Feather Popular Vs AS-D2? Which Safety Razor Can Meet Your Needs?

If Feather Popular vs AS-D2 are confusing you as you have no idea which one is the best for you, no worry as you can make the decision after going through all the information which is racked up after hours or research! Let’s go!

Safety razors still have a place in the heart of the vast majority of customers after centuries regardless of the prosperity of other razors such as cartridge and electric razors.

Therefore, many razor manufacturers still mass-produce new models of safety razor every year and Feather is not an exception.

Among the safety razors which have been introduced by Feather, a Japanese company, Feather Popular vs AS-D2 are the ones that draw the attention of consumers. 

Therefore, in this article we will dissect the strengths and weaknesses of both models and figure out which safety razor should be in your wishlist!

Overview About Feather Popular Vs AS-D2

Feather Popular

Product Specifications

  • Size: 3 x 3 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds
  • Handle Length: 4.05 inches
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Material: stainless steel, chrome -plated brass, and plastic.
  • Number of Blade included: 2 blades
  • Features: Change the blade easily with the butterfly opening of the shaving head.


The Feather Popular is put inside a plastic travel box which is blister-packed. Then we need help from a pair of scissors or a knife to open it. This type of packaging can reduce the cost and make up less space while transferring.

A full box of Feather Popular Safety Razor
A full box of Feather Popular Safety Razor



Let’s take a look at the handle of this razor first. The large proportion of the handle is made of black plastic with the horizontal grooves which ensure the firm grip and prevent slippage while shaving.

Move on top a little bit, we can find a silver knob in the shape of the gear whose job is to open or close the cap of the blade. You can twist it in the counterclockwise direction to open when you want to change the blade and do the opposite when you finish. 

By using mostly plastic in constructing the handle, the price of this razor can be easy on the budget of everyone however the disadvantage of this material is less resilient and lightweight. Therefore, the owners might have the feeling that they are holding a kid toy and not an actual razor.

This handle is 4.05 inches which is quite long compared to other models available at the market. 

This feature helps the razor have a good balance point despite its lightweight. And it is great for the people with big hands as they can hold the razor comfortably while the small hand individuals might struggle with it a little bit. 

Shaving Head

The shaving head of the Feather Popular razor is stuck to the handle firmly and can not be separated. The shaving head looks shiny and sleek as it is made of stainless steel and chrome-plated brass. 

On the side, the hinge is made of plastic which is not endurable and susceptible to be broken if you accidentally drop it while shaving.

The special feature of this shaving head is the twist-to-open or butterfly-opening mechanism. By twisting the knob on the handle, the cap of the safety razor will split into two halves and allow owners to change the blade quickly and easily.

However, the withdrawal of this mechanism is that the razor is not durable and easy to get broken if you accidentally drop it or hit it on the edge of the bathtub or table.

The blade when put inside the cap, will protrude slightly on the outside which might be an imminent threat if you don’t handle the razor with caution. 

Besides, the twist-to-open safety razor can not hold the blade as secure as a three-piece counterpart, so you can easily get cut if not careful. Moreover, some people might sense the blade wobble while shaving, even when they have fully tightened the shaving head.

Another issue some customers might encounter while using Feather Popular is that they unintentionally loosen the mechanical head as the balance point is where the handle meets the knob.  

Besides, the Feather Popular provides a quite aggressive shave although it has a mild design (closed comb, not adjustable, and straight bar). That’s because this razor has a medium positive exposure which allows the blade to cut deeper into the hair.

Therefore it would be a great choice for anyone who loves a little more aggressiveness from the razor, has thick and coarse hair, or wants a mild entry-level razor. 

Butterfly opening mechanism of Popular shaving head
Butterfly opening mechanism of Popular shaving head


Product Specifications

  • Size: 3 x 3 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 0.55 pounds
  • Handle Length: 3.0 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of blades included: 5 blades
  • Features: This is a  three-piece razor which is made of stainless steel from the top to bottom. Therefore, it can be taken apart which is easy for cleaning.
A box of AS-D2 Razor with razor stand
A box of AS-D2 Razor with razor stand


The way that Feather packages this product is nothing but gorgeous. They put it in a glossy and glistening square box. And inside, a pack of 5 blades and razor fit nicely in the comfy cushion.

That’s what you found in the original box of AS-D2. And if you pay more, you can find a razor stand inside the box that your razor will fit in perfectly. This razor stand can help you save a lot of space in your sink tap and work as a decoration because it is fairly aesthetic.


The handle is made of chrome coat stainless steel and engraved with lozenge cut shape running from the top to the bottom.

Furthermore, there are three grooves on the top and at the bottom of this AS-D2  which make the handle look symmetry, besides ensuring a firm grip while shaving with shaving cream or gel. This pattern can provide a maximum grip while using and pleasing the eye.

Moreover, the upper grooves are extremely useful when separating the shaving head and changing the blade. In addition, the horizontally aligned groves will give a hand all the information to naturally hold the razor in the perfect shaving position without giving it a thought.

The handle is only 3.0 inches long which is quite handy and fits in the hand of the vast majority of customers, however anyone with the big hands might find it a little bit struggling.

Inside the box of AS-D2 without a razor stand
Inside the box of AS-D2 without a razor stand

Shaving Head

The shaving head is made of the same material with the handle so there is a synchronicity about the color from top to the bottom. On the side, you can find that AS-D2 has three slashes and a close comb head which allow the razor to move around the jawbone area better and smoother. 

The blade gap of AS-D2 is only 0.73 millimeters which is quite narrow, so this razor is not too aggressive. 

Furthermore, this gap is ideal for the owners to shave at a more acute angle without worrying about cuts, nicks, or razor burn. Therefore, this is a razor that customers with fragile skin shouldn’t miss.

As a result, you won’t even notice the razor on your skin because of its limited blade exposure and outstanding sharp blades. Because of the great quality and long-lasting nature of this product, you won’t need to purchase another safety razor after using this one.

AS-D2 is a three-piece razor which means besides the handle, the shaving head is constituted by two components: cap and middle plate. In order to dissemble the cap and the middle plate, put your hand on the top grooves of the handle and twist it until the handle falls off the shaving head.

Additionally, when the blade is installed inside the shaving head, the blade is completely covered by the cap so your fingers are safe from the cuts and nicks if you accidentally touch it.

The Detail Comparison Between Feather Popular Vs AS-D2


First, let’s look at what these razors have in common before assessing the differences. Both products are the child or Feather and compatible with all double edge shaving blade


Pin To Pin Comparison

Model Feature Material Handle Height Weight
Popular Change the blade easily with the butterfly opening of the shaving head. Stainless steel, chrome -plated brass, and plastic 4.05 inches 0.2 pounds
AS-D2 The stainless steel razor can be taken apart into three pieces which is easy for cleaning. Stainless steel 3.54 inches 0.55 pounds


In terms of the packaging, The Feather Popular can’t not beat the AS-D2. While the Feather Popular is blister packaged, the AS-D2 is put in the polished square box with the comfy cushion inside.

The difference between both comes from the different customer segmentation. While the Popular might be just a safety razor, the AS-D2 might be a present or an ornament, beside a shaving tool.

As a result, the Popular stand no chance against AS-D2 in this criterion.

Razor stand of AS-D2
Razor stand of AS-D2


The first difference comes from the materials. While the handles of Popular are the combination of chrome -plated brass, stainless steel, and plastic, the whole AS-D2 is stainless steel.

While Popular has many grooves running down from the top, the AS-D2 only has 6 grooves, three each on the top and at the near end.

While holding the razors during shaving, AS-D2 can provide a better feeling as it is heavier than the Popular counterpart because it is stainless steel. Meanwhile, Popular provides a firmer grip as its handle is mostly plastic.

As a result, customers might prefer Feather Popular than AS-D2 in terms of the grip while using.

Shaving Head

The twist-to-open mechanism really outweighs the blade replacing process of the three-piece razor.

While the shaving head of the AS-D2 is unattachable, the head of Popular is unseparate with the handle. Therefore, you might encounter some hassles and spend a little time cleaning the razor after shaving.

The cap of AS-D2 has a better design as it wholly covers the blade while you can see the blade stick out of the cap on the Popular razor. As a result, AS-D2 can protect the user from getting cuts when accidentally touching it.

On the other hand, Popular’s cap is not as secure as three-piece razor like AS-D2 so you might be susceptible to cuts and nicks if you are reckless.

When it comes to replacing the blade, the butterfly opening mechanism of Popular really has a leg up on AS-D2. With the Feather Popular, you just have to turn the knob under the shaving head until the both sides of the cap open completely. 

In contrast, the AS-D2 needs you to disassemble the whole razor before placing the new blades which might cost you more time and your safety as you have a higher chance of getting cut from the blade. 


If you are about to hop on the plane and travel somewhere, Popular might be the great choice as this razor comes with a plastic carrying box. For that reason, you can bring it along with you at ease without worrying about the blade or the handle getting damaged when putting in the luggage.

On the other hand, the AS-D2 comes with a big square box which might take up a large portion of your luggage. 

As a result, the Popular will be your best traveling buddy which you can bring along without any concern.


When putting two razors shoulder by shoulder, we could realize that the Popular blade exposes a little bit more than the AS-D2. Thanks to the wider blade exposure, Popular can provide a deeper and more aggressive shave than AS-D2.

This is a choice if you have a thick and coarse beard. However, it means you must be careful when shaving with Feather Popular as you might end up with cuts and nicks.

Meanwhile, AS-D2 can still provide a close shave, although it is not as close as what you have with a Popular razor. Still, your skin will experience less stress on the surface as the razor is quite mild. For that reason, this safety razor can work well if you have fine hair and still offer a close shave. Therefore, It is the best buddy for people with sensitive skin.

When it comes to following the contour of your face while shaving, the AS-D2 performs better especially when transitioning from the chin to the neck thanks to the seamless cap. As the cap of Feather Popular is splitted into two even half, the hair might get stuck while shaving backward.

In this section, it’s an even between these razors as it might depend on the needs and type of your facial hair.


In terms of price, Feather Popular is more reasonable than Feather AS-D2. With just around 26 bucks, you can get a Popular razor with two blades. That price is quite friendly for most of the customers.

In contrast, in order to own a box of AS-D2 razor which includes a handle and 5 blades, the amount of money you must spend is around 180 bucks. The price might reach nearly 300 bucks if you want a box with a razor stand inside.

That price might sound insane for a safety razor but what you get from purchasing this product won’t let you down.

The winner is Feather Popular when it comes to budget-friendly.

Pros and Cons of Both Razors Blades

Feather Popular


  • Despite its lightweight, it maintains an excellent balance point.
  • Can provide the excellent shave
  • The handle has horizontal grooves that make it easy to hold.
  • Replacement of a blade is a snap thanks to the butterfly’s structure.
  • Reasonable price but comes with great quality.


  • As the handle is made of plastic, it is more lightweight than other safety razors.
  • Compared to other designs, the butterfly’s structure is more vulnerable to breaking.

Feather AS-D2


  • All the shaving head and handle of AS-D2 are made of stainless steel which make the razor look more aesthetic and luxurious.
  • High endurance thanks to the great materials.
  • The head design can protect users from getting unwanted cuts


  • The price is not budget friendly for most customers.
  • Not a great choice if you have a thick and coarse beard

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a safety razor with a reasonable price that can shave off the thick and coarse hair easily. You definitely purchase the Popular.

However, if you have a generous budget for a razor and have the great shaving experience without getting any unwanted consequences such as cuts and nicks or razor burn, you can go for AS-D2. Additionally, this razor is also a great gift for some special occasion.


And all the strengths and weaknesses of the duo Feather Popular vs AS-D2 have been unveiled. We hope that you already accumulated all the useful information for your decision.

Comments and questions are always appreciated. Let your friends and family know what a great resource this piece is by sharing it on social media. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day shaving!

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