How to Get Rid of Nair Smell?

Nair is a fantastic hair removal product, which is also noted for its incredibly strong aroma.

Fortunately, there are several different ways to remove the Nair fragrance from your skin after using it.

In this article, we will explain to you some of the most common methods for removing the stench of Nair and some commonly asked questions about this topic.

Is It Normal For Nair To Smell?

You have made the decision to utilize a Nair hair removal cream and are ready to apply it after opening the package. However, what you were not anticipating was the rotten egg smell.

But don’t be concerned; since it is quite common. While it may be unpleasant, it is perfectly harmless, as it is with many other hair removal products.

Nair hair removal products
Nair hair removal products may come with an unpleasant scent

Nowadays, scientists are striving to create a new hair removal product with a less offensive odor.

Numerous Nair products are fragranced, such as aloe vera extract, cucumber melon, cocoa butter, or other fragrances. These scents assist in concealing the strong smell of Nair, yet they do not totally remove it.

Why Does Nair Smell So Bad?

Nair’s unpleasant smell is mainly due to the chemical constituents it has, including calcium hydroxide, alcohols, lanolin, calcium thioglycolate, mineral oil, calcium thioglycolate, and cetostearyl alcohol.

The combination of these compounds produces scents that people complain about, such as rotten eggs, excrement, and other comparable odors. In those circumstances, many people may decide not to use Nair.

Nair hair removal products
Nair smells terrible due to its chemical ingredients

Luckily, as previously said, many Nair products contain smells like aloe, baby oil, and others to mask the odor caused by the Nair plant itself.

As a result, if you are extremely sensitive to the scent made by Nair, it is crucial to look for a Nair product with a strong odor. The smell of Nair will be lessened in this manner, and you should feel better soon after the smell has disappeared.

How To Get Rid Of Nair Smell?

Below are our suggestions on how to get rid of the unpleasant smell of Nair hair removal cream after using.

Wash with cold water and soap

The first thing that we advise you to do is to wash the body parts you put Nair on with water and soap, allowing your skin to calm down a bit first.

Also, remember to use cold water instead of hot water because hot water may open up the pores and cause odor-causing substances to enter deeper into your skin.

Afterward, gently massage the soap into your skin, rinse and then pat it dry.

Use baking soda

Surprisingly, baking soda is a fantastic product for removing the unpleasant smell, and you may easily produce a paste by combining it with water.

After that, you need to put this paste on the skin and let it sit for a few minutes. After rinsing it off, gently massage the skin dry and observe that the Nair smell has gone away.

Use baking soda after removing hair
You can use baking soda after removing hair with Nair

Because apple cider vinegar is renowned as a fantastic solution for powerful and fishy odors, you may also use it with baking soda to help remove Nair’s strangely weird scent.

Make a paste out of the vinegar and baking soda. Apply the paste to the areas of your body where you have applied Nair. Massage it over certain body regions for several minutes, then rinse with cold water.

After that, wash all areas in contact with the mixture with water and soap afterward to remove the strong vinegar smell.

Use laundry detergent

You may use Arm and Hammer detergent after applying Nair. Simply grab a cloth and apply some detergent to the body areas. Apply it on the portions of your body that are impacted by the Nair odor.

If you use the powder detergent, make a paste out of it in a basin with little water and massage it on your skin. In case of liquid detergent, put some on a towel and rub it all over your body.

Use natural scrubs

Exfoliating scrubs are ideal for thoroughly cleansing the skin. You can erase the odor of Nair by making a natural scrub at home and massaging it into the skin.

Furthermore, you can prepare a coffee scrub or salt, add a little water to your preferred scrub product, and massage it into your hands. Once you sense the odor fading, it is time to rinse the scrub off.

You can use coffee as a natural scrub
You can use coffee as a natural scrub

Use dental hygiene products

We all know that toothpaste and mouthwash are necessary products to care for our teeth. In addition, their antibacterial properties are also helpful in neutralizing other scents.

Toothpaste is excellent for applying in patches and may be washed away much like soap. Likewise, mouthwash can be sprayed onto the skin and allowed to dry. Both solutions are fresh and minty, so they will smell far better than Nair.

Use citrus

You may easily get rid of Nair’s odor by rubbing a piece of lime or lemon on the body. Either option is acceptable.

If you don’t have any lemons or limes, a mandarin will also suffice. If you do not have a mandarin, you can go for an orange.

In fact, any fruit, including a citrus element, has a strong essential oil smell that can mask unpleasant odors on the body areas.

Use hand sanitizer

Since you use the hair remover with your hands, the scent of Nair will probably stay the longest, and the strong antiseptic perfume of hand sanitizer is the ideal method to address that.

Simply apply a tiny amount of hand sanitizer to the skin like you would normally. The scent of sanitizer should totally replace the odor of Nair.

Hand sanitizer can help remove the Nair smell
Hand sanitizer can help remove the Nair smell

What Are Some Scented Nair Products?

The only disadvantage of using Nair hair removal cream is its scent, which may stay in your bathroom for a time or get on your towel, clothes, or bath sponge.

To avoid this unpleasant experience in advance, consider using a scented Nair product to mask the smell of Nair. Some of the most excellent suggestions are included here.

Nair Sensitive Formula Shower Cream

With Nair Shower Cream Sensitive Formula, you may multitask and remove hair while washing with a gentle, light aroma from coconut oil.

It is strong enough to eliminate coarse hair and leave you clean for up to six days but mild enough for those with sensitive skin.

Importantly, this paraben-free, dye-free solution is dermatologist certified and enriched with 100% natural coconut oil as well as vitamin E.

Nair Argan Oil Shower Cream

Nair Shower Cream makes it easy to remove body hair. While showering, the potent lotion works to get rid of thick, coarse hair from your legs and torso.

Also,  its nutritious mix, which includes argan oil and the delicate aroma of orange flower, promotes healthy, bright skin that remains smooth for days longer than shaving.

Nair Face Cream

Nair Face Cream is one of the best approaches to removing unwanted facial hair. This product is a hydrating composition, including sweet almond oil that eliminates facial hair from beneath the skin’s surface.

It also exfoliates softly, making your skin smooth and beautiful. According to one customer, this product is simple to use and outperforms all others. It is quick, and the aroma is pleasant, as well.

By now, you know what to do to avoid Nair’s unpleasant smell. Besides, it is also crucial to pay attention to your application process to get the best results. Have a look at this video for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nair cause hair to regrow thicker?

It is a common myth that shaving or using hair removal products, like Nair, encourages hair to regrow thicker, but it does not.

When hair breaks through the skin’s surface, it leaves behind stubble that is thicker and darker than the initial hair. The composition of the hair, on the other hand, remains unchanged.

Hair regrows the same way whether you use a razor or a hair removal cream. The only distinction is that razors cut your hair at the surface, while hair removal creams will melt it away.

Which part of the body can you out Nair on?

Fortunately, Nair has a product for everyone and every body part. Simply follow the instructions on the package and only use it as instructed.

Nair depilatory waxes and creams can help you attain incredibly silky, smooth skin by removing hair from your face, legs, and other body areas. There are products created specifically for persons with sensitive skin as well.

Removing hair
There are Nair products for any parts of your body

Should you apply Nair before or after your shower?

It is entirely dependent on the Nair product you select.

Although all products should be used before and after showering, some products, like Shower Creams, may remove hair as you shower. Simply rinse it away at the end of the showering routine.

Notably, you should shower and exfoliate using a washcloth or a loofah at least 24 hours before waxing if you are using Nair wax.

Wrapping Up

A hair removal cream, such as Nair, is one of the most effective treatments for removing hair. It is frequently painless and leaves little for you to clean it up. However, Nair’s odor can be somewhat offensive.

But don’t worry; we have provided you with several options for having a terrific hair removal experience with Nair while not being too concerned about the awful odor it leaves behind. You can use baking soda, citrus, hand sanitizer, etc., all of which effectively remove Nair’s unpleasant smell.


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