Cornerstone Razor Review

Cornerstone are pretty well known in the UK nowadays. With their distinct red packaging and chrome finished razor handles, they definitely give off a vibe of high quality. Their ads have also followed me around the internet for a while.

Of course, I’m not bothered about the packaging or internet marketing whatsoever – I only care about the shaving performance of the Cornerstone razor. A comfortable shave is the only thing that really matters when you’re searching for a new razor to use, especially when you’re looking to wet shave on a regular basis.

And in my quest to find the best razor club, Cornerstone was one of the first that I decided to try. But are their razors, and their other products, any good? Well, let’s see how I found their products.

Cornerstone Razor Review

If you’re in a rush, then generally I found the Cornerstone razor pretty good. The best thing about it is undoubtedly the high quality handle, which is probably the highest quality I’ve found on the market. As well as this, you also get a good shave quality too.

However, there are a few gripes I’ve got with the Cornerstone razor. In an increasingly competitive market (with the Dollar Shave Club & Harry’s still dominating), we’re all in search of the perfect daily shave. Here’s what I like, and disliked, about the razor.

The Brand

Cornerstone are one of the bigger shaving subscription services in the UK. Whilst they’re not on the level of Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club, they do have several hundred thousand subscribers across the United Kingdom, which is pretty impressive.

After starting, much like the DSC they used crowdfunding to help grow their service quite quickly. And whilst nowhere near the scale of the DSC, they’re another well thought of British brand. However, whatever you do, don’t sign up to their emails, because you’ll be spammed to death with offers.

The Cost

As it stands, Cornerstone are one of the most expensive shaving subscription services out there. You can order their razor blades via a subscription service, and if you do this, then you’ll be able to get a free, high quality handle to use them with. 

The blades themselves cost £14 for 6 of them, which makes them the most expensive blades that I’ve used with a razor as of yet. When I’m ordering razor blades online, they tend to come out at around £2 a cartridge pretty much across the board. So, they’re not much more expensive than the norm.

The Unboxing

I ordered the Cornerstone razor with 6 blades, and it also came with a separate blade cover, along with some shave gel and a small magazine. It definitely does feel like a premium shaving set, especially when you get your hands on the metal handle.


I’ll be honest in telling you that I spent about 10 seconds reading the magazine, so I can’t tell you if there was anything majorly useful in there. It all looked like stuff about the company is doing, which is great for them, but I just wanted to try the razor out to be honest.


There was a part where they mentioned the range of accessories they’re offering nowadays, which is slightly more interesting.

The Accessories

Like all of the shaving subscription brands, Cornerstone have a ton of different accessories that you can order with their products too.

The only one of these products that I actually got the ability to use was the shaving gel that came with the razor. It was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say it was any better than any of the other shaving gels that I’ve used, which are much cheaper.


Of course, their most of their main products are shaving related, with face scrubs and shaving balms being some of their bestselling products. Something else quite unique about Cornerstone is that they actually offer hair loss products too, like Finasteride and Minoxidil.

This must have been due to supply and demand I guess, with more and more. As a fully bald guy myself, I think it’s a great idea offering these kinds of treatments; they can help to delay male pattern baldness, which is definitely important if you’re balding in your 20s.

They’ve even branched out into the condom and viagra market nowadays too, so if you don’t want to pick them up from the pharmacy, then this could be a convenient way to get them.

The Handle

I have to say that the handle that the Cornerstone subscription service comes with is particularly impressive, both visually and practically. It looks excellent, and it has a Chrome finish which makes it one of the most attractive razors out there.


You also have the option to personalise the handle too, which can help to make it the ideal gift for someone else. If your son has just started shaving, then what better way to get him started than with his own personalised razor?

But it’s not just visually impressive. The handle itself is quite weighty, and the heavy razor handle is more like that of a safety razor than your typical cartridge razor. But, this extra weight helps to cut through your hair quickly and smoothly, too.

The Blades

In terms of the blades, they’re some of the most expensive that you can find. In the UK, I think they cost £14 for only 6 of them, which works out at £2.33 a cartridge. This is more expensive than Harry’s, who are amongst the cheapest, and even more expensive than the DSC too.

Are they much better in quality than those two brands? To be honest, no, I don’t think so. Whilst they’re perfectly good cartridges, I can’t see any reason why they’d be more expensive than any others out there. They’re just your pretty standard, run-of-the-mill 5 blade razor cartridges.

The Verdict

All in all, Cornerstone offer a good razor that offers a nice, clean shave. They come with some fairly expensive razor blades, but if you’re not bothered about the pricing, then I’d give them a try. They have a fairly decent range of accessories like the pre-shave scrub, and the razor itself provides a smooth shave.

But aside from the impressive handle, I don’t think they’re better than any other major shave clubs that are out there right now. But if you like a high quality razor handle and an adequate shave, then Cornerstone might be for you.

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