How To Clean Electric Razor With Alcohol? (6 Easy Steps)

You bought a new razor and didn’t know how to clean it? Find our six easy steps on how to clean an electric razor with alcohol and try this method right away! 

Electric razors have always been an excellent choice for men since they are helpful and pretty easy to use. However, similar to many other types of equipment in life, electric razors require cleanings to perform their best and keep your face safe from bacteria.

So how to clean an electric razor effectively?

Indeed, it is pretty simple to take good care of your razors. Follow our six-step guide on cleaning electric razors with alcohol below to make your razor cleaning experiences at home no longer a challenge! 

Things You Need Before Cleaning Electric Razor With Alcohol

  • Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol 

You cannot clean your razor without having some isopropyl alcohol (also called rubbing alcohol).

This disinfecting liquid can be found in any kind of drug store or supermarket. Since it helps to kill pesky microbes well, rubbing alcohol is regularly recommended for disinfecting the razor. 

Meanwhile, you might prefer other high-alcohol-content liquids as they will dry out quicker. In that case, a liquid containing at least 90% of alcohol is an alternative highly recommended.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

Depending on the model of your electric razor, besides alcohol, you will need to prepare different cleaning supplies.

The best way to know what you should purchase is to refer to the razor’s user manual. Manufacturers usually describe some critical steps you should take to clean their razors and suggest certain products for the procedure. 

Electric razors should be cleaned regularly
Electric razors should be cleaned regularly
  • Soft-bristled toothbrush

Instead of tossing, you could save some money by reusing your old toothbrush to clean the razor.

An old toothbrush with soft bristles makes the cleaning much safer and more efficient, especially if you have a foil shaver. As foil shavers are pretty delicate, you should not let any tough and wiry products touch the foils. 

However, since the old toothbrush can be exposed to several bacteria due to your usage over time, you should use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the brush first before any further usage. 

  • Microfiber cloths or paper towels

It is necessary to prepare some paper towels or microfiber cloths since they can absorb the liquid. As a result, it becomes easier for you to perform a deep cleaning on your electric razor. 

If possible, microfiber cloths would be ideal since they can be reused many times. Otherwise, paper towels still work just fine.

  • Clipper oil 

Clipper oil is not an essential item for your cleaning process. However, adding a bit of clipper oil to the blades will make them sharper. 


  • For the most effective cleaning, referring to the razor’s user manual is highly recommended. Manufacturers might advise some specific steps to clean their razors and suggest certain products for the procedure. 
  • Since you may use water to clean your wet electric razor, the bathroom or kitchen sink is the best workplace for this task. 
  • For some models of electric razors, you need a screwdriver to open the head. Therefore, it is crucial to check the razor’s design carefully before any further preparation. 
Sometimes, you may need a screwdriver
Sometimes, you may need a screwdriver

6 Steps To Clean Electric Razor With Alcohol 

Step 1: Unplug the razor 

Though it is a critical step to take, many people forget to unplug their electric shavers. Unless you remove your razor from the electric socket, it becomes super dangerous as you may get electrocuted. 

If a battery powers your razor, turn it off to ensure your safety while cleaning your razor. 

Step 2: Disassemble your electric razor 

Different types of electric razors will have specific procedures to be disassembled. However, as the two main varieties are rotary and foil electric razors, here are some steps and tips for dismantling them. 

  • Rotary electric razor: 

If your razor has three spinning blades under its head, it is indeed a rotary electric razor. For this type, you can open the shaving head by pressing a button nearby. Then, twist the knot that connects all the blades. Now, you can easily remove each blade out of the head and start disinfecting the three.

  • Foil electric razor: 

The button that helps dismantle your foil electric razor is usually located on the side of your shaving head. Thus, the only thing you need to do is press the button (or, for main for some models, buttons). After that, the head and the foil will come off immediately. 

Foil razors may have one or two cassettes attached within. In most cases, you just need to pull the cassette gently, and it will be detached immediately. 

Nevertheless, professionals suggest confirming with the manufacturers how to handle the cassette to avoid ruining your razor.

Foil electric razor
You can easily disassemble your electric razors by pressing a button

Step 3: Clean out the hair 

It is the moment when your old toothbrush shines. 

  • Use the soft toothbrush to remove all the hairs in the shaving head, the blade housing, and the blades. 
  • Rinse them under warm water
  • Clean them with some detergent if you like. Pour a little dish detergent into your toothbrush and utilize the brush to scrub all the blades and the shaving head. 

Note: Experts recommend only using rubbing alcohol to waterproof products as you may have to clean the razor’s parts with water.

Step 4: Disinfects all the components by alcohol

  • Slightly wet cotton or a towel.
  • Dip it into the rubbing alcohol.
  • When it absorbs a proper amount of alcohol, you can start wiping all the shaver’s components carefully so that the alcohol can disinfect any corner of your electric razor more effectively.

Step 5: Reassemble the razor 

Wait for all parts to dry, you can start to re-assemble the razor. 

Note that it’s ok if there is some isopropyl alcohol leftover on the razor’s components, alcohol will evaporate quickly. 

However, be careful while reassembling the razor since you do not want the sharp blades to hurt you. 

Step 6: Lubricate your razor 

After the cleaning process, the oil on the blades might be gone. Thus, it is necessary to apply some clipper oil or razor spray to its blades. This will keep the blades lubricated and sharp, hence stimulating smoother shaves.

The cleaning process may have taken away all the oil on the blades. Thus, before closing the razor’s head and finishing the process, you can apply some clipper oil or razor spray to its blades.

This will keep the blades lubricated and sharp, hence stimulating smoother shaves.

Lubricate your razor
It is important to lubricate your razor

Electric Razor Maintenance Tips

Maintaining electric razors is not a challenge. Nevertheless, it can be pretty tricky if you do not know how to give your razor proper care.

Therefore, we like to share some tips for you to keep the razor in its best working condition. 

Clean your razor regularly

Though it takes you some time to clean the razor, never let your laziness prevent you from this critical process. If you do not take care of it frequently, there is a possibility that invisible bacteria in a dirty razor infect your face, stimulating acnes to grow. Besides, some microscopic dirt on the blade can prevent you from getting a closer shave. 

Handle your razor with care

Electric razors cost you a lot more than a normal one, so they are built to last. Nonetheless, unless you handle it with care, their cutting assembly can be easily broken. 

For example, if you remove the hair by tapping the razor directly on hard surfaces such as the sink, you may accidentally create tiny nicks or cuts on the blades. Thus, instead of these actions, use a soft brush to clean the hair off blades or foils.

Check your razor’s blades/foils frequently and change them whenever necessary

No matter how sturdy they are, the cutting elements will eventually lose their best performance. Therefore, it would be helpful to check the blade/foils’ performance regularly.

One trick to detect the condition of these is to observe your face after shaving closely. If you still feel some hair left even after great effort, it is probably time to change the blades/foils. 

It is recommended that you buy new blades originally from the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the blades. After that, try to replace the old ones whenever necessary. 

Prolong the battery life

It is recommended that you should not let your battery down to 0% before the next charge. The shaver’s battery should be kept within the range of 30% to 80% so that its life can be prolonged. Besides, extreme heat or cold can have detrimental effects on the battery. Hence, if possible, try to avoid exposing the razor to extreme temperature. 

You should handle your shaver with care
You should handle your shaver with care

Final Thoughts

It is principal to maintain a regular razor cleaning habit to keep your electric razors perform well. As easy to find, isopropyl alcohol can be utilized to help disinfect your electric razor.

With our above guidance, we hope that you are now aware of how to clean an electric razor with alcohol and will be able to try this method at home soon. 

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