Does Shaving Cream Expire? Is It Safe To Use Expired Shaving Cream?

Shaving cream is one of the most common grooming products available today. Some of them do not have any sort of expiry date on them. Does that mean that they will last forever? Do they even go bad if left unused for too long?

This article will help you find the answer to the question: does shaving cream expire? Within this post, we will also explain why they go bad and signs to help you identify an expired jar of shearing lubricant.

Without further delay, read on to discover!

Shaving cream is recommended while shaving
Shaving cream is recommended while shaving

Does Shaving Cream Expire?

The short answer is Yes, this product expires after some time. 

As people often say: “nothing lasts forever”; the same principle applies to shearing lubricants and most popular grooming products today.

No Expiration Date Specified

Some manufacturers do not print the expiration date on the shaving cream packaging. 

However, the general rule is that if you don’t open the can, you still have to throw it away after two or three years, provided that it’s stored properly in a dry place. 

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

On the other hand, if you open a can of shearing foam or its seal is somehow damaged by the environment, the lubricant will only last around six months to 1 year before going bad. 

That is because your hands and the surrounding environment have germs, funguses, and bacteria that can get inside the can, contaminate it as well as accelerate the spoiling process. 

For shaving cream products with high water contents, their lifespan also hits the same.

Expiration Date Specified

In this case, whether you have opened the product or not, you will have to let it go once the expiration date comes.  

The expiry date is often printed on the packaging, either near the lid or on the bottom of the can. That said, you should check the entire can thoroughly for the expiration date. 

The expiration date can be printed on the package
The expiration date can be printed on the package

Why Does Shaving Cream Go Bad?


It is not an uncommon sign to see some users complaining that their cream for shaves goes bad long before the expiry date. This problem is probably because of your poor handling. 

That means you fail to comply with the product’s instructions for storage. For example, storing the can of shaving cream at the wrong temperature, wet places, or positions with high humidity leads to foam spoilage.

As mentioned above, when you open a shearing lubricant jar, the chances of contamination appear. 

The cosmetic is left exposed to the atmosphere, makes contact with bacteria and germs, and comes in interaction with your hands, which are home to various bacteria, making the shaving cream go bad faster.

So, in a nutshell, here is what good handling looks like:

  • Store your cream in a place with the right temperature.
  • Keep your cream away from water and areas with high humidity and moisture.
  • Never leave your foam tube or can open, as bacteria can get into the tube and can via that way. Remember to seal the product carefully after use to avoid exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Do not use your hands to get the foam; use a spatula instead.

Expiry Date

Apparently, you can know how long since you open and use the product by its expiry date.

Expiry date might be added along with the reminder: “After Opening the Product” or “Before Opening the Product. It can be “Best Before Date” on the label. 

For example, a carton of milk can often last up to six months if you do not open it. However, once you have opened the carton, the milk quality can remain fresh for as long as one or two weeks in the fridge before it reaches its spoilage.

Sometimes, you can get confused by the expiry date on the label and think that your foam for shearing can last three years even if you have opened the can. Therefore, to keep track of how long your lubricant remains fresh, it is advisable that you understand the expiry date on the label.

The following are a number of the most common manufacturing and expiring date symbols on a label of a product:

  • 24M, 12M, 6M – These signs indicate that you can use this product for either twenty-four months, twelve months, or six months respectively, after opening the product.
  • BB and BBE – These signs let you know that the lubricant would be the most quality before the written date.
  • MFG, M, and MFE – These signs indicate the product’s manufacturing date.
  • E and Exp. – These signs indicate the day when the product expires.


It might seem obvious, but some people do not know that the brand of the foam might also be a determining factor when it comes to this product’s life span.

With that being said, before making a purchase on a jar of lubricant, the best you can do in this case is to do your research. 

Read all the user reviews about the brand in general and a particular product’s reviews. You should check what the users have to say about the quality, the life span of the foam you are intending to buy.

For that purpose, you should find an unbiased source of information such as a reliable forum or online community where people interested in shaving share their experiences about different types of products.

different types of products.

Signs Of Expired Shaving Cream


When a lubricant product gets old, in this case, shaving cream, it will not blend well with the razors you are using during the shaves. That means you will not get any protection from the rough cuts of your razor.

One of the most initial indicators you can see when your foam for shearing expires is the color change. Over time, the shearing lubricant may not remain its initial color. 

Instead, it turns darker from its initial shade and color. In some cases, your lubricant changes from a fresh creamy white to yellow or even light brown. 

The low amount of foam in your shearing lubricant is a piece of evidence showing that the foam has already gone bad. 

These cosmetic products are usually manufactured to create lather or layers of foam, which protects your skin from the risk of being cut from the razor blades. 

With that being said, expiration can lead to low lather production, which is telltale evidence that the cream you are using is expired.


Another way to know whether the cream is usable or not is via the smell. The smell of your shearing foam might reveal a lot about its current state and conditions. 

This cosmetic product produces a very pleasant scent and fragrance when used, making your face feel nice and fresh during and after the shaves. 

However, the moment you start to realize that the foam’s strong fragrance is gradually fading, you know that your foam for shearing has been out of date, and its quality will constantly decrease later on.

Pay attention to the performance of the shaving cream
Pay attention to the performance of the shaving cream


By inspecting the texture, you can find out if your shaving cream has gone bad or not based on the following signs.

  • The ingredients start separating, this is especially true with water-based products. 
  • The product dries up.
  • The cream’s texture turns powdery or creamy. This happens because the components behind the foamy characteristic of shaving cream, such as glycerine and stearic acid, have expired. As a result, the product loses its original structure and doesn’t look foamy anymore.  
  • The color changes: Normal shaving cream has a lily-white color. If you notice your product is turning light yellow, light brown, consider it expired. 

Is It Safe To Use Expired Shaving Cream?

No, it is not safe to use expired shaving cream. You should never apply a product that has gone bad on your face regardless of your reason. 

In most cases, expired shaving cream has been exposed to the external environment for a certain time. It means the product is now prone to bad impacts from bacteria. 

If you use expired shaving cream, you are taking the risk of inflammation with symptoms like rashes, redness, bumpy skin, and even facial infection. 

It’s worth noting that sometimes you may not pay attention to the signs of shaving cream going bad, meaning these reactions are huge red flags showing the spoilage of the product. 

If these symptoms develop after you use shaving cream, go through the list of signs of expiration and determine whether the product in your bathroom checks any box. 

Also, stop using it immediately, wash your face, and see a doctor. Have a checkup to make sure the impact of expired cream hasn’t got to your facial skin yet. 


What Can We Do With Expired Shaving Cream?

If you don’t want the product to go to waste, you can use one or all of the following ways.

  • Polish metal items: Expired shaving cream can clean stainless steel items in your house. Just take a clean dry cloth, apply the scream, and start wiping. 
  • Clean glasses: In your periodic cleaning routine, expired shaving cream will help with cleaning glasses like windows and doors. Just apply some on the surface and scrub with a piece of cloth. 
  • Remove stains from fabrics and carpets: If there is a stain that sits on your door mat or carpet forever, spray some shaving cream on it. Leave it to dry, then remove the dried cream with a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Eliminate oil stains from suede leather: By applying some old shaving cream on a suede leather jacket, shoe, and rubbing, you can remove the stain that seems impossible to remove. 
  • Shin chrome items: Your old accessories will look just like new thanks to some expired shaving cream. Take them out, use a dry cloth and wipe your chrome accessories with this product. 
  • Wash greasy hands: It’s such a struggle to clean your hands when they are greasy, oily, or have paint stuck on them. This task will be much easier if you apply a little shaving cream on your hands and rub them together.  

Overall, shaving cream can no longer be used on your face or skin after it expires. However, it’s completely fine with other types of surfaces such as certain types of metal, 

What Factors Determine The Numbers Of Shaves In One Shaving Cream Can?

There are two factors determining how many shaves you can get out of one can of shaving cream: the amount used per shave and the total amount of cream in a can.

Each person applies a different amount of cream on their face. People with a lot of facial hair have to use much more shaving cream at one time than those with a little beard. 

In some cases, a person even applies shaving cream twice for one use. These users will consume shaving cream much faster than the average user.

The total amount of shaving cream in a can varies among different manufacturers. Plus, each brand produces several sizes of shaving cream can, which can range from 3 ounces to 10 ounces. 

To know how many shaves there are in one can, you just need to divide the net weight by the amount per shave. 


To wrap things up, does shaving cream expire? The quick answer is: Yes, it does. An unopened can of shaving cream will be out of date in two to three years in an ideal preserving environment, while an opened one will last for as long as six months.

What do you think? Does this article answer all of your unanswered questions about shaving cream? Let us know what you think in the comment section. And if you like what you just read, check out other articles on our website.

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