Can You Use A Beard Trimmer For Pubic Hair? A Thorough Explanation.

If you have a beard trimmer and have no idea whether you can use it to trim your beard and pubic hair interchangeably. This article will help you out! Keep scrolling down for more!

Summer is coming and you want to look neat and tidy in your swimming suit. Besides, losing weight and getting shredded, pubes are also a concern that stops you from having a wonderful summer. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on waxing the netherhairs at the spa. Thus, you keep seeking alternatives.

One day, you are enjoying trimming your beard after a morning shower, and one question just pops up in your mind “Can You Use A Beard Trimmer For Pubic Hair?. This question gets stuck in your mind for hours and urges you to find out the answer.

If you haven’t known the answer yet or another explanation does not satisfy you, we can help you out. Keep scrolling down and all of your concerns will be clarified.

Can You Use A Beard Trimmer For Pubic Hair?

Yes, you can use your beard trimmer to trim or shave the bush down there because this device is versatile. However, we don’t recommend that idea because each hair on various areas of your body might need different care. Besides, using separate devices is also more hygienic.

However, if you have no other choice, and use a beard trimmer to shave your netherhairs, a beard trimmer should have these features in order to prevent any unwanted consequences when trimming or shaving your bush.

Blades of the highest quality, a strong motor, a safety guard, and numerous guard sizes are all required. And these factors will be discussed carefully in the sections below.

Besides, keep in mind that you should keep your trimmers hygienic and  sterilized in order to prevent harmful bacteria and microbiome such as coryneform bacteria, streptococcus pyogenes, and staphylococcus aureus reside in your sensitive area and causing skin infections.

Moreover, if you want to have a smooth and close shaving experience as well as prevent razor burn, redness, and itching when clipping your pubes, remember to lubricate your trimmer frequently.

Additionally, for some sensitive and delicate regions like the scrotum, you should pick the old-fashioned trimmer for the best result instead of the modern one as using it down there might result in skin damage.

Trimming the hair of your private
Trimming the hair of your private

Pubic Hair Vs Beard. Are They Different?

Both pubic and facial hair are the by-product of the increase of testosterone during puberty and their task is protection.

While a beard protects the sensitive areas around your lips and mouth from weather and other elements, pubes guard your privates against pathogens and bacteria. Besides, they grow similarly regardless of location. Thus, it’s safe to say pubes are beards and vice versa.

There is a stereotype that most people still believe is that beards are cleaner than pubes as the netherhairs are close to the privates. However, if you clean the netherhair as frequently as your facial hair, there is no difference at all.

So, You might say, the only difference between these hairs is their growing location.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trimming Pubic Hair With Beard Trimmer


  • When trimming, there is no direct contact between the trimming head and the skin, therefore you can guard your skin in around your privates against any unwanted consequences such as razor burn, razor bumps, nicks, cuts, or itchiness.
  • The high-quality blades made of stainless or titanium steel can treat your skin in this private area gently without causing any irritation, redness, or burns. Aside from that, beard trimmers are accompanied by protective bodyguards.
  • You can save yourself a lot of money. Besides using to shave your groin, there are many accessories included with a beard trimmer which you can shave or trim different parts of your body.
  • Most of the latest beard trimmers are waterproof, allowing you to clean them under the running tap.
  • This device has a long battery lifespan which can last above 5 hours, which means you can shave your pubes many times without worrying about getting interrupted by the battery running out.


  • When trimming your facial and pubic hair interchangeably, you double the workload of the tool which will make the blades dull faster.
  • Shaving your testicles with a beard trimmer can put you in danger of cutting yourself as the head of this device is quite chunky. Therefore, getting into the nooks and crannies of your area isn’t always straightforward.
  • If your trimmer is not hygienic and clean, chances are the bacteria from the blades can reside on your privates and cause skin irritation.
Beard trimmer with different combs and guards
Beard trimmer with different combs and guards

What You Should Consider When Choosing Beard Trimmer For Pubic Area

Using trimmers to remove your pubes may be done with care. Make sure your multifunctional trimmer has these features.

High Battery Life

In the event that your trimmer’s batteries die when you’re working on your private body parts, it would be a catastrophe! You might double your time to finish shaving or in the worst-case scenario, the pubes will get stuck in the blades.

There is a good chance you’ll need to replace it with a new trimmer with a better battery life sooner rather than later.

Lightweight Trimmer

Modern trimmers are compact and easy to maneuver. When trimming or shaving with a massive beard trimmer, your hand will be weary after holding it for a specific amount of time which can cause some unintended accidents or injuries.

Blade Quality

The trimmer would be incomplete without its blades. For the greatest results, use only the highest-quality blades.

Stainless and titanium steel blades are what you should look for as the blades made of these materials are sharp and endurable which can provide a close and smooth shave without causing itching, redness, irritation, or razor burn.

Furthermore, titanium steel is famous for its heat absorption ability which means it is a perfect choice for sensitive skin areas like around your groin.

Multiple Guards

When you purchase a good-quality beard trimmer, the manufacturer will include a variety of attachments and guards inside the box so that you can shave and trim your beard precisely. And you can use them to control the length of your bush around your crotch.

The guards will keep your hair out of the blades and they also help to keep delicate skin safe from abrasions. Using the guards ensures a perfect trim and prevents the trimmer from getting out of place.

Depending on the model, the groin guards are of varying lengths, so be sure to go through the instruction booklet.

Size Of The Beard Combs

As the contour around your crotch is unfriendly to big and chunky trimmers that have wide guards, small trimmers are the better solution.

They can move smoothly and easily in the pubic area and remove unwanted hair.

Shaving pubes with a beard trimmer
Shaving pubes with a beard trimmer

How To Cleanse A Beard Trimmer After Trimming Pubes

In addition to keeping your skin free of debris and germs, regularly cleaning your beard trimmer will help maintain the sharpness of the blades. 

Trimmers are built differently, which necessitates a unique approach to maintenance. Thus, you should consult the guidebook from the manufacturer before cleansing this tool and each brand will have different cleaning guidance for their products.

However, the pattern will be partly the same and follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your device is already shut down or unplugged from the socket. Always clear the hair container after each usage if your beard trimmer has one.
  • Remember to cleanse the dirt, debris, or hair which gets stuck in the blades. Then open the compartment and clean inside it, too. For this step, you just need a brush to come along with the trimmer or use the toothbrush. If your device is waterproof, you can place it under running tap water and dry it with a cloth or paper towel later.
  • Spraying cleaner spray or applying rubbing alcohol on the blades to disinfect and wait for it to evaporate.
  • Lubricate the trimmer with the oil or lubricant. Pour a little oil on the blade and scrub it with a cloth. This step will maintain the sharpness of the blade.
Cleaning beard trimmer with tap water
Cleaning beard trimmer with tap water

A Good Reason To Use Different Trimmers For Your Pubic Hair And Your Facial Hair

Besides the concerns about hygiene, there is another reason that might force you to have two trimmers, one for your beard and the other for netherhair. And that is the reduction of the blade’s life span.

When you use one trimmer for various purposes, the blades will work more than usual which will accelerate the development of the microchips on the blades. As a result, the blade will get dull and can not provide the close shave as usual which might cause some damage to the skin around the privates.

Therefore, it would be optimal if you can use two trimmers for separate purposes. However, if that’s not the case, it’s ok to use a trimmer to shave and trim different parts of your body.


Should I Use My Beard Trimmer To Shave My Testicles?

No, you shouldn’t and we highly recommend against that because you can end up cutting your balls. Your scrotum’s delicate skin can’t handle the force and speed of this device. Therefore, you should use it for the region around your sex organ.

Does Shaving My Balls With Beard Trimmer Affect My Health?

Technically, if you cleanse and sterilize the blades of your trimmer after trimming and shaving your private, you don’t have to worry. By doing that you will prevent the bacteria and microbes from your groin from affecting your facial skin.


We hope that with the information in this article, you already know the answer to the question Can You Use A Beard Trimmer For Pubic Hair?”, as well as debunk other myths about them.

Basically, you can use your beard trimmer to cut and trim the hair around your privates. However, you must handle it with care, or else you will end up hurting your sex organs. Moreover, remember to cleanse this tool to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria from your face to your groin and vice versa. 

As always, we appreciate hearing from you and looking forward to your comments and inquiries. Share this post if you found it useful. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and enjoy shaving!

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