How To Use Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment (3 Easy Steps)

How to use eyebrow trimmer attachment effectively is a common concern among both men and women. Keep reading to find out the answer!

It is an established fact that eyebrows are one of the determining factors in your face’s attractiveness.

This is because they frame your facial features as well as draw attention to the entire eye area. And the best way to shape your eyebrows to perfection involves using a trimmer attachment.

However, many readers have poor familiarity with this handy tool. If you have the same problem, continue reading! We’ll break down how to use eyebrow trimmer attachment to obtain the most impressive results.

Learn how to use eyebrow trimmer attachment.
Learn how to use eyebrow trimmer attachment.

Things You Need Before Using An Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment

Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment

This tool enables you to trim your eyebrows until they attain the desired length.

You should opt for a high-quality eyebrow trimmer that comes with an attachment to minimize costs and hassle.

Detailing Comb  

If possible, try using this miniature comb, as it does wonders for those who have messy eyebrows.

Lee's Razors
Lee's Razors

3 Easy Steps To Use An Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment

Step 1: Select the optimal attachment size

Ideally, the attachment size should be directly proportional to the length and width of your eyebrows. By doing so, you can speed up your trimming process.

Typically, the appropriate sizes for women are 4 and below, while those for men range from 5 to 8.

Step 2: Cleanse the area around your eyebrows

For those who use eyebrow gel or powder, it is important to sweep away these products using a gentle makeup remover. We suggest you use a remover dedicated to the eye area so as not to agitate the delicate skin around your brows.

Subsequently, cleanse your skin with lukewarm water to get rid of unwanted dirt, oil grime, or dead skin cells.

In addition, the tepid water serves to open your pores as well as soften hair strands on your eyebrows, which allows you to trim them effortlessly.

Also, it is crucial to use sensitive skin-friendly products. Formulated without any toxic or abrasive ingredients, these products are unlikely to agitate your skin. 

You should clean your eyebrows in advance.
You should clean your eyebrows in advance.

After that, it is highly advisable for you to moisturize the area around your eyebrows. Moisturizers can not only make your skin supple but also form a barrier between your brows and the trimmer. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of swelling and redness.

Step 3: Trim your eyebrow

If you have never used an eyebrow trimmer before, consider planning the shape of your brows before trimming.

Use an eyebrow pencil to slightly draw the most flattering eyebrow shape, and feel free to adjust until you achieve the desirable shape.

Next, secure the trimmer attachment and move it slowly from the end to the beginning of your brow.

  • For hair below your eyebrow, move from the outer to the inner corner.
  • For hair above your brow, move the trimmer attachment vertically in a downward motion.

Then, identify the highest point of your eyebrows (often called “the arch”), and start trimming from this point. After that, shave the excess hairs between two of your eyebrows. 

Remember to always trim the hair against the grain and avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent soreness or redness. If it’s your first time, move slowly and in small areas.

The most common pitfall that novices fall into is over-trimming, which invariably results in sparse and overly short eyebrows.

To prevent this, stop trimming after a few seconds, move back from your mirror to assess whether your eyebrows are even or not.

Most of the time, you can stop here. But if there are still any stubborn stray hairs, continue trimming them. It would be best to avoid magnifying mirrors and bright artificial light as they tend to accentuate eyebrow hairs, causing you to go overboard with this step.

To complete the eyebrow trimming process, wash your face with warm water to thoroughly cleanse and rinse with cold water to close the pores and soothe the skin. Use more eyebrow wax to maintain the shape of the eyebrows.

Watch this video to learn more about eyebrow trimmer attachments:

Eyebrow Trimming Problems & How To Fix Them

Despite adhering to our expert-approved steps, some people still experience a few minor but obnoxious brow-related issues.

Below are the quick fixes that you need to know to counter these problems.

Sparse Brows

Clumsy folks often have poor trimming ability, which leaves them with thinning eyebrows. The remedy for this problem is filling in all the gaps as it helps your eyebrows seem thicker, fuller, and more attractive.

There are numerous options when it comes to filling your sparse eyebrows. If you want to achieve sharp and well-defined eyebrows, choose brow pencils. 

Fill in your sparse brows
Fill in your sparse brows

However, if you are not big on an edgy look, use eyebrow powder to create a more natural look.

Wild Brows

Some people struggle with messy eyebrow hairs, no matter how hard they try to trim them.

Your safest bet is to use a brow grooming gel (sometimes called styling gel). Coat your brows with a thin layer of styling gel so that they remain neatly in place.

Eyebrow gel is a godsend for unruly brows
Eyebrow gel is a godsend for unruly brows

If you can’t get your hands on styling gel, gently coat a small brush with hairspray and use it to tame your eyebrows.

High arched brows

As a prominent facial feature, high arched brows are deemed desirable in Western countries. That said, they might not always look easy on the eye in other cultures, so some women wish to remove that natural, bold arch.

Luckily, it is very straightforward. All you need to do is use a tweezer to pluck the hairs in the arch area. 

If you are not confident enough to go the DIY route, ask for professional help in a highly esteemed beauty salon.

Properly shaped eyebrows aren’t too high, too low, too arched, or too straight. They are just right for your face.


Is utilizing an eyebrow trimmer necessary and beneficial?

Not only does the proper eyebrow form define and complement your eyes, but it also serves to accentuate all of your overall contours. 

We’re speaking of that polished, put-together image that everybody seeks. And that is why mastering how to shape your eyebrows and get an eyebrow shaver is essential and crucial. They will help you appear great in any situation.

Is it OK to utilize an eyebrow shaver on the upper lip?

Of course!

Although the eyebrows earn a lot of focus, it’s also super safe and convenient to utilize these eyebrow trimmers to tackle other areas that call for a bit more accuracy, such as the top lip, jawbone, or even around the bikini area to clear up unwanted hairs.

Is it true that shaving your eyebrows makes them thicker?

Trimming or shaving your eyebrows will not help it become thicker, rougher, or whatever other false ladies myths you may have heard. Only the follicles within your body generate hairs. 

Thus, grooming your eyebrows on the exterior will have NO impact on your hair follicles. In other words, it won’t affect the thickness, the texture, or anything at all.

Can you utilize an eyebrow shaver all over your skin?

A thousand percent yes.

When you utilize an eyebrow trimmer (or any facial razor) over your skin, it acts as an excellent exfoliator. Once the razor slides over your face, it eliminates dead cells, revealing softer, radiant skin with a hair-free complexion. Also, as mentioned above, it will not affect any characteristics of your existing hairs.

Will my eyebrows regrow once I trim them?

There used to be a myth saying that if your eyebrows got shaved or lost, they would never come back. Yet, unless you are suffering from a health issue leading to your hair loss, your eyebrows should regrow. 


Eyebrows are of great importance to your outward appearance as they can enlarge your eyes and alter the proportion of your facial features. Indeed, they can make or break your look.

Even if you don’t care about beauty, neat and carefully groomed eyebrows speak volumes about your tidiness and how you take care of yourself.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you are one step closer to getting flawless brows that flatter your face.

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