How To Store Shaving Soap (3 Straightforward Methods)

Looking for simple ways on how to store shaving soap for longer use? Then, check out this article to keep your shaving soap in long-term storage. 

In the early 19th century, shaving soap existed in the solid form to apply in a mug instead of a scuttle. This soap has become widespread because it offers extra hydration and reduces the trouble of accidental discharge of the soap while transporting. Some products also bring a pleasant scent with non-toxic ingredients.


storing hard shaving soap to use longer can be challenging because it creates leather so well, which leads to quick soap melting.

Therefore, if you are stuck finding practical ways to prolong your shaving soap existence, you come to the right place. This article helps you to master how to store shaving soap with ease to receive the best outcome.

3 Common Ways To Store Shaving Soap

Let’s go over 3 popular methods to store your shaving soap in the long term. Moreover, you can mix these ways to receive the best outcome for your product. 

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Method 1: Use specific shaving soap containers

Shaving soaps won’t melt if they don’t include

volatile oil extraction. However, improper maintenance makes your hard shaving soap dry fast and lose the scent. Most men prefer to pause a little when shaving to check their appearance and examine the efficiency of the soap.

As a result, you boost soap’s productiveness with the correct store and make the shaving soap look fresh and clean for subsequent use.

The first method is to purchase shaving soap containers.

These containers not only save space but also keep hygiene for your soap. Specially, the container coming with the lid would maintain the moisture and scent of shaving soap.

Here is the specification table of some popular options and their features.

Sealed metal storage containers Rubber shaving mugs Plastic containers Wooden bowls Ceramic containers
Image Aluminum container Storing shaving soap Plastic containers Solid shaving soap Ceramic containers
Materials Metal, aluminum Rubber Plastic Wooden Ceramic
Highlight Convenient and portable design Readily available Easy to purchase Lose or Absorb moisture -Rust-free
Advantages Easy for travelling Don’t need to purchase a soap container separately Lightweight and affordable -Balance the moisture of surrounding

-Keep original scent without mold

Durable item.

Some combined with Apothecary-style mugs to create  the lather quickly

Disadvantages Wear and tear issues due to the soap moisture Not equipped with a lid Might cause a high moisture level due to the container’sairtight  Expensive -Easy to break

-Not available in big sizes

Who should use? Not for storing in months and years. Suitable for those who use the soap frequently Not suitable for long-term store Ideal for keeping your shaving pucks for months and years Long-term storing

Sealed metal storage containers

These kinds of containers are made from aluminum and steel, which come with a lid. The lid helps to maintain the moisture and scent of shaving soap. In addition, the design is convenient and portable, helping you to bring your product with ease during traveling. 

Buying high-quality aluminum or metal containers helps you reduce the risk of changing your shaving soap scent. However, because there is always moisture in the soap, storing the shaving puck in steel containers for months and years is not an ideal choice.  

Aluminum container
Aluminum container with a lid to keep the original scent of the soap

Rubber shaving mugs

If you don’t have special containers, use mugs, cups, or bowls specialized for shaving soaps. It is best to purchase unbreakable and durable rubber cups to store your shaving soap better. 

These mugs are suitable for those who use the soap frequently, yet it is advisable to buy a lid to cover them to maintain the original scent. Keep away from dirty places if your mug is not equipped with a lid.  

storing shaving soap
High-quality rubber mugs designed for storing shaving soap

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are the most affordable way to store your shaving soap. Take advantage of your vitamin containers or any plastic containers to put your soap in. It is tactical to make the soap dry thoroughly to avoid a quick melt in the container. 

On the other hand, some plastic containers are airtight, leading to a high moisture level. That’s why the soap loses its consistency and deteriorates. Therefore, these containers are appropriate for regular shaves instead of storing shaving soap for a long time.  

Plastic containers
Lightweight plastic container for storing shaving soap

Wooden bowls

Wooden containers are an excellent choice for storing your shaving soap with high moisture content. Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means that it can lose or absorb moisture until it reaches a balance with the environment, named Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)

In other words, when wood absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, it is prone to expand. Meanwhile, wood tends to shrink when it loses moisture.

Furthermore, as wood is porous, it prevents a high moisture soap from experiencing mold. However, it pays to buy high-quality wooden containers, which keep your shaving pucks for months and years. 

Storing your soap in top-notch wooden containers not only retains its original scent but also boosts efficiency when you tend to use it. Always ensure your container is dry and clean.

Additionally, it is best to avoid adding anything or items that can defile your shaving soap during storage in the container.

solid shaving soap
Vintage wooden containers for solid shaving soap

Ceramic containers

Ceramic containers are rust-free, which come with a lid to facilitate long-term storage for your shaving soap. In addition to convenience, some products are apothecary-style mugs, ideal for holding refill puck and building the lather quickly. 

Besides, they are equipped with rings in the bottom to help you swirl the soap and brush or hold your shaving soap with ease. There is also a lid to maintain the long-lasting and original scent of your shaving puck. 

Nevertheless, the disadvantage is that several ceramic shaving mugs are not big enough to store more extensive kinds of shaving soap, such as the 4.4-ounce design. In addition, some products are not solid, which is easy to break if you are careless and place them in hot places.  

Rust-free ceramic container for shaving puck

Method 2: Dry the shaving soap before the process of storage

Drying your shaving containers and soap before storage is essential. This way reduces the risk of mold and retains the authentic scent of the soap.

If you have a habit of wetting your soap and brush before shaving, it is vital to learn to leave your product dry completely before putting it in the container. 

Plastic scrapers

A dry plastic scraper is an excellent tool to scoop up your shaving soap from the container without adding any water.

Moreover, it is convenient to place your soap in a specific container when you shave. This equipment avoids moisture accretion under your shaving puck once you tend to store it. 

Plastic scrapers
Use plastic scrapers to take out shaving soap

Air-dry method

The ingredients of shaving soaps don’t include pre-added water content, so it is advisable to blend with water to make a great lather. The solution for this problem is to apply an air-dry process. 

In other words, you let your soap dry from the moisture at ambient temperature by opening the container’s lid for at least one day.

Another way is to flip the soap over and put it at the edge of the sink. This method permits any water to drop down and air to circulate easily to dry your soap off. 

On the other hand, it is best to remove any external particles and excess lather to reduce the danger of bacteria and mold. Use a clean cloth to wipe off your soap instead of cleaning with water to maintain its scent.  

Air-dry method
Apply air-dry way by opening the lid

Method 3: Put the shaving soap in dry and cool storage 

Solid shaving soaps hold their shape well if you don’t store them in hot conditions. Keep your soap in a cool area of the house if you live in a hot or tropical climate.

Moreover, it is best to avoid storing it under direct light to prevent the changing texture and scent.

Always check its status because moisture may build up in the container, which leads to mushy and soft problems. Meanwhile, an airy circumstance can cause the soap to dry quickly, resulting in the loss of scent and crack. 

As a result, find a properly ventilated area and examine your item at least twice a week to tackle any problems as soon as possible.

shaving soap effectively
Select a cool and dry place to store shaving soap effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

How to care for my mug to store shaving soaps?

Learning how to care for your shaving mug after using it is essential. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Use a moist and clean washcloth to wipe your shaving mug down. Since soap puck is made from sodium hydroxide to make it harder, it is best to focus on the nooks around the mug because there may be some residue stacking up from old lather. 
  • Once your shaving mug or bowl is clean, place it on a towel to dry or hang it upside down. When you realize that your mug is completely dry, put your shaving soap back in it.
  • Storing your shaving soap in a mug in a safe and dry place, including a drawer or a cabinet, extends the soap’s existence.

How long does the shaving soap last? (Its shelf life)

In general, the shaving soap shelf life will be measured in years. Specifically, some high-quality products can last up to 2 years.

Will shaving soap’s performance go bad?

Shaving soap’s performance won’t go wrong, yet some items may lose their scent over the years. However, it depends on the quality of shaving soap.

The percentage of unnatural ingredients and level of moisture can affect the performance. 


With these blow-by-blow guidelines, we hope you master how to store shaving soap effectively. It pays to consider the quality of shaving containers to meet your short-term and long-term storage. Always dry and clean your soap with a washcloth before storing it to avoid bacteria and moisture accumulation. 

Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and relatives to acquire more helpful knowledge of storing shaving soap for longer life. 

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