Can You Shave Your Head With An Electric Razor? (Detailed Explanation) 

Can You Shave Your Head With An Electric Razor

Wanna produce a bald look right at home, but can you shave your head with an electric razor? Find the detailed explanation and our shaving guideline here!

When you only want to spend a little effort maintaining your hairstyle, having a bald head becomes the best option. Yet, it is crucial to seriously consider how to execute this new look since you would never want to ruin your appearance. 

So, do you have to see a hairstylist for it? Or, can you shave your head with an electric razor at home? Check out the answer to these questions in this article to make an informed decision regarding this makeover soon!

Can You Shave Your Head With An Electric Razor?

Definitely! You should not be worried when shaving your head with the lovely trusty electric razor that you regularly utilize to groom your beard. As it is reliable, robust, cost-saving, and pretty easy to use, many people have tried and succeeded in creating a charmingly bald look at home.  

Shave Your Head With An Electric Razor
You can shave your head perfectly with an electric razor

Traditionally, people may prefer taking advantage of straight razors to benefit from their close shave. However, a straight razor is not the ideal choice when it comes to home-shaving. To ensure a safe shaving experience, you should seek help from barbers instead. 

Meanwhile, when you design this look with a disposable or a safety razor, it may take hours to finish the task. This is because each stroke only covers a small amount of hair. Thus, you may be tired out quickly. 

Eventually, an electric razor turns out to be the better option.

  • First, even when you are in a hurry, these foil or rotary shavers still manage to present you with a close shave.
  • Also, you will not encounter as much irritation, bumps, cuts, or in-grown hairs while using this shaving equipment as the abovementioned pieces of equipment.
  • Plus, with this only one tool, you can shave both your beard and hair effectively.

Yet, it requires certain practice and appropriate shaving techniques to achieve the perfect look and refrain from potential issues such as skin irritation and ingrown hair.

So, keep reading to figure out how you can shave your head with an electric razor safely! 

What To Prepare Before Shaving With An Electric Razor

Every shaving needs specific tools and equipment to gain the correct result. If you shave your head with an electric razor, the four must-have items you should prepare include a strong electric razor, a mirror, scissors, and an aftershave product.

A sharp electric razor 

A razor with dull blades can cause skin irritation and other shaving incidents that no one desires. Besides, although you may not see it with your bare eyes, any dirt or clogging can inflict tugs, cuts, or nicks.

Hence, professionals have recommended that you clean your electric razor regularly and ensure that your electric razor is solid and sharpened. 

Also, don’t forget to understand your skin type before purchasing a razor, especially if your skin is sensitive. Plus, it is suggested that you check the battery performance since you would never want to recharge the razor every time before using it.

Check out the best electric razors here.

A sharp electric razor
A strong electric razor empowers the best shaving practice

A mirror 

Not every bathroom is equipped with a good mirror. Nevertheless, it would be helpful to shave in front of a mirror, especially if you are a novice in this head-shaving field.

With a mirror, you can observe your performance. Plus, it allows you to detect any spot that requires some more strokes.   


If you have long hair, you cannot just go straight to shave your head with a razor. The lengthy hair may get clogged in the blades, resulting in the razor’s ineffective shaving performance.

Thus, if you need to get rid of some hair, don’t forget to prepare scissors. 

An aftershave substance 

You should invest in a good aftershave substance not only for the head but also for beard shaving. This product is created to moisturize your skin, close the pores, and disinfect the scalp after the razor’s blade glides over the surface. 

Moreover, these days, manufacturers have produced various formulas for aftershave products. Each will work for a specific skin type. Therefore, it is vital to purchase a suitable aftershave so that you can achieve a stunning bald look. 

An aftershave substance 
A suitable aftershave product is critically important

How To Shave Your Head Smoothly Using An Electric Razor 

Now, as you have all the necessary tools and equipment available, it is time to take your trusty electric razor and start shaving your head. 

Step 1: Prepare your hair 

Whether you opt for wet or dry shaving, it is crucial to ensure that your head is dirt-free since any undesirable grit or dirt may ruin your shaving experience. Thus, remember to spend some time washing your hair carefully before making any further moves. 

Now, if you own long hair, start cutting them. This would help you deliver a smoother shave since the long hair would not get clogged up in the blades.

Once you manage to reduce your hair length, or in case you already own a buzzed hair look, you can continue by soaking a towel in lukewarm water. After that, wrap it around your head and wait for around five minutes. 

This process will open the pore, allowing the stubble to be softened and getting your head ready for the trimming.  

Step 2: Shave your head

It is vital to emphasize that as you move around to cut all the hair closely, your razor will get warmer gradually. Thus, when your hair is ready, you should begin shaving from the peak of your head.

Because this part is particularly delicate and sensitive, it would be wise to do a quick shaving before the razor turns too hot. 

How you move your razor depends primarily on its design.

  • If it is a rotary one, make sure to take advantage of the circular movements.
  • In case that your razor is more of a foil shaver, confident and straight strokes would be the best practice. 

Then, you can move to the right and left slide of your head. At this step, try to shave with the grains to prevent ingrown hair.

Again, instead of utilizing excessive pressure, you should gently allow the razor to glide over your head. This is because extra force may lead to unwanted nicks and cuts on the head skin.

Now here comes the most challenging part: Work on the back.

Usually, the hair in this area is pretty stubborn. It is also thicker than the hair on the peak or the sides. Hence, you should go slower and take some time to deal with it effectively.

Sometimes, you may want to ask for help from your friends or partners, as they can see this particular area better. 

Shaving with your grain secures a smooth shave
Shaving with your grain secures a smooth shave

Step 3: Apply aftershave 

When you have finished grooming your head, look at the mirror and double-check whether any patches need some more shaving. If not, you can start washing your scalp with some lukewarm/cold/cool water.

Notably, while lukewarm water helps you clean all the excess hair easily, cool water can relieve some razor burns instead. Thus, it is up to you to choose the kind of water you need the most. After that, dry your head with a soft towel. 

Now, you can apply an aftershave substance to your dry, bald head. Aftershave products are particularly beneficial as they help minimize all the burns or dryness. 

Potential Issues While Shaving Your Head With An Electric Razor 

Although completing a bald look with an electric razor is not so difficult, you may encounter some potential issues when shaving your head this way. These are irritation, ingrown hair, and daily maintenance. 

Skin irritation

You can try to reduce cuts, nicks, or skin irritation with wet shaving. Still, it does not mean that you will avoid all of these entirely, especially when you are just a novice. So, don’t be too panicked when a minor cut or bruise appears on your head. 

Some experts suggest shaving your head after a shower to avoid these issues from taking place. The electric razor works better with wet surfaces. Plus, when your skin becomes softer and easier to pull, you can refrain from dragging or tugging your hair skin. 

Ingrown hair

Even when your electric razor has been empowered to prevent ingrown hair from happening as much as possible, you should be fully aware that there is a likelihood that you will get into trouble with it. 

Notably, though it helps deliver a closer shave, shaving against the grain can be one leading cause of ingrown hair. Hence, if you have just practiced these shaving techniques for the first time, master shaving with the grain first before trying some other direction.     

Daily maintenance 

It is vital to emphasize that your skin may find it hard to stay smooth for long when shaved with an electric razor.

As stubble typically grows within a short amount of time, you may have to shave your head again after three to four days or groom it every day if you want to maintain an authentic bald look. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, when it comes to the question of Can you shave your head with an electric razor?”, the answer is a definite yes.

Indeed, this piece of equipment is safe and easy to use for home shaving compared to other available options. 

Nevertheless, since it requires regular practice to achieve a perfect bald look, it would be helpful to bear in mind some of our tips and tricks so that you can effectively prevent potential issues from happening. 

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