shaving oil for easier packing without violating TSA regulations.

Besides, consider the length of your trip to determine how many bottles you should buy and how much product volume is appropriate.

Shaving oil can also be a good choice for your travel (Source: Unsplash)
Shaving oil can also be a good choice for your travel (Source: Unsplash)

Shaving Soap

In case your toiletries bag does not have much room, you should try shaving soap.

If your soap is in solid form, you can pack it in every kind of luggage without being restricted by TSA’s rules, as this product doesn’t require extra wrapping.

Conversely, should your soap be soft, follow the 3-1-1 rule for carry-on bags or pack it in checked baggage.

This product is more optimal than other product forms since the soap bar can last up to six months, which is suitable for those who have long-term travel. Plus, remember to bring a brush to use with this item.

How Do You Pack Shaving Cream When Traveling?

Standard fluid packaging will help you effortlessly get the approval of security officers, even the most demanding. Here are steps to help you pack liquids safely and legally.

Not everyone knows how to properly pack liquids for their flight (Source: pexels)
Not everyone knows how to properly pack liquids for their flight (Source: pexels)

Check The Size/Weight Of The Items

All airlines have a rule that each liquid container should not exceed 3.4 ounces. Therefore, please carefully check the weight size of the items when packing so as not to waste time at the checkpoint.

Prepare The Bag

It is suggested that you should buy plastic bags of about 1 liter or less (preferably a zippered plastic bag) or a set of 100ml plastic bottles when you carry liquids like shave cream or shampoo, etc.

Or, you can opt for pre-packaged shaving foam in travel-sized packaging.

Put The Items Neatly In The Ziplock Bag

In some cases, a bag with messy items may not be approved by security staff. Hence, please spend time properly arranging bottles in this bag.

Also, make sure the bag is completely sealed to prevent the products from leaking. 

Put These Plastic Bags At The Top Of The Luggage Bag

In this way, you can conveniently put the items out at security checkpoints. Besides, placing the zip bags on top can avoid strong impacts that cause liquids to leak out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many 3.4oz Containers of Shaving Cream Can I Bring On?

You should have a clear one-liter plastic bag (or one-quart sized bag) to hold liquids in your hand luggage. To put it simply, this bag might accommodate 9 containers of 3.4 oz, tops.

Where Can I Get Approved Products For Air Travel?

You can now order travel-size shave creams in stores or even online.

Unfortunately, some companies may use the travel size label on their products, yet in reality, these items have a weight difference, which causes you trouble at the checkpoint area.

Thus, check the volume of these shave products carefully to ensure they comply with the 3-1-1 rule.

Or, you can collect toiletry samples from the hotels you stay in. These samples are perfectly small in size for your air travel.

Final Thoughts

Can you bring shaving cream on a plane? Of course, yes. You can take on this item as long as you follow suit with TSA regulations.

Grasping such regulations will help you easily pack your luggage and pass the rigorous inspection process at the airport.

We hope that you will have a safe and comfortable flight with all the useful information above. Thanks for reading!

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