Can You Use An Electric Razor On Your Legs? 

Electric razors are known for their effectiveness and safety. Most people use it to trim their beard and facial hair in general, but can you also use an electric razor on your legs?

In this whole article, we will discuss the pros and cons of shaving legs with an electric shaver and give your guides and tips on how to use an electric razor on your legs to help you get smooth legs and fewer cuts. 

For now, let’s find out if you can use an electric razor on your legs and why!

Can You Use An Electric Razor On Your Legs?

Shaving legs is an essential need of sports people or simply a legitimate beauty need of both sexes. Razor is a popular choice, however, shaving legs often comes with risks such as irritation, nicks, and razor burns. While the electric razor will bring a much more comfortable and gentle shaving experience to the user. With an electric shaver, users can still shave wet or dry on their legs depending on their choice.

You can shave your legs with electric shavers safely
You can shave your legs with electric shavers safely

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shaving Your Leg with an Electric Shaver

So, there are many benefits you can get from shaving your legs with electric razors. However, nothing is perfect, and electric shavers are not. This part will show you the most common advantages and disadvantages of using an electric razor for legs. So, check the list carefully to make your own decision.


Save You More Money If Your Maintain It Carefully 

Even though the buying price of an electric razor is much higher than a manual razor, you can save a lot of money in the long run if you maintain it well. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

With much more adorable blades, you will not need to change the blades as regularly as manual razors’. Instead, you can change the blade after one year or even more. 

If you frequently shave your legs, an electric razor definitely saves you more money than reusable and disposable ones. 

As you know, the bigger the body area you shave, the faster manual razor blades will get dull. So, instead of constantly changing blades to shave your legs, you can save money by using an electric shaver with blades that can last for years. 

You Can Shave Your Legs Faster 

You need to prepare for shaving with manual razors and keep lather products around for a good shave, but you can skip these steps and jump right into the main work with an electric razor. 

We can shave a bigger area with one stroke with electric shavers compared to other manual razors. You can also save time removing hair on the blades with electric razors as their blades are less likely to hold the cut hair like traditional razors. 

When it comes to cleaning, electric razors also take you less time. With modern electric razors, you can easily rinse it with water and do not need to pick the remaining hair like manual razors. 

For high-quality electric razors that go with a cleaning station, things are also simpler as you only need to put them in the cleaning station, and your razor will be automatically cleaned. 

Less Likely to Cause Cuts, Nicks, Irritation, and Razor Burn

Most razors are originally made for trimming the beard and facial hair, so are electric razors. One of the best things about this razor type is that you can adjust it and choose how much hair to cut. 

For this reason, you will not get as many cuts, nicks, and razor burns as traditional razors. When you use an electric razor on your leg skin, you can also avoid cuts and razor burn in this area.

Who wants to have hairless legs with so many cuts on them, right?

With the adaptable heads, electric razors can easily shave your hair from different areas with different curves without accidentally cutting the skin.

For this reason, they are the best razors for those who want to minimize the pain and skin issues caused by shaving. 

You can get fewer cuts and nicks while using electric razors for legs
You can get fewer cuts and nicks while using electric razors for legs


It Is Harder to Get A Close Shave with Electric Shaver

One of the most noticeable disadvantages of using an electric shaver on legs is that it will be harder to get a close shave. 

While people might want to leave some beard or facial hair after shaving simply because it looks good, most people like to have smooth and hairless legs if they choose to shave their legs. 

So, it depends on your preference. If you want the closest save, then manual razors might be better.

But if you think it is okay to have a little bit of hair remaining on your skin but get fewer nicks and cuts in return, then an electric shave is still a good choice. 

How To Use An Electric Razor on Legs?

Electric razors are more flexible in terms of shaving technique as you can choose the wet shave mode or dry shave mode. Each shaving mode needs a different preparation process to talk about them separately. 

Wet Shaving

Step 1: Soften Your Legs Skin

The first thing you should do is shower or wet your legs with some water. After that, dry your skin with a towel. 

Step 2: Apply Shaving Soap, Gel, Lather, or Other Shaving Products

In this step, you should use your favorite shaving products like shaving lather, soap, or gel, before shaving. These products will help you shave easier and reduce irritation after shaving. 

Shaving gel can help your get an easier shave.
Shaving gel can help your get an easier shave.

Step 3: Start Shaving Your Legs

Now, you can start shaving your legs. It is advisable to start from below and up to your thighs. So, you can start with the ankle first, then move to your calves and up to the thighs if you also want to shave it. 

While shaving, move the electric razor circularly and go with the grains to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hair. 

Step 4: Double-Check and Clean Your Legs

Now, clean your legs to see if there is still some hair that you want to shave. Keep shaving and cleaning until you are happy with the result. 

Step 5: Apply Lotion to Calm Your Skin Down

After shaving, your skin might be a little bit red. You can also feel the razor burn and itching. 

So, apply some lotion to your skin to soften and calm it down. 

Dry Shaving

Step 1: Soften Your Skin

Like wet shaving, you should consider cleaning your skin or taking a shower right before shaving to soften your skin. Dry your skin with a towel and start shaving when you are finished. 

Step 2: Shave Your Legs

Now, pick up the electric razor and start shaving from below to the upper part of your legs. You can also start from the ankles and finish at the thighs. 

While shaving, constantly get rid of the cut hair on the razors and shave the remaining hair on your legs.

Before finishing this step, you should rinse your legs and double-check if all hair is shaved. 

After shaving, you should check and shave the places where there is still hair.
After shaving, you should check and shave the places where there is still hair.

Step 3: Apply Lotion to Your Shaved Area

After dry shaving, rinse your legs with water or mild soaps to remove the remaining hair and dirt on your skin.

It is also necessary to apply some lotion to your skin to calm it down after being rubbed by the razors. 

Tips to Shave Your Legs More Skillfully with Electric Razors

  • Be Gentle While Shaving

Electric razors might give you less razor burn and are suitable for more sensitive skin, but it is not a good idea for shaving too roughly with it.

While using an electric razor on your legs, you should move the razor slowly and carefully. 

Moreover, please do not put too much force on your skin while shaving because it will give you more razor burn afterward. 

  • Shave Slowly with Both Wet and Dry Shaving Mode

Whether you choose to wet shave or dry shave your legs, you should always move slowly to ensure you do not accidentally cut your leg skin. 

  • Do Not Shave Too Frequently

Even when your skin is already used to electric razors or any other type of razor, it is not so nice to the skin if you frequently shave your hair. 

Constant shaving or daily shaving can still cause more razor burn and irritation. Shaving regularly can also discolor your skin. 

  • Bend Your Knees While Shaving Them

When you keep your legs straight, the knee skin area has many wrinkles, making it difficult for you to remove all the hair smoothly. A good tip for this situation is to bend your knees and shave the hair in this area gently for better results and less pain. 

  • Charge Your Razors Before Shaving

Unlike facial hair, you need to shave a much bigger body skin area if you shave both of your legs and thighs. To ensure your shaving process is fast and effective, charge your trimmer before shaving. 

  • Do Not Use Too Much Pressure

Instead of using too much pressure while shaving your legs, it is advisable to apply several strokes. With less pressure, you can avoid getting irritation and razor burn. 

  • Choose Mild Soaps Instead of the Harsh Ones

You should not use harsh soaps on your shaved areas after or before the shave because they can dry off your skin and cause skin damage. 

Instead, we suggest you go for the mild soaps that will not clean out all the natural oil of your skin. Milder soaps can also soften your skin and are less likely to cause irritation or redness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have Ingrown Hair After Shaving My Legs?

The most common reason is that you shave against the grain. People might avoid shaving their beard or facial hair against the grain because the hair is thicker on the face, and shaving in the opposite direction of the grain can be hurtful. 

However, legs normally have thinner hair than the face, so people like to shave against the grain to speed up the process.

But whether it’s on the face or legs. You can easily get ingrown hair if you shave against your grain. 

Will I Get Less Ingrown Hair on My Legs with an Electric Shaver? 

Yes, as electric shavers’ blades do not touch your skin directly, it will be less likely to cut your skin and cause their hair to grow back inside.

However, even with an electric shaver, you might still get ingrown hair if you shave against the grain. 

Final Thoughts

With what we have analyzed and given, we are sure that you now have the answer for yourself about using an electric shaver for your legs. Try and experience for yourself. We believe your experience of using an electric razor to shave your legs will not disappoint!


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