Gillette Sensor Vs Sensor Excel: Which One Should You Pick?

If you have no idea which razor you should pick between Gillette Sensor vs Sensor Excel, we have all the information here which can help you make up your mind easier. Let’s go!

Gillette with more than hundred years running their business always knows exactly what customers need for grooming or freshening up.

Therefore, they have various products that would meet all customer’s needs and Gillette Sensor vs Sensor Excel are two of them.

Both products have many things in common such as design, appearance, functions, and features. Therefore, customers are really confused when picking which one will be their best shaving buddy.

If you are in the same situation, going through this article will hand you all the details and features of both razors which will help you make up your mind easier and better. Keep scrolling down for more!

Overview About Gillette Sensor Vs Gillette Sensor Excel

Gillette Sensor

Gillette Sensor Razor is one of the most popular products that gained the credibility of many users since the day it was launched in 1990.

Gillette Sensor is a cartridge razor with a handle and the razor head can be taken apart easily. When the blades of Gillette Sensor get dull, you can get rid of it and replace it with the new blades which can be bought on any e-commerce platform.

First, the outlook of this product is sleek thanks to the silver and black color. 

The Gillette Sensor razor has two blades which are made of stainless steel and coated with chromium. 

For that reason, the blade’s optimal performance will last longer as well as causing less skin irritation or razor burn because chromium absorbs heat from friction created by shaving. 

Besides, the ability to respond safely to every detail of your skin is also a factor that helps maintain the sharpness of the blades.

Furthermore, these blades can adjust themselves and the razor head can pivot so they can move along the contour of your face easily and reduce the nicks and cuts on your skin. Another point to the blades is they have spring-loaded features which help owners to change the blade easily.

The handle of the Gillette Sensor head looks quite sturdy and provides the firm grip with the black color rubber cover around the handle. 

You cannot buy the original handle for Sensor nowadays as it was discontinued in 1997 but the good news is these blades can fit with other latest Sensor razors. 

Besides the twin blades product, Gillette also manufactures the three blade version obtaining all the strength of the twin blade Sensor but performs better in terms of closeness and smoothness. 

Moreover, each three-blade razor can offer up to 10 smooth shaves which is a best fit for sensitive skin. It is also designed for a close and comfortable shave so customers can rinse it easily after shaving.

Another feature that might cheer many people up is the Lubrastrip. This feature can help razor glide smoother on the skin surface which prevents the nicks or cuts.

Gillette Sensor Excel

After the unbelievable success of the Sensor model, Gillette later manufactured the Sensor Excel which is an updated version of the Sensor.

Gillette has armed this model with lift and cut technology in getting a close shave done and its blades always set at their maximum cutting angle.

As a result, users must comprehend the angle their facial hair grows; if they shave against the grain, they can suffer from skin irritation as the blades cut the follicles too low. The hair will curl, and there is a high chance of creating ingrown hair issues.

As a descendant, Sensor Excel inherits all the special features of the previous product such as the chromium coating blades, the self-adjusting blades.

And just like Gillette Sensor, you can use Gillette Excel with other Gillette replacement blades. Besides, both versions have the same handle which has an easy, comfortable grip and pivoting head in the middle. 

Thanks to these features, the razor can move around the face easily, is lightweight, and easy to use.

Moreover, Sensor Excel is armed with protective and soft Micro fins located below the blades which increase the shaving experience by raising the hair even the most stubble one. Furthermore, it also has built-in skin protection.

As a result, the blades can cut off the hair easily without making too much stress on the skin or causing any  cuts and nicks.

In addition, the clean shave comes from the two to three ultra-sharp blades. When the top blade deals with the top of the hair, the lower blade(s) will follow the same action, ensuring that every hair is chopped to a smooth surface.

Besides, on top of the razor is the location of Lubricating strips which are made from Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs). When this substance gets dampened by water, it will stretch, unfold, and swell on the skin surface which makes the shave smoother.

The Detail Comparison Between Gillette Sensor Vs Gillette Sensor Excel


Before jumping into the differences between two models, we must comprehend the similarities of these products.

First, both razors have the same appearance and they all have lubricating strips. Second, the blades of Sensor and Sensor Excel are made of stainless steel with a coat of chromium, providing a close and smooth shave. 

In addition, the comfortable shave of both razors is from self-adjusting blades. Another thing that both models have in common is the spring-loaded feature which allows the user to change the blades in a nick of time.


Sharpness And Longevity

As the blades of both razors are made of the same materials with the same coating, the sharpness won’t be much different.

However, with the aid of the lubrication strip and microfins, the blades’ job will be easier. As a result, the Sensor Excel blades can maintain their optimal performance and sharpness longer than the original Sensor as well as provide the closer and smoother shaving experiences.

Although the Sensor model has a lubrication strip on top of the blades, this strip is narrow and thin which can’t provide the shave as close and smooth as the Gillette Sensor Excel.

Basically, the Sensor Excel will get dull after around 11 shaves while the average figure for the original Sensor is 8. 


The handles of both razors have the same external design as well as being made of the same materials. Therefore, the gripping experience of these products are the same. However, you can tell the difference by the color of the rubber part.

On the Sensor Excel, the rubber on the handle has gray color while the color for the Sensor is black.


In terms of price, Gillette Sensor is cheaper than the Gillette Sensor Excel.

In order to have 10 replacement blades of  Gillette Sensor Excel, you need to spend about 12  to 15 bucks, depending on the deal you find. And around 10 to 13 bucks for the same amount of Gillette Sensor.

If you want to know how both products actually work in daily life. Check out the video below:

Pros and Cons of Both Razors

Gillette Sensor


  • The price is affordable which is friendly for the budget of the majority of customers
  • Pivoting head can move along the contour of your face better and provide a close and smooth shave.
  • Comfortable grip during usage, relieving the tiredness when shaving too long.


  • Might not be a good choice for sensitive skin as the lubrication strip is thin and small.
  • The closeness after shaving is average as it does not have microfins which lift and raise the hair for the blades to cut off thoroughly.

Gillette Sensor Excel


  • Pivoting heads are better able to follow the contours of your face and provide a close and clean shave.
  • Provide comfortable grip while using, allowing users to hold and shave with it for a long time.
  • Treat your sensitive skin gently with the Microfins and lubricating strips


  • The replacement blades are quite pricey so most customers can not afford them.

Final Verdict

It is quite clear that Sensor Excel outweighs the original Sensor in many criteria except price. 

For that reason, if you don’t have a tight budget and want to find a cartridge razor that can treat your sensitive skin gently and softly as well as provide a great post shaving experience, Gillette Sensor Excel is great for your choice.

In contrast, if you don’t want to spend much money on a razor or you are not too picky when it comes to shaving experience, the original Sensor is a good choice.


We hope that after reading this article, you will have the insight about both products, Gillette Sensor vs Sensor Excel and cake make up your mind easily.

In general, we would recommend you Sensor Excel if you care for your skin as well as the closeness as it has a lot of features to protect your skin surface. However, Gillette Sensor is still a great option for you if you can’t afford  Sensor Excel 

Your thoughts and inquiries are always welcome. Please spread the word about this post amongst your social network if you found it useful. Have a great day shaving and thanks for reading!

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