How to Shave Your Head Bald with a Razor

If you’re looking for a good routine to follow to shave your head bald, then this is definitely one worth trying. Like many people, I struggled for a while to find a good routine for shaving my head with. This resulted in irritation, which definitely affected my self confidence.

However, eventually I started using this routine, more out of trial and error than anything else. It’s simple enough to follow, but you should find it to be very effective. For this you’ll need; shaving cream or foam, optional: aftershave balm. Oh, and you’ll definitely need a good razor. I recommend a safety razor or a cartridge razor with 3 blades, like the Mach 3. So, let’s look at how to shave your head bald.

How to Shave Your Head Bald with a Razor

Before you actually get started with shaving your head, there are a few different ways to do it. And depending on who you ask, they’ll be using different products to make things a little easier. In my opinion, it’s much better to shave your head whilst in the shower. It might not be as easy without using a mirror, but your skin will thank you for it later. Plus, you’ll get used to shaving your head without using a mirror as all after doing it for a while.

1) Make sure your hair is short enough

You won’t be able to shave your head with a razor unless your hair is already short enough. You can do this with a set of clippers without a grade on them, and this should be short enough for you to use a razor on it now. If it’s not short enough, you’re going to just end up pulling your hairs out instead of shaving them, which can result in ingrown hairs.

2) Wash your head and face

Get yourself in the shower and starting running hot water all over your head and your face. Then, apply some kind of face wash to your head. This can help to cleanse your scalp, preparing it to be shaved. This will help to give your skin more flexibility, and make it smoother, ready to be shaved. Some people like to use a pre shave oil as well, but this is generally down to preference (if you’re not sure, try it without an oil and see how you get on, then try it again after with an oil)

3) Apply your shaving cream, foam or gel

The next thing for you to do is apply some shaving foam to your head. Don’t apply a ton, because we’re going to run a razor over your head twice, and we’ll need to apply two lots of foam to your head. if you’re not sure on a shaving foam to use, I recommend looking at Headslick by Headblade, which is specifically designed for head shaving.

4) Start shaving WITH the grain

The most important part of this whole process is preparing your head ready for shaving. But if you dive straight in to shaving against the grain, then you’re going running the risk of irritating your hair. However, you DO need to shave against the grain at some point, because this is how you shave very close to the skin, and don’t leave any stubble. So, how do we prepare for this? Shaving with the grain first is the best way to do this. It will shave your hair down to a shorter (but not completely) length, whilst preparing your head to be shaved.

5) Shaving Round 1

For most people shaving with the grain, this will be shaving down the back of your head and side, and shaving forwards on the top of your head. You can feel which way your hair is growing by just running your hand across your scalp.

6) Rinse your scalp

After you’ve finish shaving against the grain, rinse your head with water and give it a little massage. This is when I usually go about washing my other parts, and giving my head a break before round 2.

7) Shaving Round 2 – Against the grain

So, your hair should be super short now that you’ve shaved it down with the grain – running your hand across your scalp should feel like stubble. Now, you can go ahead and go over all the same spots, except this time you need to shave AGAINST the grain. This is how you can get that completely clean shaven look on your scalp, and it’s how you get rid of that horseshoe shadow on the back of your head too.

8) Post Shave Routine – Cold Water

Different people have a different post shave routine, however there’s one thing that most people agree helps your scalp after shaving it – splashing it with cold water after you’ve finished. This water closes your pores, and will calm your skin down after it’s just been shaved. When this is done, you can go ahead and apply any aftershave balm you might have.


Overall, shaving your head might feel difficult at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. If you want to find a good razor for shaving your head, then check out my shaving guide, which compares the best models that are currently out there.

The right model for you will end up making things much easier on your scalp – some people find a safety razor too sharp, whilst others prefer its very close shave. In comparison, a cartridge is much easier and quicker, but it just can’t get that skin close shave.

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