Can You Take A Razor In Hand Luggage? 

Razors are one of the “best-friends” of men, especially the ones with a big beard. As there are many types of razors and not all of them are suitable for all people, some men want to bring these essential tools with them on airplanes to save time and effort searching for a new razor when they arrive at their destination. 

But first, when packing, they will have to face the question of where to store their beloved razor, whether to bring it in hand luggage for convenient use on long flights or not? To answer this question, scroll down for more details!

Can You Take A Razor In Hand Luggage?

You can take disposable razors, reusable razors, and electric razors in your hand luggage if you pack them. But, for straight razors, shavettes, and safety razors, you need to keep them on your checked baggage instead. 

In short, razors that use a non-separable cartridge and cannot easily bring the blade out from the head of razor, will be carried in hand luggage. Razors that are not allowed in carry-on baggage are those with easily removable blades.

Razors That Are Allowed In Hand Luggage

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are considered safe and you can bring them on a plane. This type of razor is easiest to bring on aircraft, and you can keep them on your hand luggage or checked luggage. 

Even with their shaving heads, disposable razors are less likely to hurt someone as the blades are only revealed a little bit.

Besides, you cannot open the razor’s heads and take the blade out easily. For all of these reasons, this razor type is considered low-risk. 

However, in order to keep them on your cabin luggage, you need to pack the razor and cover the sharp head. This rule applies to all types of razors we are going to mention. 

It is okay to keep disposable razors on your hand luggage
It is acceptable to keep disposable razors in your hand luggage.

Reusable Razors

Like disposable razors, reusable razors are also low-risk for people’s safety on airplanes. So, passengers can take them in carry-on luggage easily and do not need to take the razor’s head off. 

Electric Razors

Electric razors are also seen as safe, and you can keep them in both hand and checked baggage. 

Electricity razors have very low-risk blades as the blades are not exposed as much as manual razors. If you carefully look at their blades, you would know that it is not easy for an electric razor to cut through our luggage.

Moreover, some electric razors also have the head’s covering lid to add even more safety, so the chances of us getting nicked by them are really small. 

However, to ensure you will not have any issues with electric razors, it is also important to contact the airport to know if they allow you to bring electric razors as different airports might have different rules. 

While many airports allow electric razors, some airports will ask you to take them out after the security scanning. So if you do not want to make things complicated and do not want to contact every airport, then it may be more convenient to just keep it on your check baggage. 

Electric razors can be kept on hand luggage 
Electric razors can be kept on hand luggage

Razors That Are Not Allowed In Hand Luggage

Straight Razors

These razors are also allowed on aircraft, but you cannot be kept on your carry-on luggage. Instead, it must stay in your check baggage only. 

It is nearly obvious why straight razors are not allowed in passenger cabins. 

For straight razors with removable blades, users can easily take the blade out and might use the blade for something not good. And for straight razors with unremovable blades, people can use it nearly as a knife. 

We bet if you search about someone attacking someone else with a straight razor on the Internet, there will be many results shown. So, this razor is seen as high-risk, and it must be prohibited on hand luggage for good.


Similar to straight razors but with removable blades, shavettes are also prohibited from taking in hand baggage. Even if you pack it carefully or even take the blades out, you might not be allowed to bring it with you on your passenger seat. 

With a similar shape as straight razors, shavettes are also listed as one of the objects that are dangerous and might be used for bad intentions on airplanes.

Straight razors and Shavettes should be packed on your checked baggage
Straight razors and Shavettes should be packed on your checked baggage

Safety Razors

Safety razors, including both single-edge and double-edge razors, are prohibited from being kept on your cabin luggage. You must keep them on your checked baggage, just like straight razors. 

It is quite funny how safe razors – with a “safe” word on their name – are listed as “unsafe” in the passenger area. Because of the fact that you can remove the blades from these razors, safety razors are seen as dangerous as some people might use it to attack others. 

Safety razors are not allowed on cabin luggage
Safety razors are not allowed on cabin luggage

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Never Forget To Pack the Razors, Especially The Head of Them

This is a really important thing to do. If you forget to pack your razors carefully and cover the whole thing, especially the head and the sharp part of the razor, you might have to leave them behind. 

Passengers need to cover the sharp part of the razor because the blade might cut through your luggage and hurt yourself or other people. 

Ask the TSA to Know about More Specific Questions

You can check TSA’s website and read the specific section about razors. If you have more specific questions related to razor types to keep on your hand luggage, you can ask the TSA through Twitter and hashtag them: “@AskTSA.” 

Ask the Airport Before Bringing a Razor

In this article, we mostly use the rules of TSA. However, not all airports will use the same rules as TSA.

For example, some airports will still allow you to bring a safety razor on your cabin baggage as long as you take the blade out and pack the razor, but some other airports will ask you to keep it on your checked luggage instead. 

So if it is convenient for you, we suggest that you do research or ask the airport’s security department you are going to go to first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take A Gillette Razor In My Hand Luggage?

As many people are fans of Gillette razors, many will ask this same question.

Depending on the type of your Gillette razor, you can take it in your hand luggage or not. 

Most Gillette razors are designed with a plastic head. So, most of them are also considered safe on jets. Disposable Gillette razors, like other brands’ disposable razors, are fine to keep on your carry-on bags. 

However, if you use a Gillette safety razor or some other safety razors, you need to leave them on your checked luggage instead. 

For Gillette electric razors, most of the time you can bring them on airplanes, but the best thing to do is take it out of your hand baggage before letting the baggage go through the security scanner. 

As we said earlier, different airports from different locations and countries can have different rules about whether certain objects are allowed on airplanes. 

Remember that what determines if a razor is safe on hand baggage is not the brand, but the type of that certain razor itself. 

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Can I Bring Shaving Cream In Hand Luggage?

Some men are quite frustrated and cannot understand why some razors with blades on are considered safe, but harmless liquids or paste, like shaving cream, is not.

In this case, you should understand that harmless paste and liquids are not banned in the cabin. However, there is a strict maximum amount of these products that can be kept in passengers’ cabins. 

The maximum size of liquid and paste is 3.4oz. Anything more than this size needed to be put on checked luggage. 

So, if you want to bring a big-size shaving shampoo with you on the trip, then you should take some time and put it on your checked luggage to avoid further problems. 

Liquid products should be under 3.4oz to be kept on hand baggages
Liquid products should be under 3.4oz to be kept on hand baggages

Why Can’t I Bring Razor Blades With Me On Aircraft?

Unlike many other transportations, airplanes need more security checks, especially after many intentional attacks and unintentional accidents caused by dangerous and harmful objects.

As razor blades can hurt us easily, it is understandable why they are prohibited from passenger seats. 

With the blades, people with bad intentions can use them to attack others on jets. And even when you have no bad intention while bringing the blades on an aircraft, they can be accidentally nicked through your hand baggage and hurt you or other people around you. 

Can I Take My Eyebrow Razors With Me To The Passenger Seats?

Eyebrow razors are not allowed on carry-on luggage. If you look at its head, you would see the blades are revealed pretty much, and it might cut your luggage or someone else. 

Some eyebrow razors also work the same way as straight razors, meaning you can take the blade out. So, it would help if you kept them in your checked baggage instead.

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With the detailed information in our blog, you can now get the answer and pick the most suitable razor for your trip. 

Remember that even though some passengers bring the razors allowed on airplanes, they had to leave them behind as they forgot to pack them carefully. Do not be the next one, and always be careful to pack your razor before putting it on your hand luggage.

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