Can You Wash With Shaving Soap?

When you need to clean something, you would think of using soap and water. But what if you do not have soap readily available? Can you wash with shaving soap

Find out if this is possible by continuing to read. Our article will give you the answer you are looking for. 

Can You Wash With Shaving Soap?

Yes. Shaving soap can get the job (washing) done.

However, since they are not made to be used for washing but made to lather, protecting the skin from the sharp razor blade, as well as hydrate and moisturize the skin after it has been shaved, they may not cleanse effectively like regular soap. 

That being said, you should ONLY use shaving soap when you do not have regular soap. Do not totally replace regular soap with shaving soap. 

Why Shaving Soap Can Be Used As Regular Soap 

They Share the Same 3 Key Ingredients

The three main ingredients of regular soap are fat or oil, lye, and water. The lye for solid soap is sodium hydroxide, while the lye for liquid soap is potassium hydroxide. 

Shaving soap shares the same three main ingredients as regular soap, but typically, both sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

The sodium hydroxide makes shaving soap hard so they can be used as pucks, while the potassium hydroxide makes it soft enough to allow it to be loaded onto a brush. 

Moreover, shaving soap tend to contain more fat or oil, like tallow, palm oil, and coconut oil to offer more lather. So, the lather of shaving soap, unlike regular soap, is lush, dense, and stable. 

The lather of a shaving soap is more lush, dense, and stable 
The lather of a shaving soap is more lush, dense, and stable

The additional fat or oil also makes shaving soap more lubricating and hydrating. Hence, your skin may feel more moisturized after a wash with shaving soap. 

They Can Fulfill The Same Secondary Purpose

Still, shaving soaps can fulfill a regular soap’s secondary purpose: making your skin smell fresh and pleasant. 

Most shaving soaps are scented. Therefore, when you use shaving soap to wash, you can step out of the bath smelling wonderful, like you would if you were to use regular soaps.  

Note: But make sure your shaving soap is scented. If your shaving soap is unscented, you will not be able to enjoy this effect. 

However, do note that compared to regular soaps, shaving soaps do not have as wide of a range of scents to choose from. 

Why Shaving Soap Should Not Completely Replace Regular Soap

They Do Not Share the Same Key Purpose 

Regular soap is focused on cleansing. Its formula removes dirt, oil, and other impurities. On the other hand, shaving cream is intended to create a lather that acts as a protective barrier for the skin when shaving and before that, soften the hair for ease of shaving. 

As such, when washing with shaving cream, you may get less cleansing effects and more softening and moisturizing effects. 

In the long run, the sub-par cleansing provided by shaving cream means that your skin may be clogged with buildups of dirt, oil, and impurities, all of which, in turn, harm your skin. 

Regular Soap is Easier & More Convenient to Use 

Regular soap is much easier to use than shaving soap. 

While you can just rub a bar of soap between your palms or dispense liquid soap from a bottle, you need to use a brush to load shaving soap by swirling in circular motions

To use shaving soap, you need to create a lather using a brush 
To use shaving soap, you need to create a lather using a brush

Since washing requires a lot more soap than shaving a body part (face, leg, armpit, etc.,), the necessary loading procedure may be tedious, wearing you off. You may have to exert more effort in what was supposed to be a relaxing wash.  

In addition, your washing session will be a lot longer. And if you share a bathroom with others, you will become a “hogger” causing irritation. 

Afterward, when you are done, you must also take extra steps: pouring out any water in the shaving soap container, letting it air dry, and then capping it. 

Regular Soap is More Affordable 

The cheapest shaving soap you can find is around $10. But you can get regular soap for as little as $5, despite a shaving soap puck and a regular soap bar being sized similarly — between 3 and 4 ounces. 

A bar of regular soap is typically about the same size as a puck of shaving soap 
A bar of regular soap is typically about the same size as a puck of shaving soap


As you have read above, the answer to, “Can you wash with soap?” is YES. Since they are made of the same key ingredients, when you do not have regular soap, shaving soap can help you get the job done. You can enjoy moisturizing and fresh-smelling benefits, too. 

But you should not completely substitute regular soap with shaving soap. Since shaving soap is not formulated for cleansing, in the long run, it can leave your skin more clogged than if you were to use regular soap.

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