Harry’s Razor Review

Harry’s have become one of the biggest brands when it comes to shaving, both in the UK and the US too. Designed to be a cheaper alternative to conglomerate Gillette and higher quality than a disposable razor, the design is instantly recognizable.

Who hasn’t heard about Harry’s razors? It seems like every time I walk into Boots they’re on the end of the aisle being promoted. They’re another razor subscription service, but recently they’ve grown into a store bought brand too. So, is this razor actually any good, or is it all just publicity?

Well, I had to give it a try. I used the Harry’s razor for a few weeks to test it out and see how it felt against my skin. And well, here’s how I found it over the time that I used it.

Harry’s Razor Review

The Brand

Harry’s are, well pretty much everywhere nowadays. What once was a small subscription service is now a fully fledged brand, and you can find their products everywhere, in places like Superdrug and Boots. In America, they’re stocked in Walmart, amongst other stores.

Whilst you might think that they’re a British brand due to their name, they’re actually an American brand, based in New York. They’ve grown to being worth more than a billion dollars.

The Cost

Price wise, they’re actually better than the majority of the competitors that are out there. Their main subscription deal sells their blades at £14 for 8 of them, which is slightly less than the other major shave clubs (the DSC are £8 for 4, so a bit more expensive).

As well as this, they also offer that you only pay the delivery costs of £3.95 for the trial, which includes some blades and the Harry’s handle. It actually ends up being a little cheaper than the Dollar Shave Club. So for this price, you can’t really go wrong with testing it out.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

The Unboxing

I ordered the standard Harry’s subscription service, which came with the razor itself, as well as the blades. Harry’s Truman razor, which has now become pretty well known for its style and flexible head, is actually very lightweight. It also comes with the Harry’s shave gel, and a small manual on how to get the most effective shave.


Here’s the manual that the Harry’s order came with. It’s quite neat, and it actually has some useful information in, as opposed to being filled with useful jargon.


One thing that I definitely agreed with Harry’s on here is actually paying attention to which direction your hair grows in. Shaving with the grain and shaving against the grain are completely different experiences, and you need to shave with the grain first. Shaving against the grain straight away is going to get you a one way ticket to Razorburn-ville (no, it’s not a real place).


You should also splash your face with cold water when you’ve finished your shave, as the Harry’s manual recommends.


Another thing that I commend Harry’s for is stating that this razor isn’t meant for shaving your head. Trust me, I’ve tried it – it’s not (yes, I know the manual says not to, but curiosity got the better of me!). Unlike the DSC who still push their 6 blade razor as a good solution for shaving your head (6 blades is far too many for a delicate scalp), I respect the fact that Harry’s state clearly in their manual that it isn’t a good bald head razor.

The Accessories

So, let’s get onto the accessories that you can pick up from Harry’s to go with your razor. On their website, they offer you a range of shampoos, shower gels and even stuff like face lotions. I can’t speak for them too much, but what I can speak for is the shave gel that came with my razor.


It’s actually pretty impressive. I’m not usually one who will splash out on shaving gels and creams, because usually you can find them at a better price. However, this one does smell pretty great (kind of like a musty aftershave), and combining it with the Harry’s razor ended up giving me a pretty clean shave.

The Handle

Honestly, I feel like the handle is kind of like Marmite – you’re either gonna love it, or you’re going to hate it. It’s made with a rubber design, which you might think would be of a low quality. However, it does feel like it’s well made, and clearly there’s been a lot of thought put into it.


It’s a little lighter than some of the other razors that I’ve used, but it’s not quite as light as some brands razors, like Gruum. I do like the head attachment, and it’s very easy to slip on a new cartridge when you’ve finished with the old one. Another thing to mention is the flexibility of the razor head, but I’ll get onto that in a minute.


The Blades

I was also impressed with the razor blades that Harry’s use too. They use a five-blade model, which I think is a good amount to find a balance between clean shave and not too much.

I have to say that I’m very picky with my razor blades, and I like them to be sharp. So whilst someone might get 10 uses out of a cartridge before throwing it away, for me, I’ll only use it a few times – 3, or 4 maximum. Shaving 3-4 times a week is perfect for me too. This means that you’d need to order a new Harry’s subscription every 2 months at £14, which isn’t too bad in my opinion (of course, if you have thinner hair, you could probably renew every 3 months and be fine).

The Flexibility

One of the thing that sets Harry’s apart from other similar razors is the flexibility in the head of the razors. Most razors, except disposables, will have a level of flexibility. However, some of them can feel quite firm, whereas the Harry’s razor bends back easily, and quite far too.

This is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, and don’t want to apply too much pressure on it. It can help to reduce things like razor burn and rashes, which are just the worst parts of shaving.

The Verdict

Overall, I’d recommend Harry’s as one of the best razors out there for people who have particularly sensitive skin. It’s a pretty reliable, competent razor that’s going to provide you with a good shave

However, for those with coarser and thicker hair, I’d recommend a heavier razor handle with less pushback.

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