Gillette Heritage VS King C – Which Product Is Better For You?

For shaving enthusiasts, Gillette is a household name. Ever since its introduction in 1901, Gillette has managed to take the world by storm with its innovative products, completely changing the way people handle grooming.

In today’s article, let’s have a look at the two most popular items of Gillette, namely the Gillette Heritage Vs King C. What are the differences and similarities between these two models, and which one is a better choice for you? Keep scrolling and see how it goes!

Overview Of Gillette Heritage And King C

Before diving into more specific details, it is worth knowing a bit more about these two products that we will be comparing today. Below is a brief description of each item and the role it plays in the grooming industry.

What is Gillette Heritage?

Gillette Heritage is a long-established line of products from the company
Gillette Heritage is a long-established line of products from the company

As the name already indicates, Gillette Heritage is one of the company’s earliest double-edge safety razors. Originally developed in 1929, Heritage was once considered a must-have for all men. 

Not only is it beautifully designed with a classic shape, but it also provides decent performance that minimizes skin irritation. This is thanks to the ergonomic handle for a stronger grip and a closed comb design with blades that offer extreme sharpness but not at the cost of your comfort.

Unfortunately, the OG Heritage is no longer in circulation. It was not until early 2020 that Gillette decided to bring back its old-time best-seller. The Gillette Heritage you can purchase today is inspired and developed based on the OG version, which has been constantly improved since.

What is King C?

King C razor was part of the newly launched collection in 2020
King C razor was part of the newly launched collection in 2020

Unlike Gillette Heritage, King C is a newly launched grooming collection from the manufacturers. 

It was put on the market in 2020, claiming to be the cutting-edge item for 21st-century gentlemen. It is Gillette’s declaration that King C reflects the values held dear to the manufacturer years ago, as they accompany men in their daily grooming rituals and habits. 

While the core values of King C do not vary much from most standard Gillette razors, you will notice subtle variations in terms of looks, designs, and packaging. 

King C is determined to stand out as a go-to grooming line of products for young adults in the modern era, making it different from other predecessors in both the appearance and the performance. 

Gillette Heritage And King C Similarities

Brand name

Both Gillette Heritage and King C are designed, mass-produced, marketed, and sold under the name of Gillette – one of the oldest corporations in the grooming industry. 

These two models share the reputation associated with their brand name, thus explaining why so many avid shavers are more than willing to test them out.

Target audience

Both Gillette Heritage and King C aim at Gillette’s long-time admirers, as most details on these razors remain loyal to the original visions of Mr. King Camp Gillette himself. 

They are also designed for anyone wishing to have a neat, fresh look on their face and are familiar with using double-edge safety razors instead of straight razors.

Both of these models can provide a close cut]
Both of these models can provide a close cut

On a relevant note, both Gillette Heritage and King C provide shavers with a super close cut with a minimal amount of nicks and irritations. Feel free to slide the razors effortlessly across your skin without worrying about developing razor burns or bumps later.

However, it should be noted that these two models are not exactly ideal for people with thick, coarse hair. Trying to get rid of a large beard using either Gillette Heritage or King C may cause problems for the skin.

Gillette Heritage And King C Differences

Price range

As far as the price is concerned, there is a small discrepancy between these two models. 

  • Gillette Heritage: It is available at nearly $35, a relatively affordable price for such a classic and highly efficient product.
  • King C: On the other hand, King C is slightly cheaper, as it costs no more than $29. 

Such a difference can be explained by how trendy King C is, compared to the historical vibe embraced by its predecessor. As the product aims at a younger target audience, it is reasonable that the price tag remains relatively lower. 

Conclusion: King C is the winner in this category, since it presents itself as a more economical option should users be short on money.

Time of introduction

Gillette Heritage was among the first products circulated in the market by the company, with an official introduction date in 1929. However, it should be noted that the OG Heritage has been out of stock for quite a while. 

In 2020, the company decided to release a Heritage-inspired version, which is essentially a replica of the OG. 

King C started to enter the market in 2020 as part of Gillette’s effort to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive industry. The timing of its launch helps King C mark itself as the innovative and sophisticated razor for modern men.

Conclusion: Gillette Heritage has a richer history while King C enjoys the privileges of being born in the 21st century. If you are a fan of traditional razors, you will be pleased by the former. On the other hand, young, modern groomers may find pleasure using the latter. 

Handle’s design

At first glance, the handle’s design of both Gillette Heritage and King C is the same. They both share a chrome-plated, cylindrical handle that speaks volumes of how durable and sturdy these two models are. But a closer look will reveal the differences between Gillette Heritage and King C.

Gillette Heritage comes with a relatively short, chrome-plated handle that measures 3 inches in length. 

As this handle is shorter and slimmer than most older models, feel free to move the razor around under your chin and neck. Such a hold means you will have a more tactile and lighter touch around the corner.

The indentations are covered from the top of the handle all the way down to its base, with the exception of a tiny area. Look closely enough and you shall see how Gillette Heritage has multiple micro engravings for a better grip.

Its width is rather thick, though it fits in with most classic razors designed in the last century. Hence, anyone with large hands and fingers will find this handle a blast. 

King C is different in its long, slender handle
King C is different in its long, slender handle.

King C has a slender and longer handle that measures up to 3.75 inches, where the base rounds itself instead of being flat. Similar to Gillette Heritage, King C’s handle is also chrome-plated. Such an ergonomic handle means you get to have total control with every shave. 

The indentations put on the shaft are designed differently and only cover the upper half. This leaves the entire lower body blank. 

As for the width, King C is not as wide in diameter, so the handle does look smaller. Thus, people with smaller hands may enjoy this product far better than those with big fingers. 

Conclusion: Gillette Heritage offers a more solid look with its thick and almost fully indented handle. Thus, it is better for anyone with large fingers. At the same time, King C is longer, smaller, and more chic, making it more suitable for young adults with smaller fingers. 


Gillette Heritage and King C have slightly different features that make them stand out from one another.

Firstly, it is about the design of the head. While the Gillette Heritage employs a twist top mechanism to open up the plate and replace the blades, King C requires customers to unscrew the handle by holding it upside down. 

Secondly, the blade on Gillette Heritage is less sharp and not as unforgiving as King C. If you want a quick and easy shave, Gillette is enough. But to achieve strong beard lines or deal with sideburns, King C’s blade is more suited.

Conclusion: Gillette Heritage has a twist top mechanism and feels lighter on the skin. King C has a central screw and two location posts to keep the blade in place and is more aggressive against the skin. In this category, Gillette Heritage has a slight edge over its counterpart. 


Gillette Heritage weighs 2.88 ounces, a reasonable amount given how cumbersome it may appear to certain users. 

When combined with the handle design and closed comb head, Heritage keeps each cut even and controlled to ensure the safety and comfort of shavers.

King C is a bit heavier in this category, with a total weight of up to 3.68 ounces. That being said, this is not necessarily a downfall for this model since many men prefer a firm grip on their shaving tool.

Conclusion: Gillette Heritage is more comfortable for people who wish to have a light, easy hold. On the other hand, King C will fit better with anyone wanting a stronger hold.


Gillette Heritage is reported to be slightly bumpy, especially when having to deal with thick, coarse hair. While it does not taut the hair or cut on sensitive skin, Heritage is not ideal for an effortlessly smooth shave against lots of growth. 

Still, if you only want to remove stubble and anything similar, Heritage will suffice.

King C is praised by customers for being smoother and more efficient than its Heritage counterpart. Admittedly, this difference only exists when shavers need to get rid of their long, bushy beards. But it does not mean that the performance level of these two models is the same. 

As for the blades and the build quality, Gillette Heritage and King C are not that widely different. The only thing that marks the disparity in performance between these two is probably how close you can press the razor against your skin.

Conclusion: When it comes to any decent amount of growth, King C proves to be a better razor. At the same time, Heritage and King C are on par with one another in dealing with softer, shorter hair.

Accessories included

Gillette Heritage stands out with a traditional storage case, lined with a rich brown interior. The attached case offers enough space for users to put in the handle, the head, and 5 refill blades. 

Not only does it act as a protective measure for when you need to put away your razor or move it around, but it also increases the overall value of each Heritage purchase.

Heritage prides itself on the intricate box included
Heritage prides itself on the intricate box included

King C is accompanied by 5 refill blades, all packed in a small carton box. It sure is a standard package like most Gillette products, but the charms are quite feeble here.

Conclusion: Gillette Heritage tops its successor with the addition of a storage box.

Gillette Heritage And King C: Which One Is Better?

Now that we have read about the similarities and differences between Gillette Heritage and King C, it is time for the final verdict.

Overall, these two models do not differ too significantly in terms of performance or shaving purposes. The only factors that help filter out the ideal customer section for each item is how it is designed and packed. 

Hence, there is no definitive saying whether Gillette Heritage or King C is the winner here. If you are a fan of classic Gillette razors and wish to continue using a piece inspired by the famous Heritage model, then it should go without saying that Gillette Heritage is your best bet.

On the other hand, King C will best serve customers looking for a fresh change in their grooming routine. The innovative package and design from this product make it highly favorable among youngsters, not to mention the slightly more affordable price.


In the battle of Gillette Heritage vs King C, the outcome depends entirely on you. If you want a safe option, going for Heritage is highly recommended. But if you are into experiencing the new, King C will live up to your expectations. 

Either way, learn about these two items carefully before making your decision!

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