Defender Razor Review : Does It Live Up To The Hype ?

If you love the concept behind the Defender razor and consider including it in your grooming routine, let’s check out this Defender razor review first!

Whether it is because Defender’s marketing plans are so well executed or the matte black design of the razor itself catches your eyes, you are probably considering giving the product a try. 

Since the brand has just recently entered the market, and there are few reviews about this product you can find online, it’s no wonder you’re still reluctant to make the decision. However, we will help you out with this detailed Defender razor review!

Defender Cartridge Razor
Defender Cartridge Razor

An Overview Of Defender Razors

Defender is a USA-based razor brand that has risen to popularity with its core product – Defender cartridge razor.

It is a traditional razor system with some cool design and functionality twists that reflect their emphasis on innovation for razor technology.  

Defender cartridge razors strike a happy medium between price and performance. They are affordable and allow for more frequent replacing than other premium brands.

The design also stands out from the crowd, with a couple of technological improvements embedded into it. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

However, let’s skip what’s written on paper and see how this cartridge razor performs in reality and whether it lives up to the marketing hype.

Here is a quick summary of Defender razor advantages and disadvantages:


  • Affordable
  • Included blade cover for travel
  • Ergonomic handle construction
  • Flexible head to ensure constant contact between the blade and skin
  • Different blade choices for skin
  • Less rinsing between passes
  • Long, smooth strokes without minimal nicks and cuts
  • Ample spaces between blades prevent pulling and tugging
  • A small head with the uppermost blade positioned closer to the top makes shaving under-the-nose sections easier
  • Blade guards for better protection
  • Long-lasting blades


  • The shave is not the closest
  • Blades are not as durable as other competing brands

Defender Razor Review (In-depth Analysis)


The manufacturer put a lot of effort into designing the shaver, notably the handle.

Let’s check out the design and see how it makes sense in terms of ease of use and comfort.


What strikes most people at first glance is the one-of-a-kind shape of the handle. If you’re familiar with the traditional round shape of March 3 or Gillette 3, Defender’s handle is sure to give you a fresh shaving experience.

It looks sleek yet still feels soft, grippy, and comfortable. The rubbery feel offers a good grip even when your hands are wet with soapy water.

The only drawback, not a deal-breaker, is that some people found the handle is slightly long for their hands.

Meanwhile, the handle is just the right weight for a comfortable hold. There is some getting used to gripping it, however. It is advisable not to apply much pressure to it and let its weight do the job.

Defender also positions the pivot point of the razor to the middle of the blade with a higher stance than traditional designs.

Thanks to these features, the blades can pivot from the center to move in both directions to create a wider range of motion. Thus, the razor is up for shaving and shaping jobs at many different angles.


The Defender’s handle is polyester and comes in 3 colors. You can choose from matte black with a touch of gray on the side, rose gold, and lavender. 

Suction shower mount 

This add-on comes especially handy for those who love to shave in the shower.

You can suction it to tiles, glass, or plastic, or any smooth surface. The hair softens with water, making it easier to get a close and smooth shave.

Suction Cup Mount
Suction Cup Mount


Defender’s manufacturer did not pack a lot of blades into a cramped razor cartridge. There are only 3 blades on the head, making for a smaller cartridge head and allowing for slightly more space between the blades than 5-blade competing models. 

Besides, fewer blades mean fewer sharp objects dragging over the skin, which minimizes the risk of skin irritation. The compact head means that you can maneuver easier and quicker in the mustache areas. 

3-Blade Head Design
3-Blade Head Design

However, what essentially sets the Defender cartridge razor apart from many models out there is the flexible head design.

Each blade flexes independently to make sure that it remains in contact with your skin all the time, thanks to the so-called adaptive suspension. This flexibility enables the head to generate a closer shave by hugging curves on the face.

You can quickly notice the absence of the lubricating strip on the top of the head. It means you won’t have to deal with a slippery mess like you would with other models. 

In addition, without this strip, the top blade sits closer to the head of the razor. This feature, paired with the thin cartridge, is developed to help you maneuver under-the-nose areas with more ease and better trim every crook and crannies. 

These tight spots frequently call for special attention and a separate tool like a single blade. However, shaving with Defender can ease things up a bit, especially when you’re pressed for time.

Unlike traditional razor systems with entirely exposed sharp blades, each blade of Defender razor is attached independently and outfitted with a safety guard.

This unique design is to further protect your skin against razor burns and prevent nicks and cuts.

Customizable Blade Types

Different Blades To Fit Different Skin Types
Different Blades To Fit Different Skin Types

The critical thing about shaving is every face is different. The manufacturer knows this and provides different blade options to match the users’ skin types, including:

  • Regular blade: Regular skin
  • Sensitive blade: This type is designed for those slightly susceptible to razor burn and irritation with additional coating from the guards.
  • Extra sensitive blade: This option is for users with severe skin symptoms such as in-grown hairs, bumps, and irritation. 
  • Styling blade: This one is developed for a single-blade cartridge for detail works in sideburns, beards, or hairlines.

Shaving Quality

No pulling and tugging

The ample spaces between the blades, as we mentioned, are key to prevent pulling and tugging since tightly spaced blades are likely to pull the same hair.

Indeed, many users noted that they could make long strokes without noticeable clogging or pulling.

Closeness & Comfort

There are three separate safety guards on the head, so the sharp blades are not exposed to the skin.

Therefore, the razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave with fewer skin irritations, cuts, and redness than many brands if the shaves are one or two days apart. 

In terms of closeness, the shave is not very close compared to other premium brands. Nevertheless, it’s still a comfortable and considerably closer cartridge razor, especially when factoring in the price. 

Shave Under Nose 

The upper lip and under the nose are areas that many shavers struggle with; however, it’s not the case for this Defender razor. As mentioned, the cartridge is of thin form. 

Indeed, it is engineered around 50% thinner than regular cartridges. This thin cartridge, coupled with the well-placed uppermost blade, makes it easier for the head to fit underneath the nose and boost shaving precision. 

Easy Shaving Underneath The Nose
Easy Shaving Underneath The Nose

Ease Of Cleaning

One of the problems with tightly spaced blades is they clog easily, especially when you have close-growing or coarse, thick hair.

With Defender razor, hair and shave cream are less likely to get stuck, meaning fewer rinses between strokes.

As a result, you can save more time and have a hassle-free shaving experience with this razor.


Defender cartridge razors are affordable. Their average prices are similar to Harry’s. When considering the prices of any razor, we also factor in the costs of replacement blades. 

Defender’s refills run roughly $2.5 per blade, slightly higher than the pair price for most razors’ blades, at around $2.

Yet, if you join their subscription plans, you can purchase refills at a lower price, especially when buying in large quantities. 

A package includes:

  • One handle
  • Regular blade cartridge
  • A suction shower mount
  • A blade cover

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Defender blades per pack?

Each pack consists of 4 blades and arrives in a plastic blade dispenser.

How does the styling blade work?

Consider using this blade type if you want to do some detailed work, such as shaping or trimming the beard or hairline.

Who makes Defender razors?

Defender is a USA-based company and has run its business for around a decade. The brand is committed to improving the shaving experience by non-stop renovating its technology.

In addition, they claimed that their handles and blades are made in Israel while their cream and oil are USA-manufactured. 


In terms of comfort and affordability, these Defender razors are doing a great job. You will feel comfortable during and after shaving, without nicks, irritation, and redness. 

Also, although the shave is not the closest, it’s fast, easy, and smooth. Thanks to the widely spaced blade, there’s no need to rinse the blades as often as other models, so you save time with this razor. All in all, it’s a nice razor that’s worth trying. 

We hope our Defender razor review will help you know more about the product. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Just finished my first and last shave with my new Defender Razor. Just shaved late last night and i really don’t have a thick beard but it felt like i was using a two week old blade. The only thing i see right about there ads is the easy rinsing, that they do. When will these company’s learn there is no such thing as a quality blade made out of CHEAP Stainless Steel.
    So it’s back to the old trusty Mach 3.

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