Does Vaseline Help Razor Burn? (Explanation & Tips For Beginners)

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Razor burn is one of the most common problems many people encounter when getting smooth and supple skin. Some heard about Vaseline being used in this situation, but they’re not sure whether it’s helpful or not. While some people agree that vaseline effectively treats razor burn, others think it exerts harmful impacts on your skin. 

For more details on the role of vaseline in healing razor burn, jump right to this article to get this point across.

Does Vaseline Help Razor Burn?

Vaseline, with the full name of the product is Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly, is a perfect remedy for razor burns. This product can speed up the healing process effectively. However, you should be patient when treating your razor burn with Vaseline because it takes time to notice the result.

Vaseline helps razor burn.
Vaseline helps razor burn.

How Does Vaseline Help Razor Burn?

Vaseline is proven useful for razor burn because it’s made of 100% pure petroleum jelly containing many healthy mineral oils. Moreover, Vaseline has the function of locking in moisture.

Due to the nature of mineral oil being heavy oil, it will create a film to prevent water from evaporating, but the downside is that it will also prevent water vapor from penetrating. Therefore after a few hours, you should moisturize and apply vaseline.

Especially for those with sensitive and easily irritated skin, using Vaseline after shaving will soothe the skin, replenish moisture, and add an extra layer of protection to prevent further irritation and damage.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

How To Use Vaseline To Get Rid Of Razor Burn?

Vaseline is extremely effective in treating razor burns. However, you need to know how to use Vaseline pretroleum jelly properly to get rid of razor burns quickly.

First, moisturize your skin. Vaseline will be more effective when your skin is still damp. Make sure your hands are completely clean before using vaseline.

Then, apply a generous amount of Vaseline directly to your razor burn. You should apply it evenly, covering just enough of the shaving burns.

It is not good to apply too much because it will clog your pores, but it will not be effective if you apply too little. 

It requires you a lot of perseverance to get good results. It can’t be effective immediately, but if you maintain the regular application of vaseline, the razor burns will quickly disappear.

How To Prevent Razor Burn After Shaving

Sometimes you are tempted to rush through the tedious shaving process, which leaves razor burns down the line.

Fortunately, following these shaving best practices can prevent pesky razor burns.

Shave in the right direction

You need to keep in mind to keep shaving in one direction if you don’t want razor burns to cover your face. It would be better if you shave in the direction your hair grows or against it. 

Under no circumstance should you shave in many different directions? Otherwise, you increase your risk of razor burns, irritation, and even ingrown hairs.

A man with razor burn on his neck
A man with razor burn on his neck

Don’t shave too close to the skin

Pulling and pressing your skin taut for a close shave means that you’re hurting your skin. The skin that is pulled too tight for shaving will experience a lot of pressure and lose elasticity eventually. 

In addition, pressing and shaving a single area too many times will irritate your skin, even cause tenderness, inflammation, and a red rash once you release your hand.

Generally, one thing you should keep in mind is keeping a suitable distance from your skin when shaving.

Choose the best razor 

A good razor plays a vital role in limiting razor burns. It is highly recommended to choose the most suitable razors.

There is not the best razor for everyone, therefore, the razor which is the best fit for you depends on your personal preference and your need.  

You also should pay attention to the razor blade. It would be better to have your blades sharp and clean. Consider multi-blade if your beard is thick and your skin is not sensitive.

Don’t forget to keep the razor blades clean and remember to regularly check your razor blade.

Make sure they stay sharp for the ultimate shaving experience. If the blade is dull and unhygienic, you will be very susceptible to razor burns. 

Keep your skin moisturized

If your skin is in a chapped and dry situation, there is a likelihood that you will experience the problem of razor burns during the shaving process.

To prevent this problem, everything you need to do is always keep sufficient skin moisture. 

  • Pre-shave: Gently exfoliate and use pre-shave products such as shave-oil, shave-gel…

It will be better if you choose the ones that suit your skin. Exfoliating before shaving helps you get rid of stubborn dead skin.

Then apply lubricant evenly, enough area to be shaved. Wait a few minutes for the product to soften, but don’t let it dry for too long.

  • After-shave: Use a moisturizer to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Vaseline is considered one of the best moisturizers with 100% mineral oil to soothe post-shave skin. So it is definitely a great option to help you treat razor burns.

Razor burn can be prevented
Razor burn can be prevented

5 Ways To Treat Razor Burn Besides Vaseline

Coconut oil

Not only used in cooking, but coconut oil is also very good for your skin.

Coconut oil is a safe and effective remedy for healing razor burns because it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

To treat razor burn, apply a thin layer of coconut oil directly to the inflamed area. 

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is notorious for soothing and healing razor burns.

To treat razor burn, apply a thin layer of pure aloe vera gel to the affected area.

You can buy aloe vera gel at most drugstores. Or you can harvest it from an aloe plant.

Baking soda paste

Baking soda has the effect of cooling the skin, reducing heat, and reducing pain. Therefore baking soda is very effective in treating razor burns.

To make a baking soda paste, add baking soda to filtered water until it forms a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the skin, let it dry, then rinse thoroughly.

Something cold 

You need to prepare a cold pack or a block of ice from the freezer and gently glide it over the razor burn.

After doing it frequently, you will find no swelling and discomfort in your razor burns. 

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is an effective astringent, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and soothes mildly irritated skin.

You can use a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel to apply on the burn for best results.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Razor Burns Be Permanent?

Razor burns are not permanent if you have the proper treatment. Razor burns usually appear within an hour or two after shaving.

Razor burn symptoms include itching, redness, and peeling of the skin where you shave due to shaving in the wrong direction or using old shaving equipment.

Typically, razor burns will go away on their own, and you need only a bit of time to get it fully healed. Symptoms of razor burns may disappear completely overnight or may take two to three days, depending on your treatment. 

Conditioning the skin, moisturizing, and applying a cold pack can help razor burns improve more quickly. Although razor burns are not permanent, you should treat them properly to avoid scarring.

Does Vaseline Help With Ingrown Hairs?

The answer is Yes. Vaseline is also effective for ingrown hair.

When you shave, your skin becomes rather coarse, dry, and itchy that can cause ingrown hair.

Vaseline is an effective lotion to moisturize your skin after shaving, helping to soothe and heal your skin.

What Else Can Vaseline Be Used For?

There are many unexpected uses of Vaseline to surprise you.

  • Shaving treatment: Vaseline helps to reduce the pain caused by razor burns, heal wounds faster, soothes and hydrates any dry or severe skin more effectively. 
  • Skin moisturizer: Vaseline’s composition contains mineral oils; therefore, it can help improve the chapped situation of your skin and restore signs of damage. 
  • Hair and eyebrow growth: Vaseline can help lengthen lashes and eyebrows. In addition, it is the perfect solution for long, strong hair. 
Vaseline is effective for chapped lips
Vaseline is effective for chapped lips

Watch this video if you want to know more ways to use vaseline.

10 Ways To Use Vaseline (Product tips, how to and review 2016) ✖ James Welsh


In a nutshell, Vaseline earns itself a reputation as an indispensable healing product for many people facing up to razor burn after shaving. However, it will be better to be aware of preventing razor burn instead of depending on Vaseline. Hopefully, our detailed explanation has helped clarify your doubt regarding this question.

If you have any follow-up questions on this topic, please let us know in the comments. Also, share this with others if you find this article helpful.

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