Can You Use A Safety Razor With Regular Shaving Cream?

Can you use a safety razor with regular shaving cream? Or do you need specific products for this type of razor? Go with us to gain the correct answer. 

Safety razors, also called double-edge razors, are mainly made for safe and smooth shaving experiences. As a result, many wonder if they can use regular shaving cream for this type of razor or need exclusive products to ensure the experience.

Safety razors for comfortable shaving experiences
Safety razors for comfortable shaving experiences

So, can you use a safety razor with regular shaving cream? Let’s shed light on a great shaving cream model for a safety razor and how to shave effectively.

Can You Use A Safety Razor With Regular Shaving Cream?

You can use a safety razor with almost any lubricating medium, including regular shaving cream, also called “canned goo”.

While some are satisfied with canned shaving cream, others find better results with traditional shaving cream paired with a shaving brush. Hence, the best way to find out what works for you is to experiment.

Safety razors don’t ask for specific types of shaving cream, but they shouldn’t be too foamy or thick. So, these razors work well with traditional shaving cream rather than regular foam. Besides, many have reviewed that they feel more pleasure when using shaving cream.  

Exactly why traditional shaving mediums are better for safety razors will be gradually shed in the sections below.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Why Should You Use Safety Razors With Shaving Cream?

Many of us might experience shaving without shaving cream in different situations, then realize that it wasn’t a pleasant adventure. 

Once you choose a safety razor, you must look for a lubricant that is comfortable and safe for your skin. The reasons below will help you realize the benefits it brings.

  • Reduce the risk of self-cut: As you may already know, each safety razor comes with a super-sharp edge. Thus, without a layer of cream in between the skin and the razor, you are allowing this sharp blade to directly contact your skin and increase the risk of cutting yourself.
  • Lower the propensity of skin irritation: Shaving cream reduces friction and weakens the pressure toward the skin. Vice versa, with high friction levels, the skin tends to bunch up and chances are the sharp edge will rub or cut through the top layer of the epidermis, causing redness and irritation.
  • Condition the skin better: Not only moisturize the skin during the shave but the cream also soothes and refreshes the skin post-shave, thus helping it turn to normal condition quicker after an intense process. 

What Makes A Great Cream For Safety Razors?

Traditional shaving cream is considered the top solution for double-edge razor
Traditional shaving cream is considered the top solution for double-edge razor

Choosing shaving cream is as important as choosing the razor since they are fundamental elements of a shave.

As the safety razor is made for safe and smooth shaves, the cream should be able to support those features.

Let’s take a look at the conditions of excellent shaving cream. 

  • Motion support: Good safe shaving cream will moisten the hair and lubricate your face with a thin layer, allows the blade to glide over with minimal pressure and create comfortable shaving experiences.
  • Skin protection: A great shaving cream should come with skin-friendly ingredients, minimizing irritation and nourishing the skin during and post-shave. 
  • Visible ability: The cream should be highly visible to know which area has been cut and which ones have not. This feature not only helps you not miss any spots but also avoids over-working on the same spot.

Regular Shaving Cream Vs. Safety Shaving Cream: The Main Differences

While regular shaving cream refers to canned foam, suitable safety shaving cream often comes in a tube or tub. Both are similar in visible ability and mainly different in skin protection, motion support, and cost.

Let’s shed light on their properties to see which one matches your needs.

Motion support

Regular shaving cream

It is often placed in an aerosol and sprayed out as lather. Thus, it is super convenient as a ready-to-use product and ideal for a quick shave in the morning. 

Still, most foam shaving creams are too thick and dense since it’s hard for you to control the amount of lather, making them ideal for multi-blade cartridges but not for safety razors

Safety shaving cream

Unlike the regular type, you need to create the lather with your hands or a brush, which helps control the amount of lather for your shave. Typically, it takes you more effort to lather but gives you a top-notch result.

The cream often comes in a tub or tube, laying somewhere between the foam and the soap, balancing convenience and quality. Creams are smooth but still a little too thick for a safety razor.  So, it would be best to have a bowl and a shaving brush to create the lather before applying it to your face.

Skin protection

Regular shaving cream

It refers to canned products, which often come in various colors, fragrances, and synthetic chemical ingredients. The thing is, scent and color are often added with chemicals thus can irritate sensitive skin. 

Regular shaving creams often come in various colors
Regular shaving creams often come in various colors

Safety shaving cream

It refers to traditional shaving cream, which often comes in white color, super-mild scent, and organic ingredients like avocado oil, Ricinus communis, etc. Those natural components tend to moisturize and nourish the skin better with a low risk of irritation.

The fragrance in traditional shaving cream, if yes, mostly comes from natural sources like fruits, flowers, and woods. 

Traditional shaving cream often come in white or light colors
Traditional shaving cream often come in white or light colors


Safety shaving creams are often more expensive at first due to their natural ingredients. But, your skin is nourished better with these products, which benefits you in the long run.

Still, if you and your skin won’t have any problems with the components of regular shaving creams, feel free to use them to save your money.

Conclusion: Regular creams are often too thick for safety razors, cause more risk of irritation for the skin, but are cheaper. Safe shaving creams typically provide ideal lather for safety razors, nourish the skin better but are more expensive.

How To Use Safety Razors With Traditional Shaving cream?

Step 1: Preparation

First, put the brush in warm water for a few minutes to build the lather quicker. 

At the same time, wash your face with warm water to soften the hair and smoothen the skin. Also, it will be best if you shave after a shower.

Step 2: Assemble the blade into the razor

You just need to twist the handle to open the head and insert the blade into it for most safety razors. Don’t forget to check if the blade looks even on both sides and be careful with the sharp edges.

Step 3: Apply the lather 

There are three popular ways to lather as below.

  • Lather in the bowl: Soak a proper amount of cream in a bowl or mug, then take the brush around in a circular motion until you get a proper lather. Then coat the skin evenly.
  • Hand-lather: Take a proper amount of cream to the palm of one hand and rub hands together until evenly distributed. Then apply to the skin.
  • Lather directly on the skin: Apply a proper amount of cream to your face. Then, move the brush in a circular motion on the skin until desired lather is formed. 

Step 4: Start shaving for the first pass

Keep the razor at a 30-degree angle and use short strokes of about 1 inch. Go with the grain (downwards) for the first pass and make sure you don’t press, use the weight of the razor instead. 

Switch to the other edge once the current edge is filled up with hair and lather. Continue on each spot until the whole area is cleaned up. 

Gently clean your face with warm water to check the shaving state when you finish the first section. 

Step 5: Shave for the second pass (optional)

If you aren’t satisfied with the result, take one more section. Now you can take longer strokes as the surface has become smooth after the first pass. 

This time, consider going across the grain, from the ear towards the nose on both sides. Again, utilize the razor’s weight to do the work, don’t press and put pressure on the skin.

For the third pass (if yes), go from the nose to the ear for the best clean shave.

Step 6: Post-shave care

Skin-care: Rinse skin with warm water to remove all foam. Then finish with cool water to close the pores gently and dry it with a soft towel. Then, apply the balm or lotion to soothe, refresh, and nurture the skin.

Razor-care: Thoroughly clean the razor under running water and dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel. Then keep it in a cool, dry place.


So, can you use a safety razor with regular shaving cream? The answer is yes. Feel free to choose the one that best fits your personality. However, don’t forget that an organic shaving medium tends to lower the risk of irritation and nourish your skin better.

Hence, if you are satisfied with your current shaving solution, simply continue with it. However, if you no longer find good results or desire to treat your skin with a safer solution, consider using traditional shaving cream coming from natural sources.  

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