Harry’s Vs Mach 3, Which Will Be In Your Purchasing Cart?

When an electric razor is somehow too expensive for the majority of customers they tend to pick up the product with the economical price and cartridge razor are what they are usually heading to. 

However, the massive number of products available on the market that come with various prices and quality might give the headache to the majority of the customers, even the experienced one. Thus, it’s not easy to find a cost-effective razor by yourself.

Therefore, in order to save you hours of conducting research on the Internet and relieve your headache, we have already singled out two razors Harry’s Vs Mach 3 and put them shoulder by shoulder to give you the insights. 

Then with all the details, you can decide which one is going to be your best shaving buddy. Let’s jump right into the article to find out more!

Overview About Harry’s vs Mach 3

First, we need to arm ourselves with some basic information about these razors before jumping into comparing them head to head.


When it comes to razor, customers usually think of the brands with rich history in the shaving market such as Schick and Gillette. However, there is a fresh off the boat in this field which makes a huge impact on the market and draws the attention of the patrons

And that brand is Harry’s. Harry’s was established on July 2, 2012. Since then they have manufactured the great cartridge razors with unique design as well as color. The Winston and The Truman are two models that have brought all the fame and reputation to Harry’s. 

In addition, Harry’s has grown immensely because they figure out the solutions for all men’s faces in modern razors. Their razors are high quality and made with the best materials to ensure durability.


Harry’s razor with different color handles
Harry’s razor with different color handles

In essence, both models are literally the same with the only difference coming from the handle.

The weight and size of the razor are perfect for holding. The grip is substantial enough that you won’t think you’re holding a pencil when you use it. Instead, you know that you’re holding something solid to shave with rather than something you’ll have to handle with a certain amount of care.

The Truman models use textured rubber grip avoiding slippage while shaving on their handles but are only available in three colors: navy blue, bright orange, and forest green for those who want a razor that matches their bathroom décor.

Meanwhile, the Winston model is weightier and polished chrome that has a rubberized grip. However, unlike the Truman when customers can have different choices in terms of color, the Winston model only comes with one unique color is silver chrome.

Move to the top of the handle we can find a ridge. This ridge is where you rest your index and thumb finger and its job is to prevent the sliding up while shaving.

Besides the colors above, the handles also come with other colors from energetic colors like bright orange or red to the luxurious and lavish colors like black or silver. If you buy Winston’s set, you have a chance to make it unique by paying a few bucks to get your name engraved on the handle.


The cartridges these razors use have many astonishing features. First, the shaving head has 5 German stainless steel blades and at the base of the blades is a rubber patch designed to help pull the skin tight ahead of the blades. 

For that reason, Harry’s can provide a close and smooth shave regardless of the skin type with little or no irritation afterward.

Harry's Catridge
Harry’s Catridge

Flex Hinge

Another special feature of the shaving head is flex hinge. With this feature, the blade can contour with your face when you are shaving for the most comfortable of shaves.

Precision Trimmer

Then they have a precision trimmer on the back which helps owners shave off the hair on some hard-to-reach spots like nose or lips. Thanks to this feature, Harry’s razor can deal with the hair in the sensitive places easily and provide a uniform clean shave.

Central Support

On the back of the razors, there is a central support. In order to provide a more even shaving experience, this support prevents the blades from being pulled back toward the center.

Lubrication Strip And Micro Fin

The cartridges are armed with a lubrication strip and micro fin which will increase the shaving experience by soothing the skin and raising the hair, respectively. Therefore, you won’t experience a smooth and close shave without redness, rashes, razor burn or skin irritation.

Pivoting Head

Furthermore, the shaving head is quite flexible and it can pivot about 60 degrees thanks to the rubber connections located on both sides of the cartridge and the plastic pieces below the blades. 

Besides, the rubber connections also prevent the head from moving forward or backward too much.

The cartridge doesn’t move freely, it has some resistance. When pushed back, it’s a touch stiff, but it bounces right back. It is worth noting that unlike other razors, this model’s pivot points are located at its base, rather than its center.

Harry’s also recommends their customers to use these razors to shave off the hair on their facial area, not on their head due to the design of the blades.

Travel Blade Cover

Both Truman and Winston models have travel blade covers which are made of plastic. You can open and close these covers easily with one hand. 

This cover is extremely useful for families with toddlers as it can prevent them from touching the blades and getting injured. Besides, it also guards the shaving head from being damaged when carrying around.

A unique feature of Harry’s blade’s cover is the ventilation area which stops water from dripping into the lubrication strip. As a result, the shaving head won’t get deformed, stained or fallen apart, allowing you to get more life out of the blade.

You can check out the full review of the Harry’s razor in the video below: 

Gillette Mach 3

Among the world of cartridge razors, Gillette Mach 3 knows its way to find a place in the heart of the customers since the day it was launched in the 90s.

The Mach 3 also comes with three different models with different handles and blades. 

There are four Mach 3 models with some different features which will meet the needs of the wide range of customers. These models are Mach 3 basic, 3D, Sensitive, and Turbo. 

These razors have many features in common which will be explained below.


Let’s take a look at the shaving head of all Mach 3 models. The shaving head includes microfins at the bottom, three stronger-than-steel blades in the middle and a lubricating strip on top.

Gillette Mach 3's Cartridge
Gillette Mach 3’s Cartridge

Microfins And Lubrication Strip

The microfins’ job is to lift and raise the hair so that the blades can shave off easily while the lubrication strips adds lubrication which will provide the smooth and close shave to the users with less razor burn, skin irritation, and rashes.

The Blades

Meanwhile, The blades of Mach 3 is really a key feature that has been loved by many customers. These three stronger-than-steel blades are strengthened with a special atomic carbon coating which makes the blades become stronger, sharper, and more durable.

And they don’t have precision trimmer which make them encounter difficulty when shaving in areas requiring precision such as sideburns, mustache, or goatee.

Movable Pivoting Head

The Mach3 Razor has a pivoting head that can be moved in many directions. Handle-to-cartridge connection reduces strain on blades for easy maneuvering. Intuitive springs allow the blades to adapt with the skin’s surface . As a result, it helps prevent nicks and cuts when shaving.

The shaving head has the ability to move back about 45 degrees, with a pivot point located near the bottom of the razor head.


The handle is made of chrome-colored heavy plastic and rubber, which offers nice weight when held, with the sensation that there must be a metal weight inside the handle. 

Besides, Gillette also armed Mach 3 handles with easy-grip elastomer details to help prevent any slippage when wet. This ensures comfort and control for a smooth shave.

Moreover, for precise shaving control, it has a small, tapered neck with a natural point where your thumb may rest.


In general, the appearance and design of both shaving head and handle are quite similar among these models. Therefore, if just by looking, the color is the factor that can help you tell the difference. 

The color of the original Mach 3 is quite basic as it is a combination of black and silver while the color for the Sensitive is white and green, Gillette Mach 3 3D is white and silver with a blue color near the top and The Mach 3 Turbo is  silver and white with the blue part at the bottom.

Unique Features of Each Model

If you are looking for a razor to treat your sensitive skin gently, Mach 3 Sensitive with enhanced lubricant strip is your great choice while the Mach 3 Turbo 3 can provide a closer and smoother shave thanks to its carbon steel blades.

The Mach 3 3D will be your best fit if you have a square or triangle face thanks to its 3D pivoting handle. If you look for an affordable option but still want a close shave, the Basic Mach 3 is for you. A good thing is that you can mix and match between all the Mach 3 blades and handles

Gillette Mach  3 blade with various handles

Gillette Mach 3 blade with various handles

Harry’s Vs Mach 3: Detailed Comparison

The Similarity Of Both Products

Both Henry’s and Gillette Mach 3 are cartridge or semi disposable razors which means you can replace the shaving head with the new one when it gets dull or blunt.

Besides, both models have a lot of different handles which allow you to choose the most suitable one for yourself. In addition, the shaving heads of these razors can move quite freely thanks to movable pivoting heads.

Other features that both products have in common are the lubrication strips and micro fins which helps the razors to cut through the hair easier and closer.

Insides a box of Harry’s Truman
Insides a box of Harry’s Truman

The Differences Between Harry’s vs Mach 3

There are some major differences which you can considerate in order to make your own decision:

Pin To Pin Comparison

Brand Feature Lifespan No of Blade
Mach 3
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Microfins
  • Lubrication strips
  • Long-Lasting lubrication strip
  • Front pivoting head
Up to 15 shaves 3
  • Precision trimmer
  • Flex hinge
  • Rubber handle with ergonomic design
  • Microfins
  • Lubrication strips
Up to 12 shaves 5


Inside The Box

When it comes to the package, Harry’s really knows how to awe their customers and it can be used as a gift for a special occasion. There is one handle, 2 five-blade cartridges, and a travel blade cover.

All the components are put in a sleek and stylish box which give customers the same vibe when opening high end products such as luxurious speakers or earphones. 

Then when the box is opened, all the parts from blades, handle, to protective cap are located firmly in the box. Harry’s even puts a thank you letter inside which really touches the heart of the customer. You can find a nice and sturdy protective cap inside the box

In contrast, the way that Gillette packages their product is quite minimal when the products are covered in a piece of hard plastic. Inside the plastic covered package, you can find 1 handle and 2 refill cartridges.

This packaging way is quite popular as it can reduce the cost of the blades and make up less space while delivering. It’s also convenient as it is not an all-plastic blister pack so the customer will need a pair of scissors or a knife to open.

Furthermore, there is no splendid protective cap for the razor head just like Harry’s counterpart.


Mach 3 is more  budget friendly and it can be reached by a large majority of customers thanks to its reasonable price. The customer only needs to spend around 15 bucks to get a handle with 4 blades refills. 

Besides, the price for a cartridge replacement is quite cheap, which is about 2 bucks per refill. That really sounds like a bargain for anyone.

On the other hand, If you have never used Harry’s razor before, there is a Starter Set which costs you around 5 bucks to have the most aesthetic and unique razor ever. 

After the trial, you can decide whether you love the benefits this razor brings to you. That’s really worth your shot. 

However, when you are a member of Harry’s, the amount of money that anyone must pay for a set of Harry’s Truman including a handle, 1 blade refill, a protective cap, and a shave cream or foaming gel will be around 15 bucks.

That figure nearly doubles if you choose the Winston set with your name engraved on the handle. The price of Harry’s blade refills is also higher Mach 3 a few bucks.

Aside from that, Harry operates as a subscription system which allows you to get eight replacement blades per two, three, or five months with only 15 bucks.

For those, who don’t shave on a daily basis, this subscription really saves them a lot of money. 

However, it is an opposite story for those who always shave every morning before getting out of their home as they have to replace the cartridge more often.


The outlook of Harry’s razors are really eye-catching and stylish which will draw your attention if you come across them at the supermarket or gas station thanks to their one of a kind design. 

Although the Mach 3’s design is not too splendid like Harry’s, it is sufficient for those who plainly want a razor with an acceptable outlook.

When placing both razors side by side the handle of Harry’s is really the highlight with exclusive shape. It is made of hard rubber with a small cavity on it which gives them an aesthetic look and provides a firm grip.

Meanwhile the handle of Gillette’s counterpart is not that stylish and special. It is made of plastic in combination with rubber for better grip. However, the plastic part is painted with a shiny silver color which makes it look like metal.

There are three stripes of rubber distributed equally along the Mach 3 handle which make sure the users always have a sturdy grip while shaving.


Moving up to the cartridge, the first difference which can be spotted easily is the blades. While the Mach 3 only has three stronger than steel blades, Harry’s is armed with 5 German blades. Therefore, the razor head of Harry’s product is larger than the Gillette’s. 

Although both razors have micro fins, the fin of Harry’s is bigger and broader. And the head of Harry’s can pivot 60 degrees, compared to only 45 degrees of Mach 3.

Another difference between these razors is the center support. Without center support, the blades of Mach 3 can not be held in place, so they will likely flex some if the pressure is applied in the middle.


Let’s put the features of both razors head to head.

First and foremost, with 5 blades instead of 3 like Mach 3, Henry can shave off the hair quicker and provides a close and smooth shave with less chances of cutting yourself as well as developing razor burn, redness, or skin irritation according to Gillette research.

Moreover, the smooth and close shave of Harry’s comes from the big and board microfins. With this micro fin, the hair can be raised properly and the job left for the blades is quite stress free.

On the other hand, the Mach 3 also does a pretty good job when shaving as it also provides a quite close and smooth shave. Moreover, you can enhance your shaving results by customizing your razor as Mach 3 has various handles and blades with separate functions.

Let’s say you want to treat your sensitive skin gently, you can use Sensitive blades with extra lubrication strips. If you want your razor to be more flexible and give you a better shaving experience, you can mix the Mach 3 3D handles with a carbon steel blade of Mach 3 Turbo.

Three blade razor vs five blade razor
Three blade razor vs five blade razor

The Harry’s razor with flex hinges, it can go along the contour of your face nicely while shaving. Moreover, the shaving head can pivot 60 degrees. 

Meanwhile, the original Mach 3 can not be that great as the blades can pivot 45 degrees . Still, you can make up for this withdrawal by using the Mach 3 3D handle.

With Harry’s, you can find a precision trimmer in the back of the shaving head which can help you remove the unwanted hair on your face. Unfortunately, Mach 3 doesn’t have one.


With three blades, cleaning Mach 3 is quite easy as there is a lot of space among blades.  Just put it under the running tap for a few seconds, shake it, and wipe with a towel or cloth.

If you own Harry’s razor, the cleaning might consume more time of yours. For the blades, you can sink them or put them under the running tap to cleanse of the hair, dirt or debris.

The rubber fins below the blades are broad so the hair can not have a chance to get stuck or caught there after rinsing. Meanwhile, the razor’s lubrication strip on the top of the blades can last a long time.

However, cleaning the part below the blades is not that easy. Below the shaving head, there are many spots where soap or hair can get caught easily after shaving. Sinking the razor can not get rid of the dirt and hair stuck there.

This would not be a problem if you shave near a sink as the faucet can provide a powerful jet of water. If you shave while taking a shower, a modest jet has to be directed in the proper location to cleanse the razor head. Just a few more seconds, but not a big deal.

Sharpness And Longevity

Each Mach 3 cartridge can provide the optimal shave up to 15 shaves while the number for Harry’s razor is 12 shaves.

Speaking of sharpness, Gillette seems to outweigh Harry’s in that criterion. Thanks to the carbon coat, the Mach 3’s blades are stronger, sharper and more endurable even without much support from the micro fins compared to Harry’s razors.

Although Harry’s blades are not as sharp as Gilllet’s, They still provide a smooth and close shave without leaving any unwanted consequences on your skin surface.

Pros and Cons of Both Razor



  • An aesthetically pleasing razor that performs as well as it appears
  • Provide great feeling when holding and using thanks to its balance and weight.
  • With the right amount of friction, shaving is a breeze. Cutting but not pulling, it gives the user control


  • In reality, the lubrication strip does not provide a lot of smoothness while shaving.
  • The replacement blades are quite expensive.
  • The shaving head attachment to handle is a bit shaky.
  • It’s hard to clean off dirt, debris, or hair under the razor blades.

Mach 3


  • Inexpensive replacement blades for the razor
  • The rubber around handle provides great grip while shaving
  • Razors that are easy to maintain in terms of cleaning
  • Give even delicate skin a close, comfortable shave that won’t irritate it.


  • The smoothness provided by the lubrication strip is not too impressive.
  • Precision trimmer is not available
  • Range of motion of the shaving head is quite  limited.
  • Because the handle has plastic parts on it, it seems to be less durable.

Final Verdict

Both razors have already revealed their strengths and weaknesses, so the decision is yours.

If you are looking for a stylish and unique cartridge razor with an aesthetic look which provides a great shaving experience and you don’t care about spending a few more bucks for a razor, Harry’s is the one for you and it will worth every single penny of your. 

In contrast, if your budget is strict and you just need a razor that does its job properly , Mach 3 should be in your cart.


And that’s the end of our comparison. Hopefully, you’ve discovered the solution to your question about Harry’s Vs. Mach 3 after reading this article.

We would recommend you to pick up Harry’s razor if you are fed up with the similar design of all razors on the market and need something more innovative. Still, if that’s not what you are looking for Mach 3 is a great option. 

Please feel free to ask any question if you have some. If you find this post useful, please share it with your friends and family as sharing is caring. Thanks for your reading and enjoy your shaving time!

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