How to Shave your Legs with a Razor

When you’re shaving your legs, you want to make sure that you’re doing things properly. If you don’t, you can easily end up with cuts and nicks all over, as well as razor burn and ingrown hairs. A proper shaving technique should be all you need to avoid these things, and get as smooth of a shave as possible. So, let’s look at how you can shave your legs and keep them smooth and bump free.

How to Shave your Legs with a Razor

Whether you’re shaving your legs in a rush or you want to take your time and do things right, this guide can be adapted to whatever method you’re using. First things first, ensure that you don’t have a dull blade on your razor. Dull blades can leave you with razor burn and red bumps, so try to use your razor only a few times before switching over to a new one.

You can also use different types of razor with this too – if you’re not sure what razor would be best for you, check out this guide to razors for women. To shave your legs properly, you’ll need;

1) Have a shower or bath

When you’re going to shave your legs, you want them to be in the perfect condition for shaving. You can do this by shaving your legs after a bath or a shower, when your legs are at their softest. This makes it easier for you to glide your razor over them. So, make sure you’ve let your legs soak for a little before shaving them.

2) Get a fresh razor

I know how tempting it can be to reuse the same old razor again and again, especially if you’re using expensive cartridges. However, using a fresh and sharp razor is key to getting a good shave, and is necessary for keeping irritation to an absolute minimum. So, make sure that you don’t reuse the same old blades again and again.

3) Cleanse first

If you use some kind of cleanser or exfoliator, then applying it before you shave your legs is the perfect time. This will allow you to wash all of the dead skin cells off of your legs, which will make it far easier for you to shave cleanly and smoothly.

4) Apply a good shaving gel or cream


Another mistake that many people make when shaving their legs is to use a cheap and nasty shaving gel, or sometimes, not even use anything at all. To have a really good shave, you’re going to want to use a good shaving cream or gel, and make sure that it’s applied to your legs properly. The right cream will make things a lot smoother and will make the shaving process a whole lot easier.

5) Shave WITH, then against the grain (if necessary)

Generally, your legs are quite tolerable of rough shaving, so you might be able to shave against the grain straight away. Shaving against the grain is the best way to get as close of a shave as possible. However, if you do find your legs getting irritated, then consider shaving with the grain or across the grain instead, and see how your legs cope. Then, once your hair is trimmed down, you can shave against the grain.

6) Take your time

Don’t rush when you’re shaving, and try not to apply too much pressure on your skin either. Most good razors will be able to glide over your skin, so you won’t need to press down on it too hard. Shave in long strokes to try and reduce going over the same spot again and again.

Trying to shave as quick as humanly possible is a quick way for you to get an uneven shave, or worse, physical irritation like razor burn.

7) Aftercare

After you’ve finished shaving, the best thing you can do is to splash cold water on your legs. This will help to close up your pores once you’ve finished, and if you’ve got any irritate skin, it’ll make sure that it’s cooled off properly. It’s one of the best kept secrets to complete a smooth shave with little irritation.

Then, you can apply any aftercare lotion that you use – make sure that you’re generous with it to ensure your legs stay moisturized. After doing this, you should be good to go.


All in all, shaving shouldn’t be as much of a chore that it is. It can be a good idea to dim the lights a little and play some soothing music, and shave your legs after you’ve taken a bath. This can make it more of an occasion that feeling like a chore. Although sometimes, you just need to get it done!

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