How to Shave with an Electric Razor?

Shaving with an electric razor is easy – if you know how to do it properly. Whilst not all electric razors are the same, most of them can be used with the same principles. Using the principles can be used to give yourself the best shave possible, and avoid any sort of razors bumps or cuts. This is one of the benefits of using an electric razor in the first place, as they tend to be less of an irritant than a wet shave razor.

Plus, they can drastically reduce your overall shaving time too. Hopefully this step-by-step guide can help to give you a quick shave with better results.

How to Shave with an Electric Razor

Before you get started shaving with your electric razor, you should make sure that you’ve got everything that you need. For some people, this may be different than others. You may only need an electric razor. However, you may also need; a towel, pre shave oil, after shave lotion and anything else in your grooming kit. Oh, and before you start, make sure that your shaver is fully charged, and that any blades you’re going to use are fresh, and not dull.

1) Wash Your Face

The first thing that you should always look to do whenever you’re going to shave your face is to give it a good wash first. This is the same whatever kind of razor you’re using, as cleaning your face allows you to get rid of any dirt. Don’t use a strong shower gel to clean your face though – either just warm water, or a simple facial cleanser is the best option.

It’s also very important that you dry your face afterwards depending on the type of electric razor you’re using.

2) Apply a pre-shave

Although this isn’t a necessity, some people opt to apply a pre-shave cream or oil onto their skin beforehand, whether you’re wet shaving or dry shaving. A good pre-shave is intended to reduce the amount of irritation in your shave, so if you have sensitive skin, then this is definitely a must.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

A good pre-shave is intended to reduce irritation. 

3) Go Against the Grain

If you’re looking to get a close shave, then you need to make sure that you’re shaving against the grain. Shaving against the grain is just shaving against the way that your hair naturally grows, and shaving with the grain is the opposite. To get the cleanest shave possible, you’ll want to shave against the grain. However, this can cause irritation in some people. If this does irritate your skin, then try shaving with the grain first, then shaving agains the grain a minute later. This can help reduce any irritation in your skin.

4) Start with the neck

Starting with the neck is the best method for shaving with an electric razor. This is especially true if you have very sensitive skin. From the neck, you can progress round onto the sideburns, and then onto the cheeks. Most people tend to save the mustache until last, but this is all merely preference.

Use your hands to stretch your skin in sensitive areas or areas that need a close shave for smoother glides.

Starting with the neck is the best method for shaving with an electric razor. 

5) Clean your shaver regularly as you go

This will depend on the type of electric razor that you’re using. However, when you’re shaving, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the head of the razor as you go. If you’re using a foil shaver, then you might need to clean it out whilst you’re using it.

6) Go slowly

The most common mistake that many men make when they’re shaving is that they try and rush everything through within a minute. If you take a little bit more time than this and really put some effort in, then you’ll end up with a much better shave. Be conscious of your shaving, and it will definitely benefit your appearance.

Maintain even hand pressure to get the cleanest shave possible, without using as much force as you would with a regular razor.

7) Finish with a good lotion

When you’ve finally finished shaving, it’s a good idea to finish with a nice lotion. If you feel any sort of irritation, then make sure to splash yourself with some cold water first, as this can help reduce any redness. A good after-shave lotion acts as a bacteria killer, and helps you to maintain nice skin.


Shaving shouldn’t be a chore, and a good electric razor can make things a lot easier for you. Take your time when shaving, and just get your own method which works for you – this will come after time. Make sure that you’ve got all the right equipment, and you should be good to go.

Rotary shavers and foil shavers can have a very different experience to one another, and they both have a their benefits. Personally I prefer a rotary shaver of the two, as they tend to cut closer and for leave me with less skin irritation. Of course, for the closest shave, you’re going to have to stick with using a razor instead.

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