Can You Use The Same Razor For Your Face And Pubic Area? (Potential Risks and Safety Tips)

Can you use the same razor for your face and pubic area, you ask? After reading this article, you will have the answer to that question and more information about your shaving routine.

Most of us want to keep things handy, and shaving is not an exception. Instead of using two razors for the beard and pubic hair, we might wonder if we can simplify the possess and use one only. 

So, can you use the same razor for your face and pubic area? Is it gross to use one razor for both body parts? Do not miss any section of this article as all of them will have many different pieces of information, safety tips, and tricks you should consider before making your own final judgment! 

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Do Beard Hair and Pubic Hair Need Different Razor Types?

Before jumping into our main question, let’s find out whether facial hair and pubic hair are too different from each other and need different razor types. 

As these two hair types come from two different body parts, they are not 100% the same. In most men, facial hair is thicker and harder than the other one. 

However, these two hair types are not that different. They are both the thickest hair in a man’s body, and both start to clearly appear when men reach their puberty. 

So, it is not necessary to use different types of razors for the two areas. Even though there are many recommendations for razors that can work better for pubic hair, using them or not is your preference and personal choice, not a must. 

Can You Use The Same Razor For Your Face And Pubic Area?

The short answer to this question is Yes. You can use the same razor for both face and pubic hair if you only have one razor and there is no other option, you can do it.

However, we do not highly recommend using your razor this way

As we said in the previous section, even though these two hair types are slightly different, the difference is not big enough to strictly use two types of razors. For this reason, many people use one razor for both areas and still get the same result after shaving.

So if you are on the side of using the one razor for convenience, then you should care about the type of your razor first. This consideration is not for the hair itself, but for the down-there’s skin and its curves. 

It might be fine to use a regular razor with no multiple-size guards for your face. But for the private part, you need to pick the ones with various size guards as there are more curves from your balls (and even anus if you shave it too).

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On the other hand, shaving one more area also means your razor will go blunt quicker, so picking the ones with durable blades is super helpful. You also need to avoid blades with nicks and cuts as they can bring bacteria and skin problems. 

razor for the face and pubic area
It can be safe to use the same razor for the face and pubic area

Bacteria – The Biggest Concern of Using the Same Razor for Face and Pubic Area

We do think it is okay to use the same razor for your beard and pubic hair, but is it the best idea?

In our perspective, it is not, as you might face the risk of bacteria transforming from place to place. This is also the biggest concern of using the same razor for your pubic area and any other part, not just the face. 

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, both genders’ genitals have their own bacterial communities. So using the same razor means you will face the risk of skin problems, even when you are healthy. 

If you are not healthy and have infection problems either on your face or private part, things might worsen. For example, the liquid from inside of your penis or the bacteria on the underpart’s skin surface will stick on the blade. 

When you use the same blades for your beard, the viruses or bacteria from the razor will move to your face and cause skin problems. And if you also like to shave your butt or anus, there are even more bacteria types that bring more skin problems like acne, itching, and irritation. 

Both genders’ pubic areas
Both genders’ pubic areas have their own bacterial communities

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Take Care of Your Genital More Carefully After Shaving

To understand why we should take care of the pubic area more carefully after shaving, we need to understand the functions of pubic hair first. Even though you might think the down-there hair is annoying, it exists for a really important reason – to protect the penises and vaginas from bacteria. 

Moreover, the hair there also protects both men and women, especially women, during and after sex. The cuts caused by intercourse can be an ideal environment for viruses and bacteria. 

So, even though we do not suggest you not shave your private area, you should keep in mind that shaving comes with a risk. What you should do is take care of this area more and stay clean, especially right after shaving. 

Always Keep the Razor Clean After Every Shaving

Keeping your razor clean is one of the most important things to do if you want to safely use it for both or more areas of your body. While properly cleaning the blade, you can get rid of a big part of bacteria, dirt, and grease.

You can also use hand wash to clean the razor and kill bacteria after shaving. When you are done cleaning the razor, use a soft piece of cloth to dry it and keep it in a dry place with a low level of humidity. 

If you want to maintain the razor for a longer time, you should also soak the razor head on medical ethanol, especially after shaving your genitals. Next, apply a thin layer of oil on the razor head or blade to keep it from rusting. 

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Never Share the Razor with Someone Else, Despite What Area the Razor Is Used for

Even though you can use the razor for both facial and pubic hair, sharing it with someone else is a completely different story. 

The worst risk you might face while using the same razor for your face and man’s private parts is to get bacteria, but using it with another person can lead to much more serious issues. It can give you not only bacteria and viruses, but also dangerous diseases like STDs, blood-transferred diseases, or even HIV.

So, no matter how close you are with the person or how healthy they look, never share your razor with them. If you use a shared bathroom with other people, take the razor out after using the bathroom to prevent someone else from using it. 

Need to Change the Blades More Frequently

If you use the same razor for two or more places, you need to change the blade more frequently as the razor will become blunt faster. When you feel like the razor is not sharp anymore, do not try too hard to use it as it might hurt your skin and give you irritation.

Contrary to what most people think, a blunt razor can make it worse than a really sharp one. If you use a blunt razor, you need to add more force to remove the hair and this action will hurt or cut your skin. 

In return, you won’t even get any nice results back as it is hard to get a smooth shaved surface with a shitty blunt razor. A sharp razor on the other hand can give you a great shaving experience if you use it properly.  

Another convincing reason to throw blunt razors away is that they will rust faster, or maybe they already have tiny rust spots. As you know, the rust itself can be harmful to our body if we cut and bleed our skin with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shaving Pubic Hair Make the “Down-There” Area Smell Better?

Generally, shaving the pubic area keeps the area smelling better as you can clean it easier. 

There is no big difference between carefully shaved and trimmed pubic hair, but your private part definitely smells worse with really long hair. 

What Should I Do to Prevent Cutting My Skin While Shaving?

You can prevent accidentally cutting your skin while shaving if you follow some basic tips below:

  • Slowly shave the area, do not rush as you will be more likely to cut and bleed your skin. This is a really important tip, especially when you shave the hard-to-see area under your balls or around your anus. 
  • Put one of your legs higher than the other to give more space for you to see where you are shaving.
  • According to Dr. Zeichner from Mount Sinai Hospital, shave the same direction of your hair and never shave against it as it can give you razor burn, cut, and ingrown hair.
  • Rinse the razor with water frequently while shaving. 

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How Not to Reduce Razor Burn After Shaving?

After shaving, you can apply some moisturizer or vaseline in the shaved area to reduce razor burn. 

You can use vaseline to reduce razor burn after shaving

Final Opinion

Now that this article is coming to an end, we are sure you have collected some useful information for your shaving routine.

We already know that you choose to do it if you prefer one razor for two areas. However, never underestimate the safety tips we have provided to ensure you are least likely to have problems with infections from bacteria transferred from different body parts. 

So, can you use the same razor for your face and pubic area? The decision is yours to make.

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