Merkur 34C Safety Razor Review

When we’re talking about models of safety razors, a few different brands will come up. One of the first people mention is Merkur, because their name is so well known amongst regular shavers. And when you talk about Merkur razors, which is the model that most people use? Yes, you guessed it – the Merkur 34C.

I’ve used the 34C as a safety razor on and off for a long time now, and I recently purchase a second model as a gift for someone else too. So, I thought why not give you a review of it, and how well it performs as a safety razor. Whilst it may not be anything new and exciting, it’s often the best option to go for if you’re someone looking for their first safety razor; here’s why.

Merkur 34C Safety Razor Review

The Merkur 34C is a chrome plated, highly popular safety razor. It’s a two piece razor, with a knurled handle and it’s made to the high German standard as all Merkur razors. If you’re going to purchase it from Amazon, then it might not come with any blades, however mine came with a cheeky spare Merkur blade included.

You’ll need to take a little care if you’re a beginner, because it’s sharper than many of the milder safety razors out there, and it’s a heavy duty razor. However, it can definitely provide you with a comfortable shave. Let’s look at the design of the razor itself.


As you can see the handle has a very textured grip. This makes it the ideal choice if you’re looking for a safety razor that you can use in the shower, as you’ll be able to grasp it well.


The handle itself is quite short, which might not suit many people. The 34C is a short-length safety razor. It has a handle length of 74mm, which will suit some people more than other. There is a long-handled equivalent of this razor, which is the 38C – they both have the exact same head. However, the 38C is around 16mm longer than the 34C, so if you want a long-handled razor, then the 38C might be a better choice.


At the bottom of the handle you have a twist cap, which can use to loosen to top of the razor and place your blade in. The handle itself is very knurled, which means that it’s very easy to grasp.


As mentioned, you can loosen the top of the safety razor by twisting the bottom of it. This type is what’s called a two piece razor, referring to the handle and the two pieces of the razor head (baseplate and head/top). The handle and the baseplate is only one piece however, and the top/head is considered the second piece.


Like the rest of the razor, it’s chrome finished to a high standard. If you haven’t used a two piece safety razor before, then don’t worry – it’s very simple to operate.

The diameter of the handle for the Merkur 34C is 11mm. This makes it actually quite a think handle, especially when we consider it’s heavy weight. If we compare this to most other razor handles out there, which are probably between 12 and 13mm in diameter. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can definitely have an effect on the use of the razor.


I always say that a safety razor is only as good as the razor blades that you use it with. This is true for Merkur too, which comes with a free blade to use – it is of a decent quality, but generally people use different brands with their Merkur.


If you’re looking to pick up some razor blades too, then check out the Derby Extra’s for a mild shave and cheap option. If you want something a little better, then you should look at the Astra razor blades, which are a premium, sharper option.


In general, this is quite a weighty razor for it’s short length. It weighs approximately 78 grams, which is more than many other similar razors out there. For example, the Kelvin made by Edwin Jagger is the same length as the 34C, but it’s around 18 grams lighter overall. So, it is definitely at the heavier end of the scale.


Different safety razors have different levels of aggressiveness, depending on their design. Generally, we measure it’s aggressiveness by it’s amount of blade exposure – these razors can be better for those more experienced, as they provide a closer shave. But if you’re new to shaving, then you’re definitely more likely to cut yourself.

The 34C is a fairly aggressive razor, but it also isn’t the mildest razor out there either. I’d put it somewhere in the middle of the pack. Good for beginners to get started with, but also has enough aggression to keep more experienced shavers happy too. However, if you’re a beginner, I’d advise you not to start with anything sharper than this model.

Suited for

As I just mentioned, I think that this model would be a great starting point for any beginners who are just getting into shaving. It is also aggressive enough to keep those who have been using a safety razor for a while happy too. It’s of a better quality than just your average razor, so it’s most suited for those who are going to take their shaving seriously.


Overall, I’ve used the 34C for a long time and I’ll continue to do so moving forward. There are a lot of other good options out there, so check out my list of the best safety razors. The Merkur 34C is definitely a great razor to get your hands on, as it’s a premium quality razor that might be just what you need to take you to the next level in shaving.

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