Gillette Vs Schick: Which One Is Better For You?

Gillette or Schick? Are you leaving undecided between these two razor brands? Let’s take a look at their benefits and decide which suits you better.

When it comes to shaving, Gillette and Schick are the two big names dominating the market. However, choosing between these two brands is not always easy since their products are always top-notch.

Still, each brand has its pros and cons in comparison to each other. It’s time to shed light on the differences between the two giants, from brand value to performance and convenience.

Then, either Gillette or Schick, you can decide which one is best worth your money.

Gillette or Schick
Gillette or Schick: Which one is best for you?

Overview Of Gillette And Schick

What is Gillette?

Gillette is a U.S razor brand established in 1901. In 2005, the company became a member of Procter & Gamble, the largest consumer goods company in the world.

Gillette razors have been among the top-notch products in the sector. The brand provides a huge range of razors and related components to satisfy customers all over the world.

What is Schick?

Schick is a U.S razor brand introduced in 1926 as the name Magazine Repeating Razor company. In 2003, the company was acquired by Edgewell, an organization providing personal care products.

Edgewell is not quite as popular as Procter & Gamble but still owns some famous brands, for example, Playtext, Banana Boat, and Wilkinson Sword.

Gillette And Schick Similarities

Both Gillette and Schick are razor giants that provide top shaving products for many years. Their razors not only help in shaving but also trimming with a separate blade for the trimmer.

The two companies are the most well-reputed producers of razors, providing the top disposable and reusable razors with an outstanding balance of performance and convenience, meeting various customers’ needs worldwide.

Gillette Or Schick: 7 Differences In Detail

Brand value and market share

Gillette has firmly dominated the razor market as the leading brand for many years. Despite some gradual decrease in its market share as new competitors have entered the sector, the company still held half of the market with a market share of 54% in 2020.

Meanwhile, Schick comes after with a market share of about 10%, which is a huge gap for Schick to overtake Gillette in the future.

Conclusion: Gillette leads the razor market.

Schick Hydro 5 Vs. Gillette Fusion 5
Schick Hydro 5 Vs. Gillette Fusion 5

Flexibility in transition

To create razors that can adapt to different contours and areas, Gillette features the “Flexball” at the handle, while Schick has the Flip trimmer and the Slim-head design. Of which each has a unique feature as below.

  • Gillette: The Flexball technology has a reputation for flexible moving the razor in every direction thanks to a rotating ball, resulting in a better range of motion while shaving. It works when moving from the chin to the neck, for instance.
  • Schick: The slim-head design makes it easy to closely touch curved and narrow spots like the one under the nose. Besides, its Flip trimmer feature allows users to easily flip back the Hydrating Gel Reservoir and expose the top blades to closely touch the skin, combine with a slim-head design, making it easy to precisely shave the hard-to-reach areas like the one right under the nose, the neck, and sideburns.

Conclusion: Gillette offers more flexible movements, while Schick is better for shaving on tricky spots.

Lubrication system

The lubrication feature mainly helps in creating smooth motion and reducing friction against the skin. To be sure, almost all razors of the two brands have good lubrication systems, but Schick is considered better.

  • Schick: Schick reportedly has the best lubricating strip with its 7 Gel Pool feature in the Hydro 5 version. The technology allows the gel to gradually release while working, which helps the razor move easier and creates super-smooth touches on your skin. Some said they don’t have to put on shaving cream sometimes, just deep the razor into warm water to release the gel.
  • Gillette: Gillette also has moisturizers and mineral oils on the blades to create smooth glides on your face. Still, this is not as well-acclaimed as the 7 Gel Pools of Schick.

Conclusion: Schick is ranked higher at moisturizing and offering smooth touch. Also, high moisture offers way less pressure on the razor, resulting in longer longevity for the Schick razor. Besides, it helps in the situation without any shaving cream.

Pressure on the skin

Schick possesses the anti-shock absorption technology that auto-adjusts to pressure and provides a proper amount of contact with the skin, backing off if you are pressing too firmly. This one is available on the Hydro 5 version.

At the same time, Gillette offers anti-friction blades for “A shave you barely feel” available on the Gillette Fusion5.

Conclusion: If you prefer a safe shave, Schick will help. If you want a super-light experience, Gillette is the best choice.

Schick Quattro Titanium with the wire system
Schick Quattro Titanium with the wire system

Close-cut support

Gillette cartridges are considered better for a close-cut, especially for the Fusion 5 version. Its ultra-thin and super sharp blades offer clean, close, and strong shave with minimal work.

At the same time, Schick Hydro 5 has a unique design of the cutting surface, allowing the blade to better contact the skin, allowing deep shave but still leaving some marks.

Besides, the Schick Quattro Titanium has a wire system that wraps over the razor’s edge, reportedly prevents the blades from directly touching the skin, and avoids cuts, burns, etc. This feature particularly helps in close shave without risking a cut.

Conclusion: Gillette provides deep cleaning with less labor. Schick ensures safer but needs more work to clean entirely, helps if you’re going to retain some hair signature on your face.

Sensitive skin protection

The Gillette Skinguard 2-bladed razor has been designed to target the issue of acne, pimples, and razor bumps. It comes with guards between the blades, lubrication before and after the edges, plus a low cutting force to lower the effect on the skin.

The Gillette Skinguard razor
The Gillette Skinguard razor

Meanwhile, the Schick Hydro 5 Sense is considered the best razor for sensitive skin, in which the Hydrate gel provides rash-free shaving and protects the skin from redness, burn, and bumps, leaving the skin soft and fresh.

Besides, its 5 ultra-glide blades feature skin guards for each and offer minimal friction against the skin.

Conclusion: The two companies have worked on features that reduce effects on sensitive skin. Still, Schick offers the best multi-bladed razor for sensitive skin.

Blade quality

Overall quality:

  • Gillette blades are always top-notch with proper sharpness and amazing accuracy, specifically helps in close shave with minimal pressings. In addition, they are reputed to minimize friction with low-friction coating, resulting in pleasant glides instead of tugging and pulling.
  • Schick blades also get good reviews for providing super-glide and non-rashness shaving experiences. Still, they are supposed to be less effective than Gillette ones and over-sharpness sometimes, causing an uncomfortable feeling while cleaning.


  • Gillette blades tend to cause more irritation and pressure after 2 – 3 times using, especially for the Fusion 5 version.
  • Schick blades get more good feedback for offering a longer use without getting dull or lowering effectiveness.

Conclusion: Gillette blades offer excellent quality but less using time in most cases, causing you a significant amount of money to refill since Gillette setup is always expensive. Meanwhile, Schick blades are less effective but offer a longer use and often provide more edges in each package.

Gillette Vs. Schick: Which Is Better?

So, we’ve learned about the differences between Gillette and Schick razors.

In short, Gillette is rated the best at overall shaving experiences with good design and performance. Still, Schick stands out in some specific sectors, such as lubrication and sensitive skin support.

From my perspective, there’s no real winner here because it depends on our personal preferences. Again, let’s review their pros and cons and decide which one is the best for you based on your specific needs.


  • Position in the market: Leads the market with a significant amount of market share.
  • Flexibility: Super-flexible motions with the Flexball technology allow the razor to move in every direction and smoothly switch between different “terrains.”
  • Lubrication: Provides moisturizers and mineral oils on the blades but hasn’t achieved any outbreaking in the field, plus always requires the shaving cream to function well.
  • Pressure: Offers super-light shaving experiences with anti-friction blades and helps cut various hair types at different body parts.
  • Close-cut support: Provides clean and sharp cuts for a close shave within some passes, helps in saving time and energy.
  • Sensitive skin support: Has a specialized product for sensitive skin, minimizes tug and pull, and prevents irritation.
  • Blade quality: Features a proper sharpness and incredible accuracy for deep and quick cleaning but a shorter lasting time in some cases.


  • Position in the market: Ranks the second on the market with a huge gap in market share compared to Gillette.
  • Flexibility: Provides less flexible movements but works well on harder-to-reach areas like the spot under the nose and sensitive areas.
  • Lubrication: Produces the top-notch lubricating strip with the 7 Gel Pools, creates smooth shaving experiences, and allows shaving without the cream.
  • Pressure: Offers safe and smooth shaving experiences with the anti-shock absorb technology.
  • Close-cut support: Reduces the risk of cuts in close shaves dues to the wire system but may miss the marks.
  • Sensitive skin support: Stands out with the Hydor 5 Sense razor, offering the best rash-free shaving experiences.
  • Blade quality: Tends to be less effective but lasts longer than Gillette ones.


By the end of the article, you must have learned about the benefits and disadvantages of the two razor brands. So, Gillette or Schick?

After all, remember that the final answer depends on your preferences. Gillette may provide a better overall shaving experience, but Schick offers a better smooth shaving and will help without creams. Hence, to choose the correct brand that fits you the most, know what you literally need.

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